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Everybody has got a story to tell. Few write it and a very few get a chance to publish it.

If you have completed your manuscript and are tired of knocking doors of conventional publishers but just can’t give up the spirit of being one of those lucky ‘very few’, here is your chance. At Blue Rose you get all the professional help that your manuscript needs. Right from copy right, editing and cover designing to publishing and marketing assistance.

Self Publishing

Writing a book gets you only half way to your dream of reaching the hearts of readers; the not-so-easy other half comprises numerous stumbling stones all across…major being , finding a publisher.

But if you have tried them all and are now ready to carve a different route altogether , but just can’t figure out the ‘HOW’; self publishing is the answer. The advent of digital printing has swung the power in the hands of writers. By paying a small production and service charge, the writers can get published and reach the widest possible readers. This courteous change called self publishing or publishing on demand is a huge relief to the writers as it kicks off the ghosts of rejection and moreover gets them an unabridged control of their book. While many a self publishing companies get the tedious jobs of editing , page layout and cover designing done by the authors, before they publish. We on the other hand , took a leap , making it even easier by getting a team of experienced people do all the pre-publication tasks for your manuscript. All you need to do is send your manuscript across and let us take care of the rest.

Why Blue Rose ?

We are an author centric publishing house in Delhi, determined to do our best to help the writers, tell their stories to the world. We understand that your manuscript is your most prized possession and that how important it is for you to see it get published and out in the market. Here’s a quick list of this determination and understanding and the reason why we stand out in the crowd.

    • contracrt Contract
      It’s your book and you are taking care of the basic publication cost. So, it is imperative that you own all rights to your book and have unabridged control over it. With Blue Rose’s Author – Publisher contract, we make sure this happens.
      • pro design Pro Design
        Gone are the days when a book wasn’t judged by it’s cover. In this cut throat competitive world of book selling, it is essential to have a great design for your script to avoid it being passed over. Our qualified professional designers understand your script for the perfect design.
    • Marketing Assistance 2 Marketing Assistance
      Writing and getting published is just half the battle won. Right and effective promotion, certainly decides the fate of the other half and thus the overall victory. At Blue Rose we constantly seek out and scoop up the best ways to reach out to the targeted audience of each title. From Facebook ads to street light vendors, we see about arranging them all.
    • copyright Copyright
      Again, it is your book and we think you deserve to have this most important right completely under your name. This ensures you don’t have to share the income and credit with your publisher if your book gets selected for something as big as a motion picture.
    • Top Notch Print Quality
      Low grade pages and poor print quality can be the biggest spoilers. A unique and bright book is more likely to be picked. We at Blue Rose get the best in class printing machines to get the unmatched results.
    • Transparency Transparency
      It is utterly important for the writer to be aware of each step taken to climb the book up the ladder of publication to monitor and control the final result as desired. Only transparency makes it possible. We stick to our commitments and do all that we promise to keep you well acquainted of the progress.
      NO hidden charges, NO undisclosed costs
    • Copy Editing Copy Editing
      Even the best of the writers make typos. Hence, editing, beyond the shadow of a doubt, is THE most important part of publication. We at Blue Rose take it very seriously and see about arranging professional editors for your book.
    • Price Control Price Control
      An unreasonably high priced book cannot possibly succeed in the market. We understand the importance of competitive pricing and give you the freedom of naming your own price.
    • Maximum Royalty Maximum Royalty
      We know what it takes to write a book. Hence we don’t ever hesitate offering the lion’s share to the writer. We don’t offer 100% (as a matter of fact, that’s just not possible !) But yes, we are proud to be able to manage to pay our writers the best that’s possible.
      Blue Rose Store – Royalty 40%
    • Other Stores – Royalty 20%

Blue Rose for All

  • Authors Authors
    We accept manuscripts in all genres and languages.
  • businessman-business-women-clip-art Business
    Get creative design and best pricing on Handbooks, Reports, Manuals and all your company’s publishing needs.
  •  EducatorsEducators
    Publish Research, Textbook and Course Material. Increase your brand value.
  • artist-icons-71126 Artists
    Designs, Photographs or Paintings, reach out to the millions of visitors and showcase your talent. Make money !

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We are India’s fastest growing self-publishing company

Self-Publishing is the new face of book publication. The advent of digital printing has swung the power in the hands of writers.By paying a small production and service charge, the writers can get published and reach the widest possible range of readers.

Being an author centric company, we think you deserve to understand the very concept of self-publication.So, here’s a guide for you, absolutely free !

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