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  • The Phoenix -A Poetry Collection. by: Reetika Vats 120.00

    This book is a collection of poems written in different moods in different
    genres. The intention behind the poems is to understand people and to bring positive change in
    society. The poems are mainly appreciation of natural beauty, our joys and even our sorrows.
    Because, the poet feels that what and how we transform, the credit of it goes to our past and to our
    surroundings also. The poems stress on survival instincts of humans in harder times along with
    women empowerment. Also , a message that one’s happiness is entirely one’e own primary
    responsibility. So our happiness should never be compromised for anything. As , only when we are
    happy, we can spread it.

  • दस्तक (Dastak ) by: Sneh Dutt 199.00

    The book “Dastak” is a collection of poems in Hindi with a mix of Urdu words. This combination has added to the beauty of expression. The poems in the book are broadly divided into two categories. The first is about Life and experiences. The poems in this category touch the aspects of Emotions, Challenges, Desires, Relationships, Love, Motherhood, Self-respect, Identity, Hope, and Perseverance. The expression in poems is Women-centric but the emotion is relatable to everyone. The content of the poems will help in developing an understanding of emotional needs and the importance of reciprocation. These poems are mirrors of your own thoughts, realizations, and unspoken words.

    The second category of poems is about concern for Environment and Social issues like Child labor, Trafficking, Gender bias, Atrocities on women, Poverty. These poems depict the pain, turmoil, and social apathy in a simple, grounded, and touching manner. The poems in this category will trigger a thought process in you. These poems will bring you to a state of awareness and self-reflection.

    The book” Dastak” will take you to your own journey of feelings and emotions and will give meaning to them.
    The character of the poems in this book will bind the readers and keep them engaged
    A must-have collection for your library.

  • Moner Oli Goli by: Ajit Kumar Pal 140.00

    As human life is the fruit of different experiences, his mind also flows in many ways. Some hopes and aspirations of imagination are also associated with them. These poems are the reflection of them which have come out of the allies of the author’s mind at different times. Some are his realities and others his dreams.

  • iMPRESSiONS @ 40 by: Dr Kiran P. Sathe 150.00

    iMPRESSiONS @ 40 is a book of English poems which are based on the author’s impressions about his life at age 40. The author has tried to pen down his past experiences, his ambitions and his musings for a better world. He has also shared some self motivational messages which he has framed for himself. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as Dr Kiran enjoyed writing them.


    This book deals with the origin and growth of Holy Family Church at Vadakkankulam. This is a very historically important church as it is one among the fourteen churches founded by the Jesuit fathers. This church had a unique separation walls and subsequently there was a struggle for equality. It has a unique history. So, there is a lot of meaning and purpose in bringing out the history of this church. It would be very interesting to read.



  • Walking by The Waves by: Shikha Patel 149.00

    “A moth has a life of a few days, so the moth ensures not to spend a minute of it in darkness. The moth has seen several of its fellows dying in the light, yet with no fear, the moth pursues light. The moth is my teacher”. Discover yourselves with Shikha Patel’s collection of poems, Walking by the Waves. Experience the circle of life through delicate yet powerful verses. The butterflies of young love; the hurt that walks behind; the anger and the agony; acceptance and freedom; the end of grief; the happiness that follows and finally the existential right!

  • Kaun hai tu ?’ by: Prateesh Yadav 243.00

    Kaun hai tu ?’ is a poetic journey. This poetic journey has two Major aspects i.e. ‘Journey of Life’ (College Life) and the ‘Race of Life’ (Job Life). Every poem written in this book is written within the time period of that poem. If you are ahead of the period of those poems of ‘Journey of Life’ (College life) in the first part of the book, then it will take you back, if you are still behind the time period of those poems, then it will pull you towards that period and if you are at this time i.e. in college life itself, then there is no lucky person like you in this world. On the other hand, if you are still in the time period of ‘Race of Life’ (Job life), then you can say this to anyone with 100% confidence that book is your thought and you have written it.

  • Reinee by: Rasa 905.00

    Reinee, is a multitasking woman of the 21st century who is successful in all the walks of life. The book describes her and her beauty in poetic form.

  • Chasing Hope by: Pranavi Khandekar 350.00

    Life has been hard, but I have learned a lot from it. I may not have it all together, but I’m working on myself. To be honest, i’d like to stay in a continuous state of improvement. Because that’s my idea of My Perfect Journey.” – Pranavi Khandekar Chasing hope is the second collection of poetry by Pranavi Khandekar. Her first collection of poetry, silent shouts, was published in the year 2018. Pranavi has been dealing with anxiety and clinical depression since the age of 9.

    She feels that she can express her thoughts, emotions and feelings, best through writing.

    You can contact her on Instagram (the_online_journal) or on email (pranavi2000@gmail.com)


    A Monkey Mind’s Log, a maiden collection of verse, is a creation from jottings found in the personal diaries of a company executive covering a period of more than two decades.

    The “fan poems” in the collection include dedications to personalities as diverse as Shreya Ghoshal, A R Rahman, Nilanjana Roy, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Mira Nair  and Vijay Raaz.

  • Zindagi Ki Sacchi Aur Acchi Baatein by: Dr Chaman Lal Banga 240.00

    Our life is very important and it is connected to the society. Without society we have no basis. There are many changes in our life which are related to life experiences. Memories of past beautiful moments provide us knowledge. Rishis and mystics have shown us the path of knowledge by performing penance. Accumulation of knowledge is the basis of our life. The things told by great scholars and academicians should be molded in their lives. There are many
    secrets of our life. It is our responsibility in the emerging Indian society to share the experiences of the pleasant journey of life. Our life is an opportunity; we should take full advantage of this opportunity. Every day of life should live with new zeal and zest. ‘Zindagi Ki Sacchi Aur Acchi Baatein’ entitled book describes about Knowledge, Language, Indian culture, Social network, Golden memories, Guru , Old-time sports, Nature of life, Corona period, Festival’s of Himachal Pradesh, Environment, Culture, Human life, Family, Daughters, Agriculture, Life
    philosophy of legends, Music, God, Devotion , Motherland, and other important aspects of life.

  • Shwet Prishtha by: Abhishek shukla 159.00

    बहुत दूर और बहुत देर तक चलने के बाद पता चलता है कि हम चल क्यों रहे हैं । वास्तव में हम अपनी एक ऐसी दुनिया की तलाश में होते हैं जो इस दुनिया से कम से कम रत्ती भर तो बेहतर हो । यह किताब किसी ऐसी ही दुनिया में जाने का एक रास्ता है । एक ऐसा रास्ता जो सफर भर में हमें यह बताता जाता है कि हम अपने आपकी ओर आहिस्ता आहिस्ता बढ़ रहे हैं । “श्वेत पृष्ठ” समाज के अंतर्द्वंदों, विरोधाभाषों और आडंबरों पर जहां एक ओर गहरी चोट करती है वहीं दूसरी तरफ़ प्रकृति से जुड़ाव को सफलता का मूल मंत्र बताते व एक नई दुनिया की सैर कराते हुए समाज में सकारात्मक ऊर्जा का संचार करती है ।

    -राष्ट्रीय सहारा

    “श्वेत पृष्ठ के कवि का आत्मदाह से प्रकाश उपजाने का उनका संकल्प उनकी रचनाओं को धारदार बना देता है । अभिषेक की कविताएं सद्भावनाओं पर शब्द और भावों के हथौड़े से निरंतर चोट करती हुई दिखती है । रूढियां चाहे देश, समाज, जाति, धर्म, ऊंच नीच, भाषा भाव अथवा लिपि ही क्यों न हों कवि उनका पक्षधर न होकर सच्चे मानव मूल्यों के बंद दरवाज़ों और गवाक्षों को खोलता है । युवा कवि अपने भावुक मन और अपने तरल सरल शब्दों की योजना से पाठक को पूरी मार्मिकता के साथ सोचने के लिए विवश कर देता है ।”

    -योगेंद्र मणि त्रिपाठी

    ईमेल: shuklaabhishek0057@gmail.com

  • LIFE-A Contradiction by: Megha Agarwal 165.00

    “Life : a contradiction” is a revealing set of poems which shows some spirituality you can relate. Every truth has its own counterpart, which contradicts it…..and much more. Rest you can assured that more of it is true than you will ever know.

  • Half Past Five by: V. Arora 162.00

    At some point in my life, I used to think, ‘How do people find words to write?’ and ‘How do they write songs and poems?’ It started with ‘I dwell in Possibility’ by Emily Dickinson, and soon I started dwelling in the possibility. These poems were written one poem a day, every day for 40 days continuously. Some days, it took two minutes to write; on some days, it took an eternity. On the days of eternal struggle, I had to list words from different places to weave them together. Some poems are from my collection over time.

  • Dewdrops on the Eyelashes by: Vasudha Chamber 150.00

    Good and evil exist in all of us in balance and harmony . The evil is always conspiring to tilt the balance in its favour and the test of human grit is evident in the way the ‘ good ‘ overcomes the onslaught of the evil in the end by using the tool of ‘ right ‘ expression which is a god given gift to all of us.
    Human endeavour is passionate and simple. It is we who make it complicated and full of obstacles.
    Decongest and declutter yourself and you will experience the most fascinating facet of this poetry called life.

  • A Chequered Sea Of Emotions by: Kavita Ravindranath 100.00

    While sailing through the varied emotions of life, seldom do we take a pause and actually taste them in the true sense. Sometimes it becomes mandatory to take a break and dive into them. As you read this book, page by page, you will feel the taste of every emotion lingering on your tastebuds long after you have read it. Come, live your emotions!

  • ಜಿಜ್ಙಾಸೆ – kannada poetry , karnataka , by: 121.00

    ಮ ೕತರು , ಬಂಧುಗಂ ಈ ಪಸಕವನುಹಂ , ಇದರ ಮೂಲಕ ಕನಡ ತ
    ಗ ಮತುಚುಚುಆಸಕರು ಈ ಮೂಲಕ ಓ ಗು ತಮ ಕ ಕವನಗಳನುಇಂತಹ ಆ
    ೖ ಗಳಪಕಸುವಂ ಹ ಗ. ಮಲರ ಕನಡ ನು ಆ .

  • Chalo naya sapana bunate hain by: Shiv Kumar 155.00

    The language of poetry is a universal gift of nature to us. The emotions- pain, joy and the bliss and the various states of being and of conscience- confused, inspired, dead or alive: Poetry is that one thing which can capture all that and express in a way in which even pain can give you a sense of contentment. It can give you hope and make you smile when you are surrounded by despair all around. It can keep you awake while you chase your dreams. It can show you the different aspects of the same life and inspire you to dream anew, afresh! जीवन हर दिन एक नया संघर्ष है। हर सुबह एक नयी शुरुआत हो, हर क्षण एक नयी प्रेरणा हो, बीते समय में खुद को टटोलें, नयी राह की आस न भूलें, एक जीवन है- जी लेते हैं, चलो नया सपना बुनते हैं।

    चलो नया सपना बुनते हैं- an anthology of Hindi poems about life, struggle, hope, inspiration and much more.

  • Ishq by: Arun Johnson 150.00

    Ishq is a series of poems travelling through various conditions and dimensions of love and will definitely change your perspective on love and relationships. It also discusses the life of a common man, obstacles faced by him,his efforts for a better life and struggle for survival in today’s world. These poems also elucidates the importance of women and how are their dreams and aspirations are suppressed by fulfilling different roles and responsibilities of life.


    A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Poetry gives meaning to our thoughts and emotions. For many of us, it’s a way of understanding the world around us. ‘STRING OF PEARLS”, an anthology of 100 poems as a garland
    with well-knitted words is indeed a good collection overall. The writeups on various topics are given in a nutshell. The usage of words is elegant as picking up the jewels from a treasure trove. Each and every poem is presented with utmost care and concern gracefully. The style of writing in this soulful selection of poems is profound in its simplicity of verses. The readers can find this book as one of the most comprehensive and thoughtful collection of poems. For a novice poetry reader, this anthology may be an ideal collection to read. It is sure that this book will be suitable for all ages to read and enjoy.

  • Ada e urooj by: Dr. Oreena Ada 164.00

    A novel work by Dr Oreena Ada, a prominent signature in the world of Urdu literature, which contains fresh Gazels , depicting various shades of love… Also contains various other forms of Shayari such as Dohe, Rubai, Quita, Hamd and the Naat full of devotion and dedication. It is hoped that like Ada’s earlier publications, Ada – e – Uruz will also be welcome with similar love and honour.

  • Jeevan jaldhi ke moti (Hardbound) by: Hukam Singh Dahiya ‘Jigyasu’ 240.00

    ‘जीवन जलधि के मोती ‘ ( Pearls of life of ocean) is a Hindi lyric poetry written by Shri Hukam Singh Dahiya Jigyasu on different aspects of life. The author has tried to bring out the concepts of emotions and beliefs and their impact on human mind. The author has divided his lyric poetry work into four parts.
    First part deals with the energy and creation of life , priorities of human beings at different stages of life, behaviour of children with their parents during various stages of life.

    Second part deals with the issues of distraction of mind, peace of mind and blissful mind.

    Third part deals with the nexus of religion and politics and their bad effects on human beings and how to come out of this deadly game.

    The last and fourth part of the poetry book deals with the issues of life and nature, concepts of God and pure religion.

  • Shabdhaar – Shabdon Ka Chalchitra by: Deepak gogia 239.00

    The Shabdhaar – Shabdon ka Chalchitra is an anthology which is a collection of poetries and poetic prose from various authors who have embedded their thoughts with great warmth and intensity.

  • Under My Skin by: Mansi Shinde 170.00

    Under My Skin is a collection of poetry about love, heartbreaks, loneliness, anxiety, trauma and a bit of femininity. This book is a journey of realization in my twenty years of existence. Each poem refers to one dark emotion a person faces. It will walk you towards empathy. But what it really says is life should keep rolling in spite of the obstacles. Smile and start walking again because you never know what you might come across the route. This book is my heart folded outward into your hands to reveal itself.

  • Bondhu Noi Bondhu Noi Hridoye Safety Pin Tomer Sathe Dekha holo Mohamarir Din by: Kumkum Baidya 120.00

    Kumkum Baidya, by profession is a Senior Software Engineer. Educational qualification MCA. Born and brought up at Baruipur near Kolkata. His father is a Lawyer and politician. Mother was teacher of Bengali literature and politician. Her love for the literature was cultivated by her mother. She writes for the magazines Parabas, Annyanishad, Shobdermichil, Ritabak, Sobdo kolpo cloud, kobitautsab, living plus etc. Her poems are available in Milansagar. This is her 1st book on poem.

  • Saugandh Hai Teri by: Sandeep Mehta 124.00

    This book is a collection of Patriotic, motivational and philosophical poems with suitable examples and short stories. “सौ रातें मैंने जागी है,

    तब जाकर जीवन भान किया।

    पहले आया विष का प्याला,

    तब जाकर अमृत पान किया।

    घड़ियों की टिक-टिक तानों ने,

    आहों को अलग-सा राग दिया।

    धड़कन की बढ़ती हुई गति ने ,

    तनिक नहीं आराम दिया।

    सन्नाटों से भरी हुई महफिल में,

    मैंने अश्रु स्नान किया।

    पहले आया विष का प्याला,

    तब जाकर अमृत पान किया।

    मखमल की बिछी हुई बिस्तर पर,

    करवटें बदलना भारी था।

    कभी उठना था कभी बैठना था,

    पर पैर पटकना जारी था।

    उस काली अंधेरी रातों में,

    मैंने नर्क पहचान किया।

    पहले आया विष का प्याला,

    तब जाकर अमृत पान किया।

  • Kavyamala by: Neeta Singh 141.00

    Kavyamla is my First Poetry book which is written to express my natural opinion on various subject .This book is combination of Love , Patriotism ,relationship ,Current affair ,environment and humanity.

  • I am Not Married to a Bottle of Wine by: A.D.I (f.faria) 150.00

    Make it what your spirit digests it Inhale purest poetry REUNION is the concept around more love and forgiveness engrained in the book.raw mineral poetry fro. Motherland to the spils of the world building up africa ome poem at a time the book is a corner stone

  • Wings To The Broken Soul by: Paulomi Roy 150.00

    We all pass through different phases of life. Our life is like a roller coaster ride, it is never same all the way. Often, some tragic incidents break us into pieces. Being heartbroken, we just look for one ray of hope as an inspiration. However, where does this inspiration come from? Inspiration comes from every small thing surrounding us. Nature along with its creations is capable of inspiring us to the best. We all get heartbroken at some point of time in our life, but let’s not give the heart-breaking reasons the power to destroy us, describe our identity, or define our destiny. Even if, no one steps forward to render help and soothe our pain, we still have the potential to gift ourselves the wings of love. Let’s not forget that even in worst conditions, we are always capable of gifting ourselves the wings to our broken souls. These wings are so powerful and strong that they work like magic for us. These wings hold our aspiring dreams and show us the path of the complete transformation of our soul and body. Every time we flap the wings, not only we bless ourselves with love but also shower love on others. So let’s not forget that in all adversities, we have the capability to empower ourselves with the powerful wings of love to our broken souls.

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