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    Dr. Krishan Lal

ISBN: 9789390223831
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Mahabali Baba Sidh Chano

by: Dr. Krishan Lal


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About This Book

    This book Mahabali Baba Sidh Chano is about a deity and a folk cultural event called Dhaza. Dhaza is very popular in lower regions of Himachal Pradesh, in district Bilaspur and adjoining districts. Leather workers community of this region has a strong belief in this deity and this cultural event. Dhaza is organized by devotees of Baba Shidh Chano at night. During Dhaza, Mahabali Baba Sidh Chano is worshipped. Life events of folks and deities are enacted in Dhaza by performers. Songs and dances are performed.

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ISBN: 9789390223831
SKU: 4259
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 38

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Author belongs to Daroch family, village Gatol district Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. He is an Associate Professor of Zoology. His area of specialization is Fish and Fisheries. He is widely travelled across India. He is a Life Member of many professional associations. He has attended/ participated in many conferences / seminars / courses. He has organized three national conferences. Presently he is posted at Sidharth Govt. College, Nadaun (HimachalPradesh) India.

“Mahabali Baba Sidh Chano”

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