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  • SINNERS by: Dibyasree Nandy 200.00

    This book consists of a single long poem divided into six parts, each analyzing a different form of evil and the reasons behind such acts. Every portion has a protagonist, in other words, six various protagonists or ‘sinners’ are highlighted and their journeys through life are described, sometimes with hypothetical evidences, sometimes with metaphors.

  • Who Wonder Why by: Anisha Gupta 297.00

    A book that talks about how you feel, which makes you feel normal to feel anxious and to talk about your emotions.it is about the unsaid feelings which become so heavy for us, that we end up bottling the feelings which hurt us in great masses. Talking about feelings is always the best gesture whether it be some romantic feelings or it was anxiety, I always consider them to be spoken which is why this book comes out and speaks on my and your behalf.

  • Maa by: Kavita Jain 786.00

    This book portrays the relationship of the author with her mother in the form of poetry. The book uses a simple style to make it an easy read while slowly adding thicker and thicker layers of Poetry.

  • Arcane by: Eeshan Chandra 249.00

    This book depicts the journey of life, wherein the cards are, from time to time, thrown at you and me. It is a collection of musings that deals with a wide plethora of emotions – pain, strength, sadness, and hope. These musings have been inspired by real-life, but are in no way, limited to the author. Emotions portrayed in the book have been felt or been seen by everyone sometime.

  • Flying without Moor and other poems by: Ashok Malla 140.00

    This book is a collection of poems written by Shri Ashok Malla over many years. Shri Ashok Malla is an Engineer by profession with more than thirty years of experience in the Power Sector. He had been associated with many projects of NTPC Ltd. The poems are inspired by the surrounding nature, persons, and friends he had encountered during his association with NTPC Ltd. The poems bring out the emotions and feelings of the people, the joy of love, the sadness of solitude, and the colors of life.

  • Meenakshi (Hindi) by: Aarav Mishra 200.00

    There were rules for women’s protection, but some rules, some sections were always spent on paper and false arguments of the court. The remaining rules were crushed by the people of our society called social. Some customs were made according to the environment of the country and time, but going ahead, these evil practices were put on the forehead of the woman by putting ‘tradition’s stamp’. Even today the fetters of those evil practices could not free women’s feet. Not knowing how many Meenakshi, Jhunian, Sulekha and Basanti died under these evil practices.
    Do not know the sting of child marriage, the bodies of many were hollowed out. The passing of a man before a woman became a stigma for a woman. The poor woman’s body was covered with the riches of sexual exploitation.
    Blessed is the woman who remained alive even without a body.

  • SNEH KRITI ( Hindi ) by: Shailendra Kumar Mishra 159.00

    These poems evoke still images buried in the memory of a village long forgotten. These are the poems, which dream of a nation of their own. Sprouting of seasons, a mother’s compassion, songs of war, and shivering hope— Shailendra’s poems, like his name, epitomize diverse themes. These verses pay homage equally to the old and the contemporary.

  • Unlocking My Heart by: Jaspal Singh 185.00

    Poetry can never ever be out of fashion. Poetry articulates the strongest passions And emotions that fill the human heart; The first and the best of the world of art. Beginning with the vindication of position and status of ‘poetry’ in contemporary times, Unlocking My Heart is a collection of poems articulating the emotions and passions, beliefs and doubts, anxieties, and apprehensions of the poet. It covers diverse themes ranging from poems on mysterious night birds like An Owl and Bat; restlessness In Company of Fools and Enough is Enough; expressing wonder experienced during a visit to a museum in The Relics Mortals and immortals trapped in time Wonderful figures, sculptures divine! Some poems are based on daily interactions in personal and professional life that appeal to the readers as if they are their very own. Poems like The House That Was … and My Dad’s Book collections are nostalgic that underline the yearning for childhood days accompanied by a couple of pieces on some characters from literature. The book ends with A Prayer seeking blessings to write more poetry in the coming days To date, what is un-generated By the predecessors, uncreated. Bless me to state, the unstated!

  • C’est la vie by: Kaval Desai 125.00

    C’est la vie means “That’s Life”, this book contains 16 poems based on different situations of life. When I started writing this book, I took into observation different scenarios of life faced by people.

    We all have some unforgettable moments in life and in this book I’ve addressed all those moments in this book. This book will give you a journey through life. The poems are accompanied by extractions that will give you a journey through your past and about life.

    Apart from the poems in this book, this book contains an article related to life as well as a short story specially dedicated to a doctor who fought for us in these difficult times of Covid-19.

  • Profound soul Feelings and Emotions of teenagers by: Palak Mahna, Sneha ghosh, Mehak Bhatia, Siddharth arora Utsav saini, Pragya Sharma, Kanishk guglani, Vaishali, Ayush & pallavi singh 249.00

    Do you feel like your feeelings are trapped ? Do you want to express your feelings through words? This E-Booklet contains numerous poetry and shayaris by budding writers , who expressed their feelings and emotions through their writings.

  • KYA KHOOB GAYE (Hindi) by: Yukti Kundra 150.00

    Kya Khoob Gaye is Yukti Kundra’s first Hindi poetry collection on the theme of love. A girl’s journey from leaving home to work in a new city where she meets her lover and talks about how the society sees them. Kya Khoob Gaye is a collection of crazy emotions, love, and questions put together in a form of a story broken into poetry to connect with your heart.

  • Vishnu murthy 11 va rajakiyashakthiavathaarameKCR by: D. MAHADHAR 166.00

    Shuklambaradharam KCR Pink Color Four Wheel Chariot Movement Speech Dhyayet Sarvavignopa Telangana Shantaye !! Yatra Yatra KCR Tatra Tatra Telangana !! Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Pahimam Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Rakshamam.

  • Song of the Phoenix by: Munazza Arif 150.00

    Geeta, a young woman plagued by recurrent nightmares and exhausting work-life, decides to take the advice of her therapist and sets out on a solo trip to the land of Dalai Lama- Mcleodganj. Her intention to escape in between the mountains is to clear the cobwebs of her harrowing past. But what unfolds during the trip is another journey into the unknown, forcing her to face her demons.

    Is everything pre-planned, or is it just destiny?

    Will this trip throw her into a tumultuous path of no return?

    Find out in this exciting concoction of poetry and fiction.

    In SONG OF THE PHOENIX by Munazza Arif

  • A World of Intricacies by: Anagha Ratish 122.00

    A World of Intricacies is a collection of poems and haikus about a variety of things, ranging from hope to the idea of good and evil. They are, to put it simply, the slightly philosophical ramblings and musings of a twelve-almost-thirteen-year-old girl.

  • Kalpana Ke Kal by: Anita Tiwari ‘Tripti’ 145.00

    I felt a persistent pain, looking at the evils of society. My poems were always against those evils. While writing against Poverty, Domestic Violence, Dowry, Degradation of youths, I always tried to provide legitimate guidance to the youths of the country which is evident from the title of my Book i.e. ‘ Kalpana Ke Kal’.

    This book is a concoction of various creations consisting of Worship to goddess Saraswati, Salutation to Teachers, Parents and Idols, Gratitude towards Soldiers, Beneficence of Nature, and poems showing diverse nature of Life.

  • THE AWAITED SPRING by: Dr Riya Agrawal 410.00

    How do you expect someone to be whose almost three decades of life has seen nothing but tragedy? From early loss of parents, orphanage-life, a broken marriage to being a single parent of a wee-aged child, Pritha Sharma has seen it all. It’s as if the winter is everlasting for her. Layer after layer, the ice is getting frozen deeply which can only be thawed by a glimpse of Spring. The one she’s awaiting.

    Amidst the tangled string-ball of complications her life has become, she was least expecting an attraction at first sight. Something that’s here to change her whole life.

    Aadit Khanna was definitely born with a silver spoon but never got the chance to taste the sweetness of the food served with it. A full-timer Corporate guy who’s part-time trying to nurse his broken heart since half a decade, keeping himself away from his family. The only person who’s allowed to see and dress his scarring wound is him. His life is programmed and bland, lacking the cheerfulness of a Spring.
    Amidst the process of imprisoning his emotions inside his heart, he was least expecting an attraction at first sight. Something that’s here to change his whole life.

    When Fate decides a destination, no path is worth leaving uncharted.

    When Spring decides to blossom happiness in your life, no heart is left with the possibility to deny.

    Especially, if it’s The Awaited Spring.

  • Feelings- Dil se uthi lehrey. by: Sunita Chandla 250.00

    This book contains all the emotions and life experiences for the author which according to her has made her life worth living.

  • Resonating Ripples by: Major General Pran Koul (Retd) 123.00

    Looking back, the book is an abridgement of English poems preluded by a true story
    and beautifully connected with a bouquet of poems, by the author. His close observation
    of people and places, in his hometown, Kashmir or during his wide travels in plains,
    deserts, high hill mountain ranges, including the icy land of Antarctica and his
    understanding of what goes through a soldier's heart and mind, have contributed
    substantially to the creation of this book.
    The author takes you on a gripping journey through his poems on romance, unrequited
    love, motherhood, relations, battlefield, personal loss and social concerns that presently
    pose a great challenge to humanity.

  • salt air on my waves by: Shreya Gunda 299.00

    Salt air on my waves takes readers through a journey of love, growth and dreams. Every poem deals with different emotions, it reveals a path for readers to walk within the words. The collection is a sweet look for lovers surviving in love, a medicine full of strength for someone who’s healing and moving on from the past, a magic unveiling your real dreams and your real self for hearts who are discovering their purpose. In this book you’ll find notes to self which inspires you to live every moment to the fullest with no regrets welcomed. A good book can possibly bring a change in you but this one brings a life in you. This book is a raging ocean with running waves, you will find the darkness, the moonlight, the stars and then the hope, the better version of yourself, the love you deserve, the life you want.

    Nothing is stable when your thoughts wander and the poet exactly gives you the calmness you are hunting for. Diving inside this book you’ll explore the journey of rooting, raising and blooming. At the end this is a farewell filled with colors of new beginnings, hopes and everything that exists to bring you happiness

  • Uske Honth Ka Til ( Hindi ) by: Shalof Khan 249.00

    This book puts forth all aspects and modalities of life through ghazal and nazm. This book is divided into five parts. Each part tells a different kind of emotion and each ghazal or nazm is a story in itself and different from the rest.

  • Enroute heart by: Shikha Singh 200.00

    Our mind is a potpourri of infinite melodrama
    which assumes a lucid manifestation when they become an
    affair of the heart.
    ‘Enroute Heart’ is not just a stream of metaphorical
    words or imaginations but the candid experiences and
    feelings encountered in my respective journey of life to date
    These poems involve the self, the introspection, nature
    and the people who surround me. I find the nature
    enthralling, the human psyche bizarre and the army is my
    family forever. Nature and human emotions are so in sync
    with each other and that is how I have appertained the
    the culmination of every single poem. My writings on the army
    has always given me goosebumps and every word about
    they have originated from the core of my heart with utmost
    love, respect and cognizance.
    We all have our individual perspective towards life
    but sharing and reciprocating to the good ones would
    always define us as better human beings. Hope my
    anthology ‘Enroute Heart’ makes its way to the heart of
    every reader affirmatively.

  • Hasi Kaha Kho Gayi ( Hindi ) by: Jaswant Singh Bhati 129.00

    Twenty one poems and fifty shayari have been written in the book Aapke Haath Ki Shobha
    Hansi Kahan Khoi Khoi. Life is not the name of a car that keeps moving at the same speed.
    Life is the name of a staggering vehicle on a broken road. If life is to be lived, then we should
    always face the troubles in life, believe that as we grow up, the smile on our face is lost.
    There will be ups and downs in life and sometimes there will be ups and downs. We have to
    face every problem in life without any fear. In childhood, when we ask our father for money.
    They give it to us, we don't know how hard they must have earned. We do not know the
    importance of money at that time. Till then there is a smile on the face, there is a smile, but
    as we grow up. We come to know that money is very important in life. And it is very difficult
    to earn it, then where does that laughter disappear. People say love is life. But I believe that
    only love is not life. Thus, in the poems and poetry of this book, there is pain, somewhere
    there is smile, somewhere there is patriotism, somewhere there is passion. In this book, you
    will also find written about menstruation, on which
    people often stop talking. They think that it is wrong to talk about this, but it is not so, it is
    very important to talk on this subject.
    Although those things are not wrong, yet people avoid doing such things. The style of all the
    poems and poetry written in it is very simple, which can be understood very easily. Very few
    words are used in this.

  • Bhav Ki Hridayanjali by: Carol Mitra 122.00

    Life is like a book.
    There is sorrow on some page,
    Happiness on some page.
    There is excitement on some page.
    There is. success on some page.
    But in our life if we do not turn the pages, we will never know what is on the next page!
    My this book contains all these feeling and emotions. This book is related to our life, poetries are written having sorrows, happiness, enthusiasm and successes which are associated with our life, gives the feelings our life.
    Hope you all will also like these poems related to emotion.

  • Khwaab, dreams and poetry by: Rimsha Saman 150.00

    Khwaab is a collection of poetry that narrates mundane experiences from the life of an eighteen-year-old. It speaks of beautiful memories and bitter incidents; however, it resorts to the idea of finding comfort in the futility of daily life. Among other things, it deals with love, loss and longing from the perspective of someone who wants to find her own footing in this world and perhaps even learn to love the woman she is becoming. Subsequently, this book is reminiscent of the mark we wish to leave in a world that is forever changing. 

  • Nagmo Ki Vaadi- Valley of Poems ( Hindi ) by: Dr. Saurabh Tripathi 220.00

    “A Valley of Poems” takes you from the snow capped peaks of Himalayas through the Oak and Pine forests, rivers, and grasslands to your innermost self. The timeless journey in the form of poems is both scenic and compelling. Poems vary in subjects from devotion, love, separation, birds, dreams and death. Through ten engaging chapters written mostly in Hindi and light Urdu the book explores the affect of nature on how we feel and perceive ourselves and others. In the book there is a poem for all age groups and all types. It is going to touch your heart and soul and will provide you with the pause and serenity that you need in your life. With meaning of difficult words in English, language proves no bar to pleasure.

  • Lockdown ( Punjabi ) by: Mohan Bharti 200.00

    This book deals prominently with the experience of the writer during complete Lockdown in India due to COVID-19, and his concern about nature. From an optimistic angle, the writer himself says that ‘The Lockdown should be celebrated as a National Festival every year to ease the environment’, by adding that ‘when every year schools, colleges, and courts etc. are closed for a certain duration, people remain away from their work, then why not a common endeavour should be made to nourish the nature by observing a ‘Lockdown’ every year at least for a week for ourselves, for our dear ones, and for generations to come.

    The genre is Prose Poetry and it expresses your feelings and anxiety about the current scenario, which the writer has explained in his words and idioms. It contains poems which are Critical as well as Spiritual, relates to the Self as well as Society, speaks about People and Government, and contains Truth as well as Facts

  • A SIP OF POETRY by: Carol Mitra 220.00

    A bouquet of poems that spreads it’s sweet fragrance in these dark pandemic times. Drawing inspiration from nature and human connections, this selection of poems has been carefully crafted to lift the spirits and ponder about the nature of our existence.

  • Ek Dhaga Sneh Ka by: Pranoti Dixit 150.00

    A collection of light hearted words in the form of poetry

  • Jyotirmoy o Annyano by: Kumkum Baidya 122.00

    This book is a book of poetry. Poem of love or love for the poem. written by a software engineer.

  • Rukna mana hai (HINDI) by: Upasna Pal 150.00

    Sometimes going through life can be a little bit of a roller coaster. There are many ups and just as many downs as we journey through the high and low points. Life becomes a little simpler when you accept that as we pursue our goals, there will inevitably be challenges and barriers along the way. This is why a few extra sources of inspiration, such as motivational books, never hurt anyone. The most valuable asset we have and the one which we should be investing the most time, effort, and resources into is — ourselves. This whole book is about how we can achieve success simply by choosing to invest in ourselves and our growth. This book is sure to inspire and motivate you to invest in developing your talents further and would be an excellent resource for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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