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Dr. Jagdish Pareek
Dr. Jagdish Pareek is the director of World Number One Play School My School. • Apart from this, you are Director I Memory School Foundation • Director Asia First Government Meta Skill Neuroscience Research Center • Pioneer Human Creative and Skill at School Level Program in India • Management Gold Medalist from Indian Business School • Child Psychologist from Malaysia Forum • ICF Certified Master Neuroscience and Wellness Coach • More than 500 Prestigious School Teachers have been successfully training and training workshops of millions of parents. • NLP American Board and LDA America’s South Asia Coach • World record holder in government skill training • The father of India’s first preventive health institute and India’s first community based job platform is yours. • India’s first digital help-based platform that helps people free of charge at the time of Crisis, you are its founder member. • You are doing the noble work of delivering more than 10,000 digital and professional courses and digital syllabus of NCERT to the children of India for free. • India’s first 50 neuroscience coaches have prepared in India’s first government skill university • Has written 16 books for State Board and Neuro Research You have been very active in social activities with innumerable records in educational activities, because of your desire to give something to society and nation, you have been associated with Help India and by being active in it, so far, financial support in 200 more weddings and more than 100 hospitals Has got financial support in serious diseases. You are the spokesperson of Shri Mitra Manav Sansthan and Gurukul Sansthan. You are a good organizer with a good announcer. . Appointed as National In-charge of Information and Technology at Vipra Foundation.
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