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Publishing the work independently without sharing the copyrights with anyone. With the advent of digital printing and POD (Print-On- Demand ) methodology, the power is swung in the hands of the authors and they can publish their dream works exactly the way they always wanted. This allows the authors to control the entire creative and marketing strategies.

Printing copies only when demanded. This allows to keep a virtual or a miniscule stock and saves a fortune on the production, helping our authors a great deal in framing the entire publication at an extremely reasonable costing and focus more on widening the reach and making their books popular.

The base cost at which the books are printed is called the author copy cost. Only the Blue Rose authors are entitled to get copies at the author copy cost plus levied taxes.

Minimum Selling Price is the least possible selling price of the book, suggested by our experts. This depends entirely on the book specifications entered in our calculator.

To get the desired royalty amount, Blue Rose allows the authors to name the price of their works. Authors can come down in favor of an MRP anything equal to or greater than the MSP. Give it a whirl and settle for what you deserve –The Best, of course!

The sum paid to the author for each copy sold in the market. This is generally a small part of the profit but with Blue Rose, it is one hundred percent of the total profit earned.


This is one question every author craves an answer to. Blue Rose, just like any other self-publishing platform, works on the POD methodology and maintains a small stock. Our experts keep a close check on the sales trend and reinstate the stock as soon as it threatens to run out.

Yes, you certainly are entitled to get copies at the author copy cost plus the applicable taxes.

Simply, because we do not charge any commission on the sales. Marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart
charge a huge commission for selling through their portals and hence the royalty on the sales through
these platforms is less as compared to our store.

Profit = Selling price – ( Cost price + Handling fee + Distribution and transportation charges ) Royalty is the total share in the profit.With Blue Rose, you get to keep one hundred percent of the total profit.

*Author copy cost and minimum selling price are subject to change.

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