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Devyanshu R Pachouri

8 billion people, 8 billion stories. But this particular story is of a regular school-going teen who had to drop out of studies due to an eye disease he still can’t spell the name of (something about swollen retinas). The only treatment for this condition were ‘roids. Did you know that corticosteroids can make you insane? Devyanshu didn’t know too, poor guy. Steroid-induced psychosis, search it up. Mr. Author had lots of fun thinking he was the messiah of the modern world (don’t worry, that’s just material for another novel). 6, that’s the number of suicide attempts Devyanshu made in the course of four months. Yeah, he didn’t take not being able to pass 12th lightly. Some called it being bi-polar, some called it mixed anxiety depression. Devyanshu doesn’t care though, he has gotten better. Moreover, he read somewhere shlokas are called such because they were born out of shoka, or sorrow. A sage saw a hansa being shot down by a hunter’s arrow and let out the First Verse. Well this is what his sorrow produced, and he can’t be more excited to see how the world takes it. This is the product of three years of drafting and re-drafting, of ebbs and waves, and he hope it braves the tests of however many readers he may have.

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