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Riya Dama

“Riya Dama is currently a high school student in Mumbai, India. She has been elected as the President of the student council of her school for the academic year 2019-2020. She loves to travel and experience new cultures and ways of life. The beauty and diversity of the world is an inspiration for her to write and compose music. She believes creating original content lets her explore her uniqueness. Get in touch with her :- @riyamdama on Instagram and Twitter.

Riya express diverse feelings with a rogue mixture of poetic devices and styles in order to create extremely effective verses. Inspired by people around her, great poets, breath-taking sights and simply the course of life, she creates an atmosphere which forces the readers to be compelled by the words which lay in front of them, enhancing their imagination, sensitivity and emotions.

Poetry is an art form that can touch the hearts of many in just a few words. It is remarkable how a young adult like yourself is able to encapsulate such deep feelings in poems. Your way of expressing thoughts, beliefs and ideas is unique and meaningful. Hon. Mrs. Smriti Irani (Minister of Woman and Child Development and Textiles –India) Poetry helps us make sense of our struggle and our pain while finding beauty in them. Your poems have that strength – the strength to value fear, darkness, insecurities in general. You’ve found beauty in things we tend to ignore and that is truly commendable. Miss Sriti Jha (Indian Television Celebrity)”

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