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Self-publishing is the publication of any book by its author without the active involvement of an established/traditional publisher. The author is in control of the entire publication process, including cover design and interior layout, book formats (Paperback/E-book), price-control, global/national distribution, cost-effective marketing strategies, and public relation services.

Blue Rose Publishers is a self-publishing company that offers the above mentioned services (answer to the Question 1), giving you the full authority and complete control on the publication of your brain-child.

It’s simple! You just need to send us a part of your work (via email in a MS Word or PDF format), and after a quick evaluation, someone from the editing team will get back to you, confirming the acceptance or rejection. Then after you send us the complete manuscript, we will start working on editing and cover designing simultaneously, followed by the formatting and printing of the book.

Right after the services opted for, have been carried out like editing, formatting and layout, the book will be sent for print after approval by the author. This takes roughly around 3 weeks in total, but may take a little longer under unavoidable circumstances like natural calamity or resources unavailability or delay due to the expanse of work involved in the manuscript’s conversion into a book.

We Print-On-Demand, which means that we print copies of your book as and when we get a demand for it either by the readers, customers or the author. However, to avoid any delays when the orders for your book start trickling in, we keep a stock of at least 50 copies in our warehouse. If you want extra copies apart from the promised free copies mentioned in the packages, you can purchase it from us at a highly discounted rate.

Though rejection is solely the editing panel’s decision, the following points would form the basis of it. The manuscript should not

  • Be communal in any way.
  • Be an emulation of some other work.
  • Be sexually explicit.
  • Hurt somebody’s religious or cultural beliefs.

Of course! You own the book and only you deserve the right to finalize things. We will update you of every single progress at all the phases of the publication like cover designing, editing, formatting, layout designing and printing. Your manuscript will climb up the ladder towards the publication with your consent.

We will be sending emails to maintain regularity and consistency in the flow of communication via written mode so that the clarity is preserved. However, regular mails could be another option if you want, but it will only delay the process. The choice is yours!

We (that is you and us) will decide the price of the book. There is a production cost for every book. Anything reasonable above the cost price, decided mutually by you and our experienced team members, will be the final MRP of the book.

We provide you an Author’s Dashboard in which you can track how many books you’ve sold, when they were sold, through which portals (online/offline) they have been sold.

Being an author-centric company, Blue Rose offers one hundred profit to all it’s author. To know the exact royalty percentage, kindly check our Royalty Calculator.

Like we said, you retain the complete rights of your book. And by God’s grace if your story gets selected by any film production company, you need not pay even a single penny to Blue Rose Publishers.

Yes! If at any point in time you want to discontinue our services, all you need to do is send us an email or make a phone call. We would have no issues providing you a NOC (No Objection Certificate). But till the time you don’t do so, it would be illegal and unethical for you to get your book printed and marketed from any other source.

Yes of course you can customize the package according to your needs. For example if you like the Essential package and want editing service, then just customize your package by visiting our packages menu.

For any further queries feel free to contact our Publishing Consultant at +91 8882 898 898.

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