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    Joydeep Maharaj

ISBN: 9789353473976
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by: Joydeep Maharaj
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    The literal meaning of the title of this Bengali book is ‘The Needle of Truth in a Haystack of
    What are the lies that we have been fed for around two hundred years?
    – That Aryan is a race.
    – That Aryans came to India 3500 years ago from Central Asia, displaced the indigenous Dravids
    and settled down to dominate the subcontinent culture.
    – That Hinduism is an organised religion.
    – That India was backward, wallowing in darkness till the Europeans came to educate and
    enlighten us.
    And then since independence more lies have piled up.
    – That Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose died in a plane crash.
    – That leaders like Gandhi and Nehru brought India freedom.
    Lots of clandestine games have been been played to keep these lies alive in our consciousness.
    Why? The country is groping for an identity and there are forces who are trying to break the
    integrity of the Nation.
    The author provides a perspective and takes a sweeping look across the spectrum helping the
    reader to figure out for himself his own place and role in this crisis.

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ISBN: 9789353473976
SKU: 2533
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 134

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Born in Lubeck, Germany, Joydeep grew up in Kolkata with a passion for literature and theatre. His deep quest for a spiritual identity drew him away from the mainstream until he met his guru and mentor, Swami Paramananda. He was reborn into a wholly new perspective. After twenty-eight years of intense spiritual practice, he considers himself a Baul, a traveler of the path, a seeker of truth. He travels and talks, inspires and guides people from all walks of life to a spiritual vision and freedom. He writes extensively on various aspects of life and contributes regularly for periodicals. He has published nine books, five in Bengali and four in English, which include the translations of Swami Paramananda's works. Later. in 2011, and 2015 he established a spiritual retreat, Maramia in Azimganj Murshidabad and Singur Hooghly respectively. He lives in a small ashram by the Bhagirathi in Murshidabad where he divides his time between young seekers and his own studies. Many people from Europe and various parts of India come to Maramia to experience the art of life and living

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