Headache In The Heart By Abhya Gupta
On July 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

‘Wake me up when you are actually gone…!’

The thought of moving on ‘alone’ is difficult but the most difficult part is leaving you.

I’m broken again. I’ve decided to lead my life the way it is—incomplete.

I kept looking out the window, to his window, in the hope that I would be able to see him for one last time.

I have not felt something to this extent before. For the first time, I could sense the heartache which is a gut wrench portrait of pain.

My eyes are wet but I am not crying.

My heart is beating but it is not mine.

I want to speak but words are wanting.

I want to listen but your voice is missing.

I did not do anything the whole day. Sitting quiet and thinking about him. Thinking about all the time we had spent together. All the nights we had lived together.

I kept reading his message again and again. As he instructed, I will try to not to meet him. I will keep my mind busy so that I don’t see him in my thoughts. But my heart, he did not mention what to do with it. It is still beating for him.

Should I ask my heart to stop beating for him or to live with the scars on it?

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