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Urvi Praful Parekh

In 2020, January somewhere between 5.45 in the evening I was sitting alone in my room negative and depressed. I was burned out in my career life and had no idea how things will turn around? I had no goals, no dreams … no energy Then I made a decision and tried coming out with the trauma which I was going through I knew this would be not that easy but surely if once I am out of all this history will be made and here I am Once I changed my attitude and mindset, a whole new world opened for me. I started to dream big, dreams about sharing with others the success principles that transformed my life. As I was all into the practice of law to pursue a career as a motivational speaker and writer You too have the same ability whether your attitude is positive or negative…. Or somewhere in between, this book will show you how to enjoy the rollercoaster ride of life and unleash your incredible potential

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