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    There was only a space, which was cold, smooth, continuous, infinite, eternal, and without boundary and any visible matter and energy before creation of our early Universe. However, this space may not have been empty. It was, perhaps, the Dark Matter particle, which popped up from this space. And due to its intrinsic properties it converted itself into a Supersymmetrical Superparticle that generated Supergravity by the pressures of forces of moving particles and thus into an infinitesimally small, dense, primordial, non-transparent (opaque) plasma fireball. This particle first designed the fertile sites due to its own strong gravitational attractive field in which all galaxies, stars, and planets in different regions of the Universe, including our own Milky Way galaxy that contains our Solar System with the eight planets, including Earth, originated after the collapse of the normal particles. With passage of time, the great fertile sites were generated on the Earth by tectonics, in which sedimentary rocks containing petroleum deposits at depths overlain by great alluvial plains were generated for the evolution and development of living beings, including humans and practicing agriculture, establishing industries, constructing civil facilities, and a multitude of other things for the survival of humans.

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ISBN: 9789389888980
SKU: 3708
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 221

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
J.S.RAWAT was born in a remote village Jalai of Uttarakhand State, India in 1949. He is M.Sc. (Geology) with first class and having Physics and Mathematics background up to Graduation level. He was a very senior officer in the Geological Survey of India and did extensive field and laboratory works related to Geotechnical investigations, right from preliminary to construction to post-construction stages of different Civil and Hydro-electric Projects across India, involving geological weaknesses of the sites and their treatments in relation to structures for about thirty four years. He was involved in Earthquakes and landslide investigations, too, particularly in the Himalayan terrain. His interest and research works in Cosmology for the last ten years have brought out two papers – ‘’The Comprehensible Universe’’ and ‘’The Dark Matter Particle: The Ultimate Building Blocks of Nature’’, which have been published in a reputed journal IJSER. Study and research in petroleum geology made possible to publish a paper, ‘’Predictive New Geological Model for Future Hydrocarbon Exploration in Indian Sedimentary Basins’’ in the Journal Geological Society of India, which can indicate, precisely, petroleum deposits in the palaeo – river basins of all countries of the world. At present he lives in Dehradun.

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