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    Dr S. Joseph Arul Jayraj

ISBN: 9789390030668
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100 Anecdotal Short Stories for Kids.

by: Dr S. Joseph Arul Jayraj


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    “Salient features of 100 Anecdotal Short Stories for Kids The book presents short stories from a fascinating range of perspectives on varied themes. It teaches moral values through enticing discourses. It is an invaluable guide for children as well as elders. It enriches the experience of the readers by presenting a pen-picture of the cultural differences of the people, who belong to different walks of life, nations and cultures. The concept of each story is illustrated with suitable cartoons, which will be of a great source of indefatigable delight to the readers. It exhorts the readers to grow as men and women for others. It reiterates the need for and the value of story-telling in the digital world and provides children what they are in need of in the new world of consumerism and market-economy. It helps the readers to cultivate the right perspective towards life. It develops and enriches the fertility of the language of the readers, enhances their power of imagination, broadens their points of view, empowers them to think and question, increases their power of concentration, helps them to empathize with others, imparts the values of life, and helps them to discipline their minds.

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ISBN: 9789390030668
SKU: 3886
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 266

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“100 Anecdotal Short Stories for Kids.”

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