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Amit Gandhi

“The author Amit Kumar Gandhi… Amit-G (pen name). In childhood, when he used to listen to elders say that someone took science, someone took commerce and someone took the arts … then he used to say – ‘I will read all subjects!’ After taking the science line, he did pharmacy, then business. It would have been more if the matter was over here, but due to being a literature lover, there was a need for art too, so one day a pen was raised and the MOL (MATURITY OF LOVE) story was composed.The writer is a registered fellow member of the SWA (Screen Writer Association, Mumbai) and is active in pursuing his work. E.K.M … i.e. Entertainment, Knowledge and Motivation, a mixture of these three things will definitely be found in his stories. If the GOD is blessed and all of you are supported, then he would continue to write even more good stories successfully.

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