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Sara A.

Sara A. is a poet and contemporary artist who has a deep interest in the hidden myths of the universe and the intricacies of the mind. This passion has manifested in carrying the vibration of curiosity and individuality while crafting melodic mysteries within the journey of her life. Her work focuses on the worldly betrayal in a simple manner with a subtle rhyming touch to it, often fluctuating between the harsh truth of people’s façades, as well as the simple love gestures prevalent in everyday experiences. She is highly motivated in questioning unattended theories and aspects of life; irrespective of how intense the quest gets. Her writing has always been about a simplified expression of that journey. Her artworks have a deep philosophical take to them and often encompasses natural subjects from her immediate surroundings. She currently resides in the midst of concrete structures surrounded by human chaos, lit with the fire of passion while each one runs to fulfill their dreams. She’s a big fan of synchronicity, and abides by the idea that the Universe sends you “signs” to help guide you to the next step, if for no other reason then it’s just an adventure. The most interesting aspect of synchronicity is that the more you pay attention, the more those signs seem to show up. It’s as if the Universe realizes that you’re “in sync”.

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