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Zindagi 2020
About This Book
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    Present book “Zindagi” is based on various aspects of life. I am confident, There will be certainly changes in perception toward liberality after reading these poems. After understanding basic issues of life We can live happily through inspiration. Humanness is credo of all religions of world. Without live there is no existence of world. We should treat with others on same way as we aspect from others. There is an equal importance of all human being . Life is combination of joy and sorrow. We should not upset in trouble. There is nothing permanent in world, entry of happiness and sorrow in life is vice versa. Get on destination is sure with continuation of our efforts. We have to precede path of truth At the time of beginning we have to face difficulty but at last we have to go very easily with support of people. To achieve every thing in life is not possible, we should satisfied whatever we got by our efforts. More happiness is with less requirement. Illusion of themselves and other may be reshuffled by creating wave of faith among us. Trust on ones self do not have expectation from any one. Achievement is hundred percent if we believe ourselves. No body should felt uncomfort by our act of doing

    Never mislead others. We should share our feelings with each other.

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ISBN: 9788194503866
SKU: 3679
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 172

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