Reading books often creates a curiosity to dig deep in an author’s life, while poking the imagination to broaden their prospect. WordsBrew provides a setting where a big number of eminent authors gather to interact with over 300 devoted readers and the budding writers. These personalities of the books world talk about various aspects of an author’s journey and spread their learning to create an enlightening and intimate environment.


The vision of Wordsbrew is to converge the different real-life narratives of famous and budding writers under one sky. This space will endow the readers and writers with a pedestal to articulate and explore the different hues of an author’s journey.


      Highlights of the Event:

  • 30+ Speakers
  • 300+ Delegates
  • Book Stalls
  • Media Coverage
  • Q/A Sessions
  • Authors’ Awards
  • Much more…


Expert authors, like Ravinder Singh and Rashmi Trivedi, with their captivating stories, will take the stage to recount the milestones they have crossed to be successful authors. While focusing on educating the attendees about the diverse phases of an author’s life, they also aim to enrich their expectations with apposite rejoin.

Rashmi Trivedi

Ravinder Singh

Devika Das

Ravinder Singh

Sunil Kumar


In this fast-changing world where people can commute with a click, we at Wordsbrew have made sure to transmit the words and ideas through all possible mediums. With all the big and prominent print and digital media onboard, Wordsbrew event, in no doubt, will create a blare in the world of literature. Our marketing and media team will keep the social and print media feed with all the activities related to the event.


WordsBrew partners are promoted through all of our media platforms and are delivered with various benefits to broaden the customer reach and generate business through WordsBrew.


A calm and comprehensive aura feed the brain to perceive and comprehend words and imagination. At the Wordsbrew event, we have made sure to cater to our readers and authors with the utmost resilience to oscillate between peace and knowledge. It is an event where the partakers will experience paramount comfort amidst frame, form, thoughts, and words. Though the event will be held within the concrete walls in the national capital of India, the expressions will break through and spread its essence across the whole nation.
Stay Tuned….


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