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  • Man ki Bhavnaye by: Devendra Yadav 220.00

    This book is a showcase of some experiences I have gone through, some portrayal of my thoughts, and a few exhibitions of my feelings in words. This book deals with the circumstances which we often face and tells how bad we are and have been, simultaneously showing good & great we can be and had been in past.

  • आप हो, तो मैं हूँ by: Sharda Charan 250.00

    ये जरूरी नहीं हैं कि हम जैसा या जैसी जिंदगी अपने लिए सोचते हैं, चाहते हैं वैसी हमें जीने को मिले भी! और जब नहीं मिलता हैं मन चाहा तब मन कैसी कैसी कल्पनाएं करता हैं उन्हीं कल्पनाओं और भावनाओं इस पुस्तक में उड़ेलने की कोशिश की हैं मैंने।

  • Dil Se Dil Tak by: Dalia ghosh 200.00

    Dil Se Dil Tak is a collection of poetry ranging across different subjects and themes. While some are spiritual in nature, some seek to inspire the readers and provide motivation to them. It is her belief that making god as a companion will give a sense of fulfillment and enlightenment which will help us n this journey called life. Faith in God and yourself will render you the courage to pursue no matter where you are today.

  • Ek Sham Zindagi Ki (Hindi) by: Maithily 266.00

    “Ek sham Zindagi ki” is the book of Author-it is like a dream that going to be true..In the book, it is a collection of many different imagination and feelings…And it is dedicated by Author to her mother… Especially the first poem.” Meri Maa”.

  • Zindagi by: Neha Dhingra 250.00

    “Zindagi” is the first collection of poetry by Neha Dhingra. This book contains 30 poems. In this collection, questions have been raised on those evils of the society, about which it has become necessary to talk in today’s time. Most of the poems have been written from girls’ perspectives and some tell us about life also.

  • Manthan by: Praveen Pratap 207.00

    Manthan is a collection of Hindi couplets and poems. Manthan means brainstorming. And as the name suggests it’s a reflection of one’s thoughts during various situations and stages of life. Manthan will take you on a journey to explore and understand several forms of human emotions such as anger, pain, solitude, love, self-motivation, jealousy, courage, confusion agony, and anxiety that an ordinary human goes through in life but never talks about. It will walk you through the unseen side of the world and the way minds of people are influenced by the other’s
    behaviour, societal norms, politics, and harsh situations of life.

  • Time to Explore An Anthology of Poems by: Ajit Karigar 200.00

    Deploring the gross materialism of the modern men, who have been ruining natural resources ruthlessly the poet implores earnestly to save the same for the generations to come to rid of their curse and to earn their bliss. Young poet Mr. Ajit's adoration of human values and virtues, issuance of clarion call, and earnest appeal to the present-day youth to develop rational and scientific approach to the festivities speaks volumes about his love of humanity. Celebration of mother's affection, feeling of pride for the motherland, appreciation of the beauty and greatness of
    Mother Earth are the stock- in trade of his poetic utterances. Good manners are good basis of good life goes an adage. It is good manners and etiquettes that bring dignity to humans who are the dazzling jewels in the crown of God’s creation. Hence the poet holds high several mannerisms in host of his poems. His fervent wish and ardent hope to usher in better and beautiful prospective world are the flora and fauna of this poetic creations. Let this budding, sensitive, sensible poet scale a lofty literary height and succeed in his endeavor to convey his tender passions genuinely through poetry to increase the happiness of readers.


    The chaotic silence causes turmoil in flowing water. It is about how there is chaos inside us but we choose silence to express it. It is about how there are voices in our head but it goes quiet the moment we open our mouth.

    It is a journey where chaos and silence walk hand in hand.

  • You Have to Shine by: Shabana Anjum 109.00

    This book is a poetry collection with 36 poems. These poems are categorised in six sets. The first set of poems shows her deep faith in the Almighty. She tries to instill this strong faith in her readers so that they can ward off negativity from their life. The second set of poems illustrates how Nature teaches us to be confident and courageous The third set of poems is a direct word with the readers where they can be geared up to face life’s challenges and win every battle that they encounter in life. The fourth set tells the readers the ways they can become a better human beings. They can improve their way of living and become a source of relief for others as well as themselves The fifth set of poems is where she pours out her feelings for the people who are to her heart. One poem is about her alma mater, Carmel School. The last set narrates some stories in form of poems. The aim of writing this book is to bring positivity in the lives of the readers. The poems are like fuel that can energize the readers and bring about a change in the way of their taking up life’s struggles. The poet strongly believes that with a positive attitude, every battle can be won. Hope this book inspires and leaves a positive impact on the thinking process of the readers.

  • Khamoshiyaan Unplugged by: Sanjh Sabharwal 200.00

    A heartwarming saga of never-ending love, inspiration, and motivation in a relationship, be it between life partners, friends or companions in life. Khamoshiyaan Unplugged verbalises the turbulence which arises in the face of sudden & untimely events in life. It articulates the changing facades of life, emotions, and relationships of life. Resonating a collection of feelings that every reader can relate to in spite of the varied challenges thrown by the
    individual experiences of life.


    This is an anthology of poems on various themes basically from a woman‟s perspective, whoever is in search of „SELF-IDENTITY‟. The book is divided into two parts. The first part has poems on various themes and the second part is dedicated to my mother. „GRASS‟ here represents a depiction of such females not only in Indian but all over the world where „PATRIARCHY‟ still exists. A woman is being choked to breathe forcefully, starting from her birth till the end of her life. She undergoes many a perception like the existence of human beings on the earth, real meaning of life, harsh reality of death, the definition of true love, reality of relationships, the existence of god, reality of religion &caste issues, the value of moral & spiritual development, concept of nationality & world citizenship, brutal reality of gender & disparity, importance of female education, realization of male dominant society (its‟ customs and absurd beliefs), meaning of self-growth, identity & recognition. In this journey, having a lot of experiences, she definitely finds out the real face of this world and society. This situation gets very grim when she proves to be an ambitious one to explore her.

  • Ek Maara Jaaye Bohur Chaap’e by: Shibnath Chatterjee 210.00

    “Ek maara jaye bohur chaap’e” is a collection of self-composed poetries as well as a collection of one’s myriad shades of thoughts through the means of poetry. It’s a canvas painted with different colours of the mind; some bright, some dull, some light and some dark. It speaks of the blossoms and the banes of nature. It speaks of the blessings and dooms that the society has brought upon its people. It speaks of travelogues and histories. It speaks of love, joy, pain, suffering, happiness, desires, truths, and so much more.

  • Paint Your Own Rainbow by: Shelly Dhanania 210.00

    Paint your own rainbow is the collection of stories about people fighting their fears day after day till destiny forced them to stand up and paint their own rainbow as it’s important to embrace all the colours life offers including the colours of strength and courage.

    Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who refuses to bow down to let someone else fix her crown, the love story that beats securely in her heart for it sacred to be unveiled to the world, a warrior who fought his demons till last breath and many more.


    Dr. Jyotsna Shukla has been writing for long; long enough to have multiple collections of Poetry from different genres. Kavyendu is a collection of poems by Dr. Jyotsna Shukla, highlighting the various aspects of life and its true worthy meaning for the soul and individual. The kinetics of life could not be paused but could surely be slowed and understood through the philosophies derived from our day-to-day life. This book is an attempt at that, in a poetic way.

  • Thamaa hua Aakash by: Niraj Kumar 225.00

    Thamaa hua Aakash (The sky stood still) is a collection of Hindi poems, written in last 4-5 years, and during the existential turmoil, the world has faced and is still facing. The poems are in clusters. Khabari (Newsmaker) poems are snippets of things, good, bad or ugly, unfolding around us. The unprecedented exodus of migrant labourers, the student unrest in a certain institution, the almost lost struggle with COVID, till the vaccines came along, children we
    were unable to save on some excuse or the other, our brave soldiers attaining martyrdom, death of an ex-prime minister who was a poet and a philosopher, etc.
    There are short sketches, of mind and matter, in the Laghu Kathayen series. Having come from Bihar-Jharkhand ancestry, the eastern dialect is close to his heart, and the author has put some poems, emanating from our closely guarded, day-to-day lives, in the Purabia section. An extension of this can be seen in the Gud Kathayen (jaggery tales) section. However, some poems have escaped this process of clustering, and demand independent voices, of
    their own. So, a call has been taken, and they are, just, Nirbandh, literally, un-labeled. I am grateful to my wife, Dr. Shikha Mathur Kumar, who is my colleague as well as a prolific painter, for allowing me to use one of her works for the cover design. I am grateful to my son, Samvit, for his insights. I am grateful to my co-workers, Mr. Sundaresh and Mr. Raman, for providing the necessary support to make this work a reality. I am grateful to Blue Rose publishers and its very supportive editorial team for bringing out this poetry collection.
    This book is dedicated to Shashwat, (10/10/2001-04/03/2019) my younger son, who we lost to severe illness followed by his heroic struggle for 14 years.

  • Tere Eshq Mei by: Narendra Suden 200.00

    This book is like a part of my life for people to read. Every single poem in this book is about love, compassion, strength, purity, and more. In a nutshell, this book encompasses every single thing I believe in, abide by, and have lived in over 5 decades of my life. From things as small as everyday occurrences to as big as my thoughts on love and respect, it has all been stored in these few pages.

    There’s doesn’t go a day now where I don’t write. There isn’t a single thing anymore that doesn’t awaken the poet in me. So it won’t be a stretch when I say that this book is a peep through to my brain, my thoughts, my feelings, my values, and whatnot. It is for everyone who sees magic in the world, wonders in the little things in life, and loves everything that happens around them.

  • The Full Journey by: Mayank Dixit 122.00

    The Full journey is about one part of life. It has a collection of 15 poems that takes us through the roller coaster of emotions. It’s about the experience of love, ignorance, regret, and heartache.


    The book contains poems on different themes. In some, the reader will learn to love and respect themselves and others. While in others, the reader will find joy in appreciating people. In some of the poems, the reader will discover inner power in stillness and solitude. It will also unfold to the reader- richness in the attitude of daily gratitude. Finally, it will enable them to live their original craft fully and leave their legacy as per God’s given talents. Even if the reader may be gone one day his name will live forever in the pages of history or in the hearts of humankind, be it in a tiny or big way.

  • Satputra Bhavah (सतपुत्र भव:) by: Mohan Bharti 180.00

    Contemplated 15 years back, “Satputra Bhavah” contains poems based on the philosophy of ‘Dare to be True’ and some translated poems from the own collection of Punjabi Poems of the author titled ‘Lockdown’. This book contains poetry on facts as well as truth, these are critical as well as spiritual, satirical as well as thoughtful deals with self as well as society, and the poems speak about common issues of people and the role of government.

  • The Poetic Fragrance by: Paritosh Chandorkar 150.00

    The book “Poetic Fragrance” has a diverse set of 30 poems, ranging from pieces on Nature’s magical beauty and diversity, Love, Human spirit, Almighty, Spirituality, and contemporary subjects.
    These poems suit the various moods of the reader and will mesmerize him/her into an abstract and beautiful world of poetry. The book offers a refreshing experience to a diverse group of readers of all ages and cultures. The Author has been inspired to compose these pieces at various milestones in his life. Hence, this collection of poems reflects his own experiences in life.

  • THE SERMONIC VERSES by: Narayan Prasad Samal 201.00

    The Sermonic Verses is a volume of 100 sonnets in English and has four thematic sections, i.e. Life, Living, Love, and Death. The poet has depicted each theme with exotic lucidity, fine imagery, and tickling fluidity in his attempts to answer the endless inquiries of the human mind, such as Is life meaningless? Is pain integral to life? Is love always physical? Is death really the end of life? Are we really different from animals? etc. The poet has personalized the English sonnet form with the characteristic placement of Volta differently in different sonnets, which will give the readers the thrills of emotive twists.
    The poet has wisely incorporated the love poems, first, as a necessary complement to the other sonnets and, second, to serve the readers a romantic delicacy, through the sermonic solemnity of the sonneted statements of the volume. The readers are no doubt expected to have some vital takes from the book.


    There are thirty poems in this book. Each has come out of the overwhelmed feelings in my mind—happiness, anger, heartbreak, danger, poverty, and so on.
    Poems like Full moon day, Birds’ song, Smile, and a few reflect happiness. Anger against the society and the governments poured out as in Hathras, UP state, a Dalit girl was raped and murdered and in Sathankulam police station in Tamil Nadu, father and son died in the lockup.
    Some reflect my broken heart—- the drought-hit Cauvery Delta area since the monsoon failed. Could see only white sand riverbed Cauvery, and hence crops dried up, trees dried up, plants dead. Small landowners could not cultivate the lands for their survival. Agricultural laborers’ starvation cannot be described in words. There cannot be a contemporary writer who talks about the farmer’s agitation going on peacefully for months together against the three farm laws enacted by the central government.
    I am a poet, and as a citizen with the right to freedom of expression, I express my personal views in a poetic form. While reading my poems, the readers understand the facts prevailing in India. I have also written about the Corona, and one poem about the importance of being humane. Of course, there is a humorous poem titled ‘What for?’
    Welcome readers! Have a nice read.

  • The Playlist Speaks The Volume by: Anshu Kumar Keshri 219.00

    Music is one language that joins the world. Music is seen all around us, in the swaying trees, the cool waves of ocean mist, or the buzzing of the bee. Music is the language of emotions that we as humans are capable of and it paints even all other species of this planet. This anthology brings together the different emotions this language brings about in the lives of the writers. Writers from different corners of the globe have come together to show impactful versions of their playlist in the form of poetry & short stories. Team Heartbeat Rhythm welcomes you to the journey of ‘ The Playlist Speaks The Volume “.

  • BLUES OF THE FLAME by: Parnika Agarwal 220.00

    “To express yourself needs a reason, but expressing yourself is the reason.”
    The concept of expression is what I have tried to endorse by sharing this book. The title of this book ‘Blue of the flames’ holds the meaning of something hidden. Even though the blue part of a flame is at the bottom and hiding, it is still the warmest. Indicating what we hold beneath our hearts rather than myself I show other people, is actually what our characteristics are all about. What is behind that mask is what makes you and it is beautiful.
    Often joy is what is embraced by those around us, not sorrow. Hence, I have written poems to appeal to that and reach out to the light of hope for the same. I don’t intend to know everything about such emotions, nor have I faced such situations to be aware of them in depth. But I still hope a few find the penned lines approachable and relatable. I have also tried to address a few issues growing in our society that I think should be addressed or various topics that catch my attention. Hope you enjoy reading!

  • All of me by: Nandini Joshi 200.00

    This book is a poetry book, which has 4 sections – LIFE, LOVE, HATRED, AND DEATH. The first section of the book talks about how life is so unpredictable and situations that are under control are to be managed and accepted accordingly. It also has poems of feminism. The overall quality of the section throws light on the life experiences of a growing person.
    The second section of the book contains poems of love where love is all a person has and to offer. The feeling and emotions are varied according to romance but love is mutual.
    The third section discourses about heartbreak and the choice of revenge or not! The hated one feels when he/she is betrayed by the feelings or by the person who shared love with you, is all that is described in the form of poetries.
    The last and the fourth section of the book, comment on the different perspectives of the poet towards death. It has poems of death where the poet thinks of him as a person and talks about how he is the one who is her own and none other than him gives her pleasures of life.
    The book contains universal sections and clean poetry so that it can impact every age group and people to match the emotions of their hearts if they feel the same.
    This poetry book is an imaginary book that has all the poems based on imagination and has no connection with reality.

  • Ek aah Jeevan ki by: Shree Suresh Chand Agarwal 150.00

    Compositions of the author, which remove the veil of worldliness lying on his sensitive mind, easily show a glimpse of the spirit world in which he may have been drowning again and again, but he did not let anyone even know about it !
    No one knows when he started writing poems, perhaps in his youth, because some makeup-based compositions indicate his youthful mind, while some compositions show the maturity of thoughts, some are patriotic! Dohe and Muktak tell that whenever poetry flashed in his mind, he used to imprison it in the diary and put the diary in the cupboard. He kept on handling all the public behavior himself, so during his time, no one needed to peep into his cupboard nor found a way to peep into his mind.
    Today the idea of compiling and printing the poems written in the diary found after his departure is taking shape.

  • Alfaaz by: Neha Rathi 100.00

    ज़िंदगी में कोई किसी के लिए नहीं रुकता, जो है आज है, कल के लिए रुकना बेकार है, किसी का साथ छूटता है तो कोई साथ देता है, जो चला गया उसे जाने दो , जो साथ है उसे थाम लो.

  • DOSTI- YAADON KA SAFAR by: Nishtha Jatwani Manocha 150.00

    A story or a poem is like a living body, we need only tell the few, precise points to feel the heart of it leaping in its skin. DOSTI-YAADON KA SAFAR is a book of poetries being connected with friendships, their roles in one’s lives, memories, attachments. Some of the poetries among these are fiction and some are nonfiction. Some poetries I made during real situations, some I made whenever I sit alone and think of someone, I write some lines for them, which made these poetries. I love writing poetries on friendships, relationships, motivation, love, life, etc. in my next book, I will provide poetries related to motivational life.

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