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And I Will Sing Saudades



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    We worship the wrong one and love the perfect.We stand up to treacheries as we experience failures.We get hurt and cry the nights.We discover delight seeing the butterfly flight.This is our identity and I am proud that I am still a human. The stages, a human experience, are the reflection of a myth which he wants to live. He is continually wishing his life to be something. Something which he couldn’t have yet needs to have. And, this is what truly matters to Saudade. What are you waiting for ?? Saudade it was, it is and it will be, until the future ends….HURRY UP !! OFFER LIMITED!!

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ISBN: 978-93-87038-06-6
SKU: 1365
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 98

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Having failed to express herself for an extend of time, Twinkle Sharma understands the power of words. The adherent of affection, empathy, passion and dreams; composes all the emotions human, these days, tend to overlook. She expects to bring the voice graved in her chest into the declarations of the turning pages. The phases of life jumping out at her inspire her for, she believes; good or bad; these periods of life are beautiful. Twinkle intends to keep the spirit of humanity awake and thus, will be working on the same in the near future.

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“And I Will Sing Saudades”

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