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  • Kavya Ki Vatika by: Ravinder Singh 149.00

    “काव्य की वाटिका” एक कविता संग्रह है, जिस प्रकार वाटिका में आपको विभिन्न प्रकार के फल – फूल, पेड़ पौधे आदि मिलते हैं, उसी प्रकार आपको इस पुस्तक में हर प्रकार की कविताएं मिलेंगी,इस आधार पर इस संग्रह का नाम “काव्य की वाटिका” रखा गया है।इस पुस्तक में आपको हर एक रस में कविताएं पढ़ने को मिलेंगी।

  • Baate Badlav ki by: Dr. Neha Jain 180.00

    Tittle describes itself completely. But still let me do the job easy. It’s a poetry book talk about small to big changes we need in our society and ourselves. I just tried to talk humbly to you my dear reader for -very necessary behavioral changes. It’s a voice of my inner self to your inner-self. You will definitely relate these poems to you or your near ones

  • Brooding Youth by: Piyush Menon 137.00

    Brooding Youth is a narrative anthology that subtly expresses the flow of our mind that is apparently caught in a whirlpool of situations. Considering the situations as a labyrinth, Brooding Youth talks about the journey our mind takes and faces while trying to solve the labyrinth of Life. It is a travelogue of the Mind that is constantly forced to take turns and detours at all walks of life. This anthology is collection of poems which is talking about the brooding of the mind of the current generation.

  • The Uncharted Musings by: Afreen Nasabi (ProfAn) 210.00

    The youth today encounters a journey filled with endless expectations, volatile emotions, trifle pleasures, liquid relationships, peer pressures, technology, and self-doubt. As they battle through self-discovery, falling and rising, loneliness, trust issues, and hatred, they combat their latent emotions. The writer falls short of words as she takes them to her heart and in the process, profound writing emerges. ‘The Uncharted Musings’, is an attempt to discover and conquer the unexpressed and unmapped thoughts in words driven by an introverted heart. The extension of the thoughts couldn’t have been beautified in a better way without the pictures being used. The writer wishes that her readers not only see through her writings but also open the crypto secrets only to discover themselves in them.

  • Manunidhi by: Nidhi 150.00

    Journey from Nidhi to Manunidhi “Manunidhi” is the first book of my life in which I have convey my feelings to all of you by remembering my husband.I lost my husband Siddhartha (Manu) forever in the second wave of
    COVID. I started writing poetry in his memory, I am not a very big poet but this is my small initiative in his memory. Every poem of mine begins and ends with my Manu, my pain will be understood by those who feel it. “HE TAUGHT ME SO MUCH AND WENT ON GETTING HIS NAME MIXED IN ME TOO” “MANUNIDHI”

  • Tere Naam E Zindagi by: Mahasweta Chakraborty 227.00

    “Tere Naam E Zindagi” is a Hindi poetry book, The poems of this book express the meaning of love, pang of separation, heartache, War, and philosophy of life, betrayal from beloved, relationship of a child with the mother and father , and the bonding of spiritual connection between the Devotee and God. This is the book that will express your untold story. The book “Tere Naam E Zindagi” is dedicated to the Author’s Late Mother Shrimati kshetramani

  • Himalayan Verve in Verse by: B.D Kala 500.00

    Himalayan Verve in Verse is a compilation of poems composed by Late B.D. Kala. The poems allude to the folksy fervour of Himalayan oral poetry that is at once modest and beautiful, devoid of any excessive refinement or a pompous show of knowledge and mind-boggling mysticism. These are songs, as old as hills, genuinely simple and sincere, that every mind and heart secretly seeks to sink. In short, the anthology is intended as an addition to the ever-widening basket of Indo-Anglian poetry.

  • Learn from Life by: Divya Anant 225.00

    This book is related to poetry and fiction.

  • A Life of my Dreams by: Sonam 150.00

    Tara is a girl of action, who has newly achieved what she had always desired. Her freedom sets her on a journey, on which she experiences love and witnesses the disasters love can cause. In a moment, she gains it all and loses it all. Will her love stand the test of the time?

  • The Tribute by Poetry by: Dr. (HC) BIREN KUMAR BHARALI 138.00

    This is my first bilingual poetry book in Assamese and English language. Neither I struggled hours together to compose any one of my poems nor I took any shadow of other poets during my work. Nature, humanity and ethnic events are the main theme of my poems. Almost all of my poems I completed in one sitting and there was no specific time selection. Even certain poems I composed at midnight broke my sleep because the same feelings and emotions I couldn’t discover later on. My known friends used to tell me that “Habitual poet means Swabhab Kobi” for my instance of composing quality.

    Human beings slowly became materialistic and they forgot to love nature. Therefore, Nature will also take revenge and a day of complete destruction will come soon if we behave in the same manner. To continue our survival we have to love nature, other species and generate universal brotherhood amongst all.

  • The Cry of Joy by: Abhijit Maity 253.00

    Life in all its forms is always in struggle. We strive for something, and something else turns up. The basic question is why do we not cease to live? The hope that we’ll be happy – tomorrow, or perhaps, the day after tomorrow – supplies us the energy to continue to live. But happiness is the rarest of all other achievements in life. What we actually get in its extreme is just an illusory version of happiness. The poems in this collection are about these human commonalities which confirm that our susceptibilities to pain and sufferings are inevitable, and that we are not at the hand of any supple certainty. The poems imagine about the purpose of life, relationship, and the absence of deep trust in modern minds.

  • Mari Najare by: Ashish Ravindrabhai Vayeda 300.00

    દરેકનું જીવન કોઈને કોઈ ઘટનાઓંથી ભરેલું હોય છે.અહિયાં “મારી નજરે” પુસ્તક દ્વારા મારા જીવનમાં જે ઘટના મને પ્રત્યક્ષ થઇ છે અને તેમાંથી જે શબ્દો અંતર આત્માથી બહાર આવ્યા છે તેને આપની સમક્ષ મુકવાનો પ્રયાસ કર્યો છે.આ પુસ્તકની કોઈ પંક્તિ કોઈના હદયને સ્પર્શે તો મારી મહેનતને સફળ માનીશ કેમ કે જીવન ક્ષણે ક્ષણે સ્પર્ધા કરે છે અને આપણે તેમાં વિજયી થવાનું હોય છે. આ પુસ્તકને સફળ બનાવવામાં મારા માતા-પિતા અને મેં જેમની પાસે થી શિક્ષણ મેળવ્યું છે તેવા ભાષા શિક્ષક સેજપાલ સાહેબનો સારો એવો પ્રતિસાદ મને મળ્યો છે કેમ કે કોઈ વ્યાકરણની ભૂલ કે ભાષાકીય ભૂલને યોગ્ય ન્યાય આપી આ પુસ્તક પ્રકાશિત કરવામાં મને પ્રેરણા આપીછે. આશા રાખું છુ કે આપ સૌને આ પુસ્તક ગમશે અને મનોરંજન સાથે જીવનના અનુભવોમાં ડોકિયું કરવાનું મન થશે. – #કVરાJ (આશિષ.આર.વાયડા) કવિ/લેખક આશિષ આર. વાયડા મો:-૯૯૦૪૬૬૯૩૦૩ ઈમેલ-Ashishvayeda 505@gmail.com YOUTUBE CHANEL- #કVરાJ માર્ગદર્શક ચિત્રાંકન સેજપાલ સાહેબ નિશાંત.આર ડાભી 8238567467 9104256505

  • Everything My World Is by: Gauri sharma 222.00

    A book which exists with all of my emotions that I’ll feel for him even after we drift apart. A collection of thoughts of a teenager deeply falling in love with someone they can’t be within this lifetime. The lines will make you experience the highs and lows of a one-sided relationship. I hope every soul who reads this would soon find the one for them. The lines will make you experience the highs and lows of a one-sided relationship. I hope every soul who reads these lines would soon find the one for them.

  • Oceans of Peace by: Hitesh chandra khamari 149.00

    ‘OCEANS OF PEACE’ is a collection of 90 poems. These poems were written over a period of five years.
    Every poem is different in its approach. Love, life, nature, struggles, and society are different key points upon
    which this poem was written. These were all inspired by different circumstances in my life. Various
    others may have experienced the same things differently. Humans may be different in terms of
    caste, creed, color, and country of origin; But they experience the same kind of love, same kind of struggles
    in life and there are difficult circumstances to deal with. These poems belong to them. I would hope it
    helps them to realize their pain in a better way and fuel them to relive their life more enthusiastically.

  • चार युगों की वही कहानी (Story of Four Ages) by: Naveen Kumar Tyagi 200.00

    It is a storybook of four ages that describes the Sanatan culture in a poetic way. It is the first part of this book.

  • No Rhyme or Reason by: V Vasanthi 200.00

    Vasanthi’s debut book of poetry is a collection of her thoughts on a wide spectrum of themes -some interconnected, some disjoint, and some contradicting too. It explores myriad emotions, relationships and perspectives. There’s humour, some solemn thoughts, a few intriguing and self- introspecting and some random thoughts too. Overall, it’s a painting on a canvas with different strokes.

  • Journey from Darkness to Light by: Hajra Bano 122.00

    This is my first book of poetry and short story. I want to become a writer since childhood and writing was my passion. But due to some circumstances, I was not able to publish them. Today, I am able to write this small book only due to the encouragement that I received from my patron ( MR. ZAHOOR AHMED TAK) who also raised me. This book is general and very simple as I myself love Simplicity.

  • Rusty Skies and Golden Winds by: Sannidhya Sharma 200.00

    Being able to look at a thing from multiple angles and perspectives is from how I look at it, a subtle blessing all of us have but only some fully awakened it. This ability results in the mind being able to easily understand, replicate or impersonate whatever we encounter. With a clear mindset, we get time to think through the simplest of all things, this type of thinking is all you will find in this book. You start finding simple activities or phenomena appealing and interesting, when you give your time to observe something, and I believe this is because the whole universe is interconnected, all things exist on a neutralized thread between good and bad.

  • Shout by: Aaqib Thakur 250.00

    ہاں ! میں ہی ہوں جسکا چیخنا چلانا بھی کام نہیں آیا ۔یعنی میری رگوں میں چیختی چلاتی شکایتوں کو سمجھا نہ گیا ۔میں ہی ہوں وہ مزاک جس پر لوگ کھل کھل کے ہنسنے لگتے ہیں ایسا تو خیر ہونا ہی ہے کیوں کہ جو شخص خود کو انسانیت سے الگ ثابت کرنے لگے گا اسکے ساتھ تو یہی ہونا ہے ۔ میں یہ کتاب لکھ رہا ہوں اسلئے نہیں کہ کوئی مجھے سمجھے بلکہ اسلئے کہ کوئی اس عارضی دنیا کے نہایت ہی فضول اصولوں کو سمجھ کر ان کے خلاف کھڑا ہو ۔

  • Udan Chhu Khwaab by: Chandra Bhan Sitare 135.00

    उड़न-छू ख़्वाब’ एक कविता-संग्रह है जो तीन खंडो में विभाजित है। प्रथम खंड ‘प्रेरणोक्ति’ है जिसमे आत्म-प्रेरणादायक कविताएँ है जो आपको ऊर्जान्वित करने का प्रयास करेंगी । जबकि द्वितीय खंड ‘व्यंगोक्ति’ है जिसमे सत्ता और समाज पर तीखे तंज हैं जो दकियानूसी समाज व सत्ता की उदासीनता पर कहीं न कहीं आपके मन में उठ रहे प्रश्नों का काव्य रूपांतरण है। वहीं तृतीय खंड ‘प्रेमोक्ति’ है जो आपको प्रेम में होने वाली सभी अनुभूतियों (संयोग श्रृंगार रस व वियोग श्रृंगार रस ) का अनुभव करायेंगी। इस पुस्तक की अधिकांश रचनाएँ सामान्य बोलचाल की भाषा में लिखी गई हैं ताकि उन पाठको को भी समझने में सरलता हो सके जो हिन्दी साहित्य से अधिक सरोकार नहीं रखते हैं।

  • My Feelings in Ink by: Saisha Israni 200.00

    This book is a series of short poems written to convey stories of struggle, hope, grief, terror and more. It will make you smile then cry and make you feel a multitude of emotions. Every poem is a spontaneous overflow of emotions that conveys a story.

  • Songs of my Heart by: K. Lakshmi Rao 200.00

    Songs of my Heart is a dream project of the author for many years. It has taken three decades to bring out this book as a 108 poems compilation, not for any other reason but to complete her responsibilities as Educator. This book comprises 108 poems coming directly from her heart on various occasions, expressing a vast range of feelings from remorse, to sadness to happiness and contentment and not forgetting the philosophy of life. Most of the poems expressed my feelings on nature and human emotions purely imaginative and very few reflect my interest in the description of physical structures. she tried creating visual and auditory images through her poems.

    I am sure that each poem triggers the inner feelings among the readers.

  • Fallacious Dream (Contains Treacherous Poems Read on your Own Risk) by: Medha Toor 221.00

    Warning! This book bleeds, weeps and sprinkles black magical words! Poetry in this book is mostly sad and miserable at the beginning and cool at the end, but one can also laugh about it with a little attention to detail.No matter how much you identify with one of them, know that poetry itself is music for the eyes and that it was always meant to be sensed and forgotten. Rest, love has always been tragic and most of all insignificant and temporary. If you are a dog lover, a guardian, an altruistic soul, a survivor, a believer and have a fairy heart, this book is yours.


    “Pensive in pandemic” is a collection of thoughts which have crossed my mind from childhood to maturity. Blended moments of glory, failures, melancholy and laughter are expressed through these poems. The very simple language used would help the readers to identify moments which could be a part of their everyday living.
    The trying pandemic situation gave me a positive chance to reflect upon the thoughts and memories which had been a part of my being and perhaps for several others also, who had managed to battle adversities during the covid situation. I humbly request all my readers to read all the poems and feel them too.
    The mid school students, the high school learners, the young adults, the college crowd, the senior citizens; all can connect themselves through the realities portrayed in most of the poems as they illustrate love, success, failures in the light of the ordinary struggling individual.

  • Ashrudhara by: Madhu Bala Rustagi 200.00

    The book “Ashrudhara” has been written by Madhu Bala Rastogi, who is a aspiring poetess and writing since her teens. Most of her poems have been published in journal by the organisation where she worked. Most of her poems, ghazals and nazam comprise feelings of a woman, her sufferings, her endurance towards this world. Voices her own feelings through her writing which have been summarised in her book “Ashrudhara”. Through her book, readers will get a chance to understand that a woman always lives upto 9th level of her consciousness and has deep perspectives.

  • Aasha Ke Ankur by: Shabana Anjum 150.00

    ‘Aasha ke ankur’ is a Hindi poetry collection, which is written by Shabana Anjum. The meaning of the title is ‘Sprouts of hope’. The core theme of the book is to inspiration and hope. There are eight sections in the book.
    The first section contains poems that reflect the emotional plot of the poet. The second section contains poems which depict some current topics of the world. The poems in the third section take inspiration from the Nature and convey it to the readers. The fourth section aims at germinating hope in the minds of the readers.
    The fifth section portrays the value of a mother in our lives. The sixth section has poems which are close to the heart of the poet. The seventh section has poems which is a reprimand for some evils dwelling In us. Last section is a beautiful set of some ghazals penned down by the poet, with motivational touch. The book is brought in light with the aim of making a shift in the thinking process of its readers towards hope and bring about a positive change in their life.

  • The Grey Wall by: Dhruvi Shah 220.00

    The feeling on the grey wall is based on the observation of how gloomy emotions can be. Dark, on the other hand, has his own set of feelings. Every poem in there is based on something I’ve seen or experienced at some point in my life. If it can discuss it, the book has its allure. Some of the poems are about Indian women’s oppression. Some of the emotions that Indian women wish to convey but are ashamed to do so are listed below. One of them is arousal of arousal of arousal arousal of a It’s about embracing them in life

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