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Joydeep Maharaj

Born in Lubeck, Germany, Joydeep grew up in Kolkata with a passion for literature and theatre.
His deep quest for a spiritual identity drew him away from the mainstream until he met his guru and mentor, Swami Paramananda. He was reborn into a wholly new perspective. After twenty-eight years of intense spiritual practice, he considers himself a Baul, a traveler of the path, a
seeker of truth. He travels and talks, inspires and guides people from all walks of life to a
spiritual vision and freedom. He writes extensively on various aspects of life and contributes regularly for periodicals. He has published nine books, five in Bengali and four in English,
which include the translations of Swami Paramananda's works.
Later. in 2011, and 2015 he established a spiritual retreat, Maramia in Azimganj Murshidabad and Singur Hooghly respectively. He lives in a small ashram by the Bhagirathi in Murshidabad where he divides his time between young seekers and his own studies. Many people from Europe
and various parts of India come to Maramia to experience the art of life and living

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