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I have had my book published through bluerose, and never working with a publisher before I did not know what to expect, especially as everywhere has mixed reviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised with just how supportive, helpful and genuine the members of staff I spoke to were. Everyone is so helpful with every stage of the process and they make everything explicit from the get go. They’ve helped me achieve something I never thought I would!

~SamyaBrata Mandal

How do we decide the well performing publishing house?
Well many of the people spend their time in thinking of royalty from their works but it’s more than that. Bluerose Publisher has swiped the fear of bringing the passion of writing into the content space. A must recommended for one budding writer who want a combo of mentor and publisher at one place.
Great team efforts and great work by each of them.

~Tanisha Saria

I am a writer since 15 yrs old, i write and love to write and always write, just that i write for myself….but i love that when others like my poems. So i found that i can publish now after wrting for this long, and where many of my beautiful poems are even lost. Like i say, once a writer, always a writer, no one can steal the creativity or mind of a writer. Bluerose publisher came to me like a boon for a person like me who has no idea about publishing. They published my first book even during covid time. They are very professional and proactive in every phase of my book. I am very happy with their approach throughout and proud about my decision to choose them. This goes to all the employees of Bluerose. Keep it up guys….

~Promila Devi Sutharsan Huidrom

In my views, team of Bluerose publisher is the best one in this date, for the fresh writer.
its the best platform to start your writing career.
I really like to thank it for my smooth journey with them and i would specially like to thank the designing team.

~Shantanu Joshi

Team Bluerose publishers are a very cooperative team and always ready to respond our queries as soon as possible. My book got published with Bluerose publishers and I am very happy with their help. Greatful and thankful to you all.

~Prayesh Choudhary

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