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Ashish Raisinghani

Col Ashish Raisinghani has been in service with the Indian Armed Forces since last more than 20 years; this has given him a lot of opportunities to travel and explore new places. He has undertaken a number of backpacking trips; some with his friends, few on his own, and some with his wife and his three-year-old daughter. He loves to see new places, meet new people & learn everything about that place, his area of expertise being trip planning & budget traveling. He does not prefer organized tours & package trips as he feels the true essence of traveling lies in experiencing a place with the locals; living & eating like them in the bargain. He has covered almost the entire India and visited a lot of places abroad but his hunger for travel is ever-increasing. The Colonel has been penning down his travel experiences in the form of travelogues since more than 15 years now. These travelogues cover not only his own trip experience in detail, but also give an insight into the place along with a few practical tips for fellow travelers who are planning a trip to the same region. Thirteen of these personal travel experiences have been compiled by the author in this book.

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