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Prasad Deshpande

He loves to travel and trek through hills and jungles.
He is someone who jells with almost everybody.
He normally writes Thrillers with tinges of Romance and Drama included within.
He has been writing short and long stories for over a decade and it’s only in recent times that he has consented to publish his stories.
We guarantee you that you can expect unexpected twists in his stories and many of his stories have concepts that are yet untouched by any writer.
His published long and short stories are as given below…

Ninety Days – The Goal or The Girl
A thriller story of a mysterious modern-day saint who visits a small town with a mission to be completed in 90 days.

My Fiancée’s Boyfriend
It’s not a love triangle … Yet the thrill keeps you glued to the story till the end which is not expected.

The Tempest
A thriller where a man is alone at his farmhouse and someone knocks the door.

Red Clipper
An entertaining espionage story of a dangerous plot that can change the current world order. Few mentions of how the new spy network operates to make you think a lot if something in your life could be wrong…

He has at least 15 more fascinating stories which we want the world to read and enjoy.

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