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Surender Kumar Verma

A Chemical engineer by profession, luckily underwent life transformational experience with the descent of divine grace and knowledge through Kundalini Awakening by a highly ascended spiritual master/Guru in March’1992, which catapulted him from an ordinary person to a spiritual teacher & healer. Since then he has learned and mastered a number of spiritual systems like the Art of Kundalini Awakening, the Reiki system of healing, and became Reiki Grandmaster, Meditation techniques, Surya/Urja Yog, Feng Shui Vastu, Theta healing, Art of Living, Sujok acupressure, foot reflexology, Crystal healing, Diploma in Bhagwad Gita, and aura studies. He has developed his own advanced Meditation & amp; Energy Healing techniques based on his long experience. By the grace of God, he and his wife have become channels of Divine Energy and has been providing following divine services to society:

    • Kundalini Awakening services
    • Reiki healing workshops of all levels viz. Reiki-1, 2, 3A (master healer) and Grandmaster/
      teacher level.
    • Advanced Meditation & Energy healing sessions for complete mind, body and soul
    • Healing of people of various problems by touch and distance healing techniques.
    • Online Meditation sessions on zoom video, especially during Covid lockdowns.
    • Online healing on zoom/WhatsApp video.
    • Providing Feng Shui Vastu consultancy services for houses, flats, floors and offices.

After a numbers of years of social service and enlightening people, he thought of spreading this unique knowledge to people in the form of a book, so that his knowledge and experience may be utilized by the society on a large scale for years to come. This book will provide new spiritual knowledge to a number of readers, especially those who
aspire to grow and excel in the spiritual field.

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