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Aarav Mishra

Aarav Mishra was born on 24 November 1987 in Dhakia Ragha village of Shahjahanpur district in Uttar Pradesh. Childhood was spent in the village, due to some difficulties the family had to move from village to city. Here the parents died due to illness while battling financial problems. Chachaji put his hand on his head and slowly life started coming back on track. Along with studies, Aarav Mishra entered the world of theater in 2004, during the theater the love of literature grew and life got a direction. After graduating in 2009, he studied theater after taking admission in Hyderabad University, then in 2010 took admission in Bhartendu Natya Akademi, Lucknow where he played lead roles in many plays. After this, Satyajit Ray moved to the Film and Television Institute, Kolkata. Currently, Aarav Mishra is living in Mumbai since 2013. Here along with theater, acting and writing work in Bollywood, a story collection “Kattaha Brahmin” is published.

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