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    Arav, a hardcore romantic, small town guy, falls for Pakhi, a girl next door, his classmate and childhood friend. He loved her more than anything else. She reciprocated and they both fell in love. They created the world full of love, care, trust, commitment, passion, memories. But little did they know that they are following a path which is against the rule of this patriarchal society. But they were lost in their own small world, they decided to cross every hurdle to be together. Arav was firm on his decision but Pakhi was fragile, vulnerable. How far would they go against this society, how long Arav has to wait to be with Pakhi, for the rest of his life? Will Arav be able to cross the hurdles created by this world? Will Pakhi stand her ground for the love of her life? Will they succumb to the suffocating and regressive dogmas of our society? Will they reach their destination, i.e. Marriage, or they’re going to part ways just because they dared to love against the invisible dignity of communities. Read and experience the journey of friendship, love, betrayal, heartbreak. A love story of a Doctor, and an Engineer.

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    This book looks into the narrative of Buddhism that it is about an account of two thousand and six hundred years ago when Buddha was conceived who later on became one of a kind psychotherapist. It further illuminates the concept and purpose of Buddhism is not as philosophy only rather the practical and authentic way of life also within the circumference of the Nature. The people in general have been taught and made convinced that the Buddhism is an atheistic philosophy whereas it does not concern whether there is the existence of God or not rather the human being and other creatures have been suffering. Practical ways and methods with regard intuition and meditation have been explored through Zen Buddhism. More over the impression and influence are perfectly contained in the fictions which the author has selected to be contemplated for research work in hand.

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    The ‘Song on the nowhere road’ is a novel about the heart-rending trauma of unrequited love. Set in Bangalore in the early nineties, it traces the life of the bachelor protagonist, Ananto Roy, a young corporate executive with a penchant for English literature and rock-music. Working in a government owned company, he comes into contact with a variety of friends and acquaintances whose foibles and romantic flings bring out various shades of interpersonal relationships in the diverse cultural milieu of modern-day urban India. Falling in love with the bewitchingly charming, but unattainable Sini Menon, Ananto finds his very world shaken to its roots which forces him to ask profoundly disturbing questions.

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    This is a book of prose and poems dealing with topics like love, life and forgiveness. All through the book, the author keeps the reader’s mood elevated, sharing the ideas behind the beginning and the end, which makes the book a treat to the mind and the soul. Moreover, he shares his concerns over our nation through one of his articles. Above all, his explanations on the concept of trinity sets apart this book, titled WISDOM WINGS.

    Wisdom Wings by: GEORGE ALEX 200.00
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