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  • Voice of the verse by:  Celinaa Srivastav, Kuhuo Bajaj, 225.00

    “The voices of these verses convince us that age is no bar to expression. It is truly a work of art.”
    -Shri Amitabh Bachchan

    With the Foreword written by Shri Amitabh Bachchan, well appreciated by Shri Ravish Kumar, Senior Executive Editor of NDTV, and many other eminent personalities; “Voice of the Verse” is a collection of well-crafted English and Hindi poems that revolve around social and emotional matters of our world. These allegorical verses have the underlying aim of making an impact on the readers’ minds.

    The world is ablaze. There have been so many drastic changes that the humanity seems to have lost its former charm. But even during this gloomy darkness, there are countless little rays of hope, which although are a bit hazy, yet are enough to illuminate our path. These poems emphasize on such issues of our world in a euphemistic and subtle manner. Some verses rhyme, some are just random collection of words, but each of these catapults the reader into a realm of thought and metaphor which they can relate to. This book is a platform for people to look inside and around and to give voice to their emotions buried deep inside.

  •  Musafir by: Praveen Kotla 210.00
    We all are truly a traveller. Throughout our life we travel through different phases and places, different notions and emotions, different roles and goals. Throughout this journey we pick experiences that shape us as a person. Musafir is collection of such experiences, learnings and memories expressed as poems. Few poems also present emotions of simple objects that are used daily but we don’t pay attention to them as we consider them lifeless however we forget these objects are also traveling through different shapes and role, and similar to us and they too are a Musafir.
  • Roohani ishq by: Preeti Bindal 149.00
    Through this book, it is presented to all of you an expression of love . Waiting for union and expressing the wait through series of poems and extracts . There is no talk of ordinary love here, but how does it become austerity going forward. The pure form of love is being talked about here, that is why it is named “spiritual love”. When the lover goes away and the beloved cop ups drowning herself in Krishna’s devotion in the thirst of union and in the heat of love , she does not curse but gives thanks, an honor and makes him the medium of her penance, cultivating herself like Meera. She gets absorbed in it. The complete expression of that love through these poems is here with complete dedication and devotion.
    She believes that love is not a thing to acquire ,  but to be someone.
    Although not physically available in this world, it can be played at the bottom of the soul.
    Love is not just a matter of some romantic moments, but that pain, that tenacity, those tears filled with prayers, heads bowed in prostration, and worship of the man.
                    “Love is waiting”
                    “Love is the journey”
                     “Love is penance”.
    A self-expression is a collection of own experiences! And the purpose of sharing it with everyone is to practice love and live it. Drink the pain found in it as nectar, make it easily acceptable.
    Just like a rose is very beautiful, its fragrance is very beautiful, its touch is soft and comforting, so the love is relaxed but
    Just as there are thorns in the rose, they give pain, in the same way, the pain in love is also a part of it, as two sides of the same coin . His exclusion means exclusion of love. Love is the blessing of God, and here is an expression of spiritual love in front of you all through this book named ” Roohani Ishq
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    Book is title and enlightened both from Kabir verse, and if I introspect deeply, my life too. This is a light collection of poem ,poem of life, poems beyond from life. As we know human, a being who suffer, who depressed ,who quell ,who makes argument ,who command ,reason of sensational wars, but human a creation of creator ,who make love, who have compassion, a being who know what is sacrifice, but you know the foundation of both, negative, and positive aspects of human have a same reason that we , humans can “think” . That is solution and problem also. As a human I (Sugreev Tiwari) also think, and this book is manifestation of my thinking in verse.

  • प्रिय सखी by: Dr. SHIV CHARAN CHEDWAL 250.00
    Friends this Ghazal collection is the result of rhyme restrictions of the past few years. Due to being a teacher of history, a series of thoughts sometimes sprout in the mind and heart, or the experiences of his and other lives also start flowing. Perhaps these ideas and experiences got aligned with the pen and these ghazals came out which I still consider as rhyme or I can say that I am still a scholar in Ghazal mode. Therefore, I will apologize to friends who read this book for my mistakes.The subject of the Ghazals presented in the book Ishaq, Mohabbat, Zindagi, Turjba, Environment Amiri-Poverty, Female identity, Humankind, Farmer, Labour and more, covering various behavioural and psychological aspects of life. As far as originality is concerned and it is a big question, it is a completely original work of the author. Nevertheless, the author believes that the source of our word power is often the talk of literature and society, so from the point of view of words or lines, even if some words or one line match with other compositions, there are no big surprises. However, the author takes complete care about originality.From the linguistic point of view, only simple words in Hindi and Urdu have been used in these ghazals so that the common person also gets a sense of ease. The author has focused more on the subject of Ghazals rather than on craft artifacts.Friends, the author believes that unless there is a criticism of a work, there is little scope for improvement, so you are earnestly requested to do the work of attracting the writer’s attention towards the shortcomings of this work. However, a true writer knows his shortcomings and also makes continuous efforts to correct them.Hopefully you will like these ghazals and if not more then it will also help you in finding answers to some questions of life. The author’s aim is also only this and that.Dr. Shivcharan Chedwal * “Shivasakhya” *
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    The content of the book is all about message of Love and Peace to the society.and from all aspects of the life coming back to a life of Love to understand Love is the only solution to all problems.
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    In this corona period ,when we could not go anywhere , I got some time for self realisation .I wrote some poems but there was not any idea of publishing a book and also I have some hesitation ,but my husband encouraged me for writing and here is the book, I am not a professional writer but expressed my feelings in very simple words , I hope you all will like it .
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    ‘Paper Planes and Hopes’ is a collection of free verse poems and prose. This book is for today’s readers who are always on the go, who prefer quick thoughtful reading. The purpose of this book is to motivate the reader to move forward in life. The little everyday happenings may bother you, but do not ever take your eyes off the bigger picture. And so what, if the bigger picture in itself is blurry?  The confusion, the anxiety is all what will make the better days more satisfying. The thought provoking words in this book will guide you and broaden your vision. They’ll compel you to ponder deep over different aspects of your own life, awaken your consciousness with deeper understanding of your own self. Thus, help you at taking better life decisions and leading you to a happier life.
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    The author of the book, namely, Ashutosh Kumar Agarwal, is B.Sc. (Hons.), LL.B. from the Delhi University (1979) and is a retired class-I officer from the Central Govt. In recent years he has been connected as a freelance to the world of journalism and contributed to the columns of magazines and newspapers by writing articles and stories.

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    Gourgeeti is a bengali ballad.

    Gourgeeti by: Ananta Sarkar 115.00
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    The book is all about emotions and feelings. Better to say, it is the expression of observations and emotions. Beauty, happiness and pain of relationships, love and separation, socio-political conditions, migration, gender issues, casteism and regionalism are few of the inspirations taken in the book in the form of poems. “Chupi ki Awaz” will give you favour of the innocence of childhood, maturity of professional life, the pureness of the relationships and the satire on the politicization of society. Interestingly illustrations have been done with the reference of each and every poem. “Chuppi is Awaz is the amalgamation of both Visual Art and Poetry. Both of the art forms are directly associated with the author.

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    Poetries are small versions of beautiful life experiences and ideas. Shruti’s poetry writings are metaphorical. She chained the words explicitly and blossomed them in this book. This book denotes the fascinating rhythm of life, love, romance, and struggle one goes through. She had put opinions, belief and theories of society and how one determine the facts and cope with it. Proximity to truth and factuality is represented through her opinion. This book marks the sophistication and social status that every one usually battle along. It represents love in both true and beguiling way. In this book the poetries are represented in form of nature related to the feelings of the expression. Every poetry is different in its own way, woven with purest colours of humanity and its creation. It is the fusion of high’s and low’s.
     CHRONICLE STARDUST by: 160.00
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    There are about 100 poetry in this book. In which you love shairies. You will get to read the shairies of friendship and the shairies of deception. Friends, this is the first book of Kumar Prince. Friends, I hope you like the shairies of Kumar Prince. Friends, if there has been any error from the author in the book, please curse forgiveness.)
  • img-book
    This book has the collection of those core feelings that I have collected from every aspect of 21st century generation’s thinking and feelings. How people act react behave in front of you and behind your back. In this era good people are hard to find and if someone is good no one is ready to believe. So it is better to be alert from every good or evil but do not hate anyone or anything. Live happily and let others too live happy. You will get all these tactics in this book. Enjoy the words and understand the lines. Thank you.
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     This Book Is about and comes from a place of love, pain, struggles both physical and mental. It is about overcoming fear with honesty and pleasure. It is meant to create a resonance between the writer and the reader and also among all readers and people.
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    ‘Tumhari Chhanv Tale’ is a book that comprises 72 poetry. It emphasizes on the emotions such as love, sadness, happiness, defeat, victory, friendship, community and talks about all our relationships as a human that we share and experience in our everyday life.
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    Expression of various emotions of life through quotes and poetry.
  • img-book

    This book are very close to my heart, cause the poetry I have written in this book are on the basis of our social and personal life pushdown. in this book I have written romantic, social life and poetry. I have felt when writing this book you felt also, and enjoy the poetry author written in these book.

    Heart Beats by: Sachin Umale 100.00
  • img-book
    In the Abyss of Rusted Essence is a collection of poems, portraying true expressions of life. In this book, the author depicts different essence; happy and sad, victory and failure, love and hatred, life and death and so on. Although the hope in hopelessness is apparent in every poem, the author conveys a simple message, “It is in darkness that you find the light, it is in storm that you find peace, it is in sorrow that you find joy” (S. Birch), giving a reason to start a new day or a new life with a new hope.
  • Zaman-E-Mazi by: Bismil” Anurag 130.00

    Mr. Anurag Mishra ‘Bismil’, an Urdu laureate, beautifully brings forth the finest and refined human emotions of humanity, humility, spirituality, dreamy imaginations, romantic fantasies and a gusto of worldliness. In his book ‘Zaman-E-Mazi’ he delicately adores the Beauty created by the God. He also takes a dip into the turmoil of piercing pain of parting and unrequited love, which leaves a permanent scar in the psyche of the passionate lovers. His verses at times come close to the aching heart of John Keats in his famous poems, ‘Ode to a Nightingale’, and ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’, and expresses an yearning for a state of timelessness, away from the pain and agonies of the world. The zest and pathos of these timeless verses provides a pithy insights and colourful trivia that will enable readers to fully embrace the deep rooted heart felt emotions of human beings. Anurag Bismil beautifully and will fully takes you in a world of trance in a state of complete bliss. His book creates a comprehensive panorama of finest human emotions. It offers a fresh, quirky and accessible merging of your willful soul with the soul of poetic spirit, even for the neophytes and amazes us by its transcendental glimpses. We are enchanted and moved by the spoken cadence of an Urdu couplet and its nuances I wish him all success at the debut in the world of verses and literature.

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    This book is collection of poetry. There are different types of poetry like love , sad, and patriotic.
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    At the Fag end of my 35 years service life in a Govt. sector, I have written a book with the Title “Down the memory lane”, where the title itself reflects the contents of the book. During my 35 years of journey, I have worked in different states and locations within our country and closely observed and enjoyed the rich heritage of Indian culture, mingled with the different people having different languages and behaviour and enjoyed, explored the natural beauty of the places wherever I was posted. In fact, during my service I came across enormous hurdles and with positive endeavour, I built up a successful carrier. The book will reveal before the readers that how much challenging is the Government job, especially for those, who are working in a service sector with commercial set up. I have tried to focus on the working of our esteemed organization and while reading, readers may at a glance have an idea that how our pioneer organization is putting its effort in Nation building, how it achieved a “Mini Ratna” status among the Public Sector Undertakings, facing stiff challenges from the Private competitors, where the innovative ideas of management and never give up spirit of staff are instrumental for its successful growth. By sharing my rich experiences, I have tried to give a message to the new generation of the Corporation that how honesty, sincerity and devotion can make them perfect and at the same time make them successful in every sphere of life. Always be positive and through innovative plans, they can come up as a true leader, without any stress, or frustration. If my book motivates and inspire anybody, all my efforts towards writing the book will be successful. Hope all sections of readers will find the book interesting and I will eagerly wait for the valuable feedback from the reader
  • Dvand by: Saheb Satish 120.00

    Dvand is a hindi poetry book properly based on love, society and politics.

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    So all that I know about love is that it is not always smooth. Love at first might be a difficult thing but when you love someone, if you are determined to make it work, you make it work. Love is not always going for walks or giving flowers to each other but it is about healing each other. Love is about holding each other up when the whole world turns black. And when only hope you are left with is that one person. And no matter what happens if it is real it will always stay, this is what he taught me. It is love that taught me to have faith in everything between what remains and what not. And when you are in love, you become source of comfort and growth for each other. You accept each other with open arms in spite of all the flaws. You find happiness in each other, you feel home in each other. You become sunrise and sunset for each other. You know it is love, when you need not to shield them from your fears. You feel them in each and every breath taken, in each and every beat of heart. May be I can’t describe love but I know it is not earned but it is given. But it is we who make it hard, make it suffering but if it is real we are always drawn towards those little magical initiations of love. And slowly they leave a mark on your soul, the way he left on mine. Our stars collided and we became a part of each other and finally he became the Lord of my heart.
  • Khoya Khoya Musafir by: Rohit Bhagat 125.00

    The book is a selection of poems traversing through the landscape of the poet’s heart, embodying the emotional Journey of life. His symbolic travel captures the eventfulness of his experiences, which have been engraved into three Realms of romanticism, individualism and socialism. The poet vividly paints his angst, longing, desires and utopian thoughts while penning them down in form of creative metaphor and simplified rendition. The selection has shades of varying expressions which makes it unique and appealing to breath-in, while basking in its poetic rhythms.

  • Aura of Sprinkled Odes by: Saurabh Srivastav 140.00

    The Book ‘Aura of Sprinkled Odes’ is a poetry book wherein a collection of English and Hindi poems written by the author has been documented. There are 17 English and 23 Hindi poems and most of them dwell on the different faces of life, various relations between man and man and also on beauty of God’s unique creation – the woman.The poems have been written in a very lucid fashion and several touch the nerve of the common man’s life. It is a Must book to have and keep in one’s personal library and should give joyous thoughts or healthy pondering moments to the reader.

  • img-book
    The feelings of the life imagination and truth of life
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    In this book, you’ll find the lost you.

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