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Shri Kamlesh Punyark

Shri Kamlesh Punyark was born in Mainpura village of Arwal district of Bihar province on 20-9-1953 AD in the house of Shakadvipitrabharya Shiromani Pandit Shri Srivallabh Pathak and Mrs. Saraswati Devi. Your education is only graduate, but there is a lot of penetration in the writing and publishing world. In addition to Hindi literature, astrology, yoga, Vastu and medical world have learned a lot from your multidimensional writing in the last fifty years. You are also very active on social media. Hundreds of episodes can be viewed on YouTube channel virtue. You are also a well-known blogwriter. Your famous blog has been included in the list of The Best Hindi Blogs. You also have a personal site – Staying in the Pure Grihastha Ashram, operating the Sri Yogeshwar Ashram, taking a pious resolution of “Sarvebhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya”, you have also traveled a lot in the promotion of Yoga and Nadiopacharyantra. You are constantly trying to revive the endangered disciplines. The publication of this research book written by Varada son of ‘Saraswati’ is like a milestone in Lokhit-Path. In reality . Other works of the author – Niramaya (immortal story of eternal love), Punabhav (novel dedicated to the truth of reincarnation), Baba Upadravinath’s letter (novel based on the tantras of Tantra-yoga-sadhana), Adhuripitiya (zonal novel), unfinished Milan (novel), bangles of conch (story collection), squid-Pang (squid and article collection), Pang of Bhoncushastri (squid and article collection), Vtesrkaka (squid and article collection), Punyarkwashumnjusha, Punyarkvnsptitntrm, Punyarkjyotisdeepika, Shilanyas- Grihapravesha-Vastujapaadhthi, Shatpanchashikaprakash, Kalsarpaayoga: Causes and Prevention, Nadyopacharntantram, Punyarkayogapradeep, Shiradab (Acupressure), Suryavasika: Atmachinthan, Punyarka Magadipika (Shaktwadi Brahmanadhikaa, Shishtakulapadhvadhupaa
[12:26 PM, 12/17/2020] Ayush BR: Sri Durgasaptashati: is a well-known and popular book. But unfortunately, people are often aware of one aspect of it. People often do not pay attention to the deep spiritual aspect of this precious book. In the above book, “Saptashtirhasya”, an attempt has been made to draw attention to some similar aspect.

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