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    “Poetry is a spontaneous flow of emotions.” – William Wordsworth

    In the year 2016, Her passion for literature grew as strong as a bond between two people, together for years. Her days would begin after dreaming the characters from the book she had read past night.
    But since she always felt she belonged to a better place than where she was living in, she would gulp down all the realities, assuming them to be a pill she had been prescribed for a better health.
    She finally decided to pen down the words her mind would compile after processing a number of thoughts. The last, she dedicates her words, to the “Petrichor” (the earthy scent after the rain). These pieces of words are now, no more just poetry on papers, kept in her drawers; but a channel to make people read the feelings, they’ve felt a way back.
    “Petrichor”, is now, a drawer-full of feelings, over a handful of words.

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    “Jeevan” Tarangini” is a poetic composition in which many poems are written on various aspects of nature and which have been given special relation with the life of human and society.

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    The “Jeevan Pravahini ” is a poetic composition and has presented many emotions in poetry. Nature has given human resources a great wealth and its means of life. It has created a society using its wealth and wisdom provided by God and has developed and developed it. In this development, the effect of his nature and behavior is very much and it is entirely based on his ideology and mindset.

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    ‘अल्फ़ाज़-ए-मोहब्बत‘ कविताओं का समूह है। ये एक इंसान के खोखलेपन को शब्द देने का ज़रिया भर है। इसमें विभिन्न शैली की कविताओं का मिश्रण है। ये किताब आपको हंसाएगी और रुलायेगी। आपको अपने बीते हुए कल से भेंट करवाएगी, इश्क करना सिखाएगी और इश्क भूलना सिखाएगी।

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    yug-prabha’ –

    ‘yug-prabha’ is written by anand siddharth and is a collection of motivational poems with full of natural portrayal and description of the different aspects of life’.

    About the author –
    Name – anand siddharth
    Father’s name -. Ran bahadur singh
    Mother name. – saroj singh
    Place of birth -. Satna (m.p.)
    Graduation. -. BE (mechanical engineering)
    Employee. -. Income tax department
    Address. -. Vill. Pagar kala. Post pagar khurd. District -satna (m.p.)

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    पुस्तक शीर्षक ‘‘अंकुरण‘‘ एक संग्रह है जिसमें कविताएं हैं, गज़लें हैं, नज़्में हैं और कुछ दिल को छू लेने वाली दो और चार पंक्तियों की रचनाएं हैं जिन्हें आप ‘शेर‘ और ‘रूबाइयों‘ के नाम से भी जानते हैं। साहित्य के संदर्भ में देखें तो ये किताब एक ऐसा संकलन है जिसमें आपको साहित्य की लगभग हर लोकप्रिय विधा की झलक मिलेगी। ये पुस्तक आमंत्रण है उन सभी साहित्य प्रेमियों को, जो विभिन्न शैली की रचनाओं को एक जगह पढ़ना चाहते हैं।


    इस किताब की भाषा सरल, सहज और मौलिक है। न शब्दों का बिखराव है न दोहराव। साहित्य जितना अर्थपूर्ण और बोधगम्य हो उतना अच्छा। इसी दृष्टिकोण को यथार्थ के धरातल पर इस पुस्तक के माध्यम से उतारने का प्रयास है काव्य संग्रह ‘‘अंकुरण‘‘

    Ankuran by: Rahul singh Gautam 220.00 180.00
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    As I grew up, I started noticing changes in people around and their behaviour. Or one could say I understood them all well now and so changed my stimuli towards the materialistic and non-materialistic things in the world. But now I realize that even these two bifurcations have been altering from time to time. In this book, I have tried to pen down my observations and experiences whilst surfing in the waves of emotions, career, social factors, family & love and many other such elements dipped in this beautiful ocean of life. Through the poems in this book, I try to sketch out the feelings behind the hearts of different folks traveling through different phases of life.

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    The poems that I have written in this book of my ideas. All the words related to life, they are all the emotions that we can feel, whether you call it the rainbow of life, because this book has all the juices of life. Mother’s love is childhood, churna of childhood, love of youth is the support of old age. Such is the life of the whole mind that you will be able to read in the book as poems. This book is for people of all ages. Hope you like the poems written in this book.

    Aakriti by: Varsha S Galpande 139.00
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    ‘Of Shades and Shine’ is a book about the things the author has found life to be. It’s not always easy and there are much darker days than there is light. It’s a rediscovery of oneself and she hopes each one of us can find parts of ourselves in the little pieces of hope she wrote.

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    Reading various poems inspired Mehebub Iptear to compose poems, with the aim of making others feel what he does. He hails from Bora, an obscure village in the district of Dinajpur, West Bengal. He started his schooling from Dangram Basic Primary School, Dangram in Dakshin Dinajpur, after which he went on to Dangram I.C. High School. He then obtained his Bachelors in English (Hons.) from Prof. Syed Nurul Hassan College, Farakka, Murshidabad. He is currently working as an English teacher at an English medium school in Bihar.

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    Reading of a poetry means spending

    some intimate moments with the poet,

    as poetry is the natural outlet

    of the feelings of a poet.

    Poetry is the synthesis

    of the feelings of reality

    and the fantasy of dreams.

    It comes naturally as the

    leaves to a tree. Poetry is

    the spontaneous overflow of

    powerful feelings. It takes

    its origin from the emotion

    which is recollected in tranquility.

    “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world”

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    Thoughts in our life has great importance. Without thoughts one can not live a moment. Even our thoughts inspire us to do something in life. Whatever we can do in life, it can be possible only through ideas. There is something like this in our life that we are sometimes depressed, sometimes excited and sometimes even angry. Our life revolves around these thoughts. In this book, you will find poems based on the belief and thoughts which will make you aware of your thoughts. Hope you like this book

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    In this book Gunjan takes you on an overwhelming journey of long-lost emotions, perspectives, and ideas to his canny world, where everything is familiar and manifested by many. We are all poems and stories from different perspectives. His engaging and empathetic stories summed up as poems are absurdly relatable.

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    A collection of Hindi Poetry

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    Hindi Kavyang Vivechan’ in the form of Hindi Kavya Shastra Subject is famous and very useful for college, University syllabus like UPSC/RPSC/NET/JRF,Lecturer, senior teacher and other Hindi based competitive examinations

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    This book is a collection of thirty poems that delve into the emotions and reality of society. The poems mostly stem from personal experiences and observations.

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    Emerging adulthood fills you with so much curiosity. But in this impassive world what is it that moves the hearts of today’s youth?What stirs their emotions?In the form of Sankalp, we bringyou a collection of instilling poems and ghazals from the students of B.I.T Sindri. ‘Sankalp’ is a glimpse of this curiosity. Can silence argue a win against words? Expressed with an honest flair distilling the minutes of the moments into a few yet fabulous, evocating lines,Sankalp captures the smallest and the grandest thoughts bound to leave a mark in your mind and awaken your eye for beauty. The essentials for success, the excitement of writing and many more captivating works on such topics by the students, the new youth. An added bonus, a conversation with Padma Shree and Padma Bhushan awardee, famously known as the Bihar Kokila, Sharda Sinha. Lets take a vivid journey into the thoughts of these students and see the world through their looking glass.

    Sankalp by: Sarjana 120.00
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    “Ye Izhaar hai, Mujhe tumse pyar hai”, is a gift book with beautiful collections of love poems on various situations and emotions of love. It happens sometimes that your feelings remain unspoken. This book with lots of hope will give words to your expressions. May our love never remain unheard. Tag the best poem(with the rose bookmark), suiting your best emotions and gift to the one you love. Love is nothing if not expressed. Wish you a cherishing and joyful love-life

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    The book is a compilation of author’s thoughts , poems, quotes and paragraphs. An observant nature, sensible mind and a sensitive heart has resulted in this anthology. These are 5 a.m thoughts, penned down in relation to experiences, stories heard, books read, people met, conversations held, tears witheld, real and pretentious meetings, spiritual and religious folks, pure and contaminated hearts, smiles and masks, solitude and crowds, people who kept and left, birds and humans, family and friends all who have loved and a few who have taught a lesson.

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    Twenty-first century India has been undergoing turmoil and strife. On one hand, the civilised human being is finding it harder to be civil, on the other, a huge wall made of hate, hunger, atrocities and deprivation is looming over them, making it hard for people to cross over the wall. Like Jalianwala, there are guns and the mortar of freak and untruth salvo being fired in every direction. In the midst of this man-made chaos, people are still surviving. These poems are the spontaneous outcome of these salutations. The poems dip into the thoughts of fellow citizens, their life and happiness, emotion and the enormous impending damages in the environment. The untold misery and agony of countless human beings has found expression in the form of poetry. Bells of Freedom seeks to influence our minds for just a fraction of a second and make us think about the ambience we are living in today. The poems question if this is the state we had dreamt of. It should hence be a breath of fresh air, enabling us to think about a new dawn. Let our wishes find the button of the road to the New Dawn.

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    Everyday we wake up with a new desire, hunger to do something different which will touch the lives of people and more importantly our own soul. Most of us have hopes and dreams. We encounter pain, love in some form or other and eventually we all crave for freedom during the various phases of life or sometimes in just one day!
    Poet, Namit Nayak, tries to communicate some of these emotions through his poems in “a new world”
    Hurry! Pre order your copy today!

    A New World by: Namit Nayak 145.00
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    A collection of Poetry

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    You May Find Yourself Here is all about those little things in life that matter. Written in the form of poetry and quotes, this book deals with the feelings, experiences, and situations wherein everybody finds themselves in but in the hustle bustle of life we sometimes fail to appreciate them.

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    Reach out to Minds isn’t a book that I set out to write. My ideas and perceiving the person, places, and events multiplied as I set on writing the poems one after the other. This pursuit gave me strong inspiration for analyzing the things better to meet creative head in me. The poems relate to the normal juggles in the minds where people forget the exact essence of life. The new direction of making one’s own self-awakened to the thoughts requires the at most maturity in the person.  The book which can be referred to as the notes from the life enhances the visualization of the minute, sensitive yet sensible things that occur around us. Every poem is unique, each representing a particular scenario and perspectives. The personifications, depicting the things out of a scenario, comparisons that I can bring in is something that makes me involved in writing. The book includes both rhymed and unrhymed poems as well. This book feels more special not just because it’s my first one, also it holds my two most liked activities that I do frequently i.e. poetry and drawing. The illustrations that are used in this book are designed by me which gains me more pleasure. I take this as a great opportunity to reach you all with my book that feels really special! You can reach the author at: swathivbhat13@gmail.com +91 9113278284

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    Stumble upon the prism of lovers once again by losing yourself in this poetic voyage, which takes you through all the shades of life encapsulating love, companionship, bliss, triumph to anxiety, distress, heartache, death, loss, rejection, and redemption. The words flocked in arouse the senses by embracing the petite things that make life magical. It’s a contemporary antidote offering candid explorations over the scuffling questions of how to find the true purpose of living? What is life without love? What does it mean to be lonesome? Why do we seek out for connections? Explore love amid all its precision with crunches of gloominess making it sugary and peppery off and on. So, pour yourself some coffee and curl up with this book to let yourself feel something striking and exquisite.

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    Words of Wisdom – Featuring the finest collection of Quotes and Poems from a bunch of creative writers. To know more, Pre-order the book today. Limited stock. HURRY UP !!!!!!!!

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    Winter, it may come again or not…I don’t know. But it is winter which told me the uncertainties of loneliness, the cry of leaves, freezing veins, a period of hibernation, quest of spirituality, and metamorphosis. No wonder while I was walking alone on the seashore, in between the lips of my mind and sea, there the waves communicated—the waves of my mind and sea. Soon the winter breaks the silence into pieces of thoughts, slowly evolving me unto my total involvement into the depth of expressions. On the seashore, from the lips of two waves, the ultimate silence of winter breaks and the winter speaks.
    A language of Survival
    Silence and Meditation
    Without tears and wetness
    An intense desire
    To born again….

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    “Trying to prove that pen is mightier than sword.”

    This book is not just a compilation of write-ups contributed by the writers of diverse age groups, but the people with the same aim. Aim to influence people through their writings and create an impact amidst people. Writers have Penner down their thoughts on various problems which women faces because of our parochial society. They have tried to give a voice to those women who are oppressed by the society. All the writers here demand gender equality rather than prioritising any gender.

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    The book is a description of feeling lonely, desiring something unrealistic and reflecting inner contradictions and despair.

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