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J.S.RAWAT was born in a remote village Jalai of Uttarakhand State, India in 1949. He is M.Sc. (Geology) with first class and having Physics and Mathematics background up to Graduation level. He was a very senior officer in the Geological Survey of India and did extensive field and laboratory works related to Geotechnical investigations, right from preliminary to construction to post-construction stages of different Civil and Hydro-electric Projects across India, involving geological weaknesses of the sites and their treatments in relation to structures for about thirty four years. He was involved in Earthquakes and landslide investigations, too, particularly in the Himalayan terrain. His interest and research works in Cosmology for the last ten years have brought out two papers – ‘’The Comprehensible Universe’’ and ‘’The Dark Matter Particle: The Ultimate Building Blocks of Nature’’, which have been published in a reputed journal IJSER. Study and research in petroleum geology made possible to publish a paper, ‘’Predictive New Geological Model for Future Hydrocarbon Exploration in Indian Sedimentary Basins’’ in the Journal Geological Society of India, which can indicate, precisely, petroleum deposits in the palaeo – river basins of all countries of the world. At present he lives in Dehradun.

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