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Jayasri Tangirala

Believe. Empathize. Yare. Optimistic. Niche. Destination
By Jayasri Tangirala, counselling Psychologist, Founder, Beyond wellbeing Yousva. Jayasri has Master in Counselling Psychology, Certification from Harvard Medical School on Assessment and Treating of Various Depressive Disorders, Border line Personality Disorder and Substance Abuse. Certification from IIT (Joint venture with NPTEL) Kanpur and Roorkee on Psychiatry and Neurolinguistics Programming respectively. Diploma in
Spanish. Jayasri work experience includes in Hospital, School and independent counselling as a psychologist in areas of Anxiety, Panic Attack, Depression, Specific Neurological disorders psychological interventions like Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy as part of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. Administration of various psychological tests including Personality traits Assessment. Currently she is running counselling psychology clinic “Beyond wellbeing yousva” in thane. Jayasri has also worked on projects pertaining to Neuropsychology affecting the change in people by educating them that they can change their mindset by reprogramming (Neuroplasticity) with the help of Neurolinguistic Programming and thereby creating more neural pathways towards healthy feelings and healthy thoughts in turn lead them to better human beings with compassion and empathy which is the need of hour to our planet Earth. Jayasri contributes articles on and podcast onPodbean under – Turtle leaps to rediscover the new you.

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