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    Prados Mishra.

ISBN: 9789390119745
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Winter Queen And Other Stories

by: Prados Mishra.
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    ‘Winter Queen’ is the story of a prostitute, who dares to state unhesitatingly, ‘Out of all the visitors coming to this Bungalow, someone might be my real father and someone else might be my real brother…….. It might sound unpleasant, but can you tell with certainty that none of them had not slept with me for the night in their subsequent visits?” In the story ‘Anumeya’s Self-Portrait’ Anumeya is an effeminate character, devoid of virility. He couldn’t live with deception and ultimately had to commit suicide. ‘The Eyes’ is a psychological story. Elija’s psychology was devastated. The eyes transplanted on her blind husband Nirod was donated by a jailbird and her rapist. How that strong feeling of hate towards those eyes ultimately brought separation between Elija and her husband has been beautifully narrated in the story. The story of a royal breed bitch Rocky and its high society master in ‘The Path to Freedom’ speaks of an obsession with class difference. Each story is gripping and caters to a different taste. A rickshaw-puller Sania is temporarily swayed away by the beauty of a young girl. In the end he realizes his folly to finally come back to the truth of his life; his wife, in ‘The Colours of a Rainbow’. The reader is left with pure joy of reading a great literature. The surprising end in the story ‘Grandfather’s Beloved’ will definitely blow the reader out of his wits.

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ISBN: 9789390119745
SKU: 4085
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 335

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Prados Mishra" is a highly respected name and much-talked -of personality in Odia literary circles. He has already created a special niche for himself among the readers of Odia literature, through his writings of more than two hundred short stories, a number of novels and a few travelogues. Many of his short stories are highly acclaimed, fondly remembered and also translated into various other Indian languages. He is quite an adept in writing stories on family relationships as well as events related to deeper psychological feelings of pain and pleasure. His fascination for the grass-root level characters and the story-telling abilities with which he depicts them, are capable of creating soul searching commotion in the mind of the readers. His special ability is discovering and describing the extraordinary attributes of the most ordinary, mundane characters selected from the society. He is capable of making those characters come alive through his literary pen. Life philosophy and its various positive view points bring out a fighting spirit among the conscientious readers. All of his stories are insightful and touching. The way he deals with human psychology in the stories are introspective and touches the inner soul Sri Prados Mishra has been honoured with a number of literary prizes and rewards.

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