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    M. Murtaza

ISBN: 9789389763669
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by: M. Murtaza
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Anuradha 2020
About This Book
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    Sober, talented and young poet Dhiraj becomes industrialist smuggler Seth Dharmdas, when circumstances of life betrays him. The kidnap and rape of his beloved fiancee Anuradha and her suicide proves a character changing tsunami for Dhiraj.

    The mysterious murder of Vijay, imprisonment of Bharat, kidnap and rape of Sandhya turns humorous Sandhya into killer “Raani”. Raani saves Bharat. Raani is sieged by police, but is not captured.

    Does Raani succeed in taking revenge from Dharmdas ? What happens to Seth Dharmdas and Raani ? Why does enter Wing Commander Mr. Mathur in the story?

    Who is Secret Boss and what are Nishat and Secret Pink Palace?

    To know and to know much more, must read “ANURADHA”

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ISBN: 9789389763669
SKU: 3417
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 184

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
A circumstantial drop out of NIT, Patna (1968 Batch, Electrical Engg) who served as Sub Editor (1993- 1996) of prestigious Urdu Newspaper, Milli Ittehad, New Delhi and who had penned his first thoughtful, scylla and charybdis Hindi novel "ANKUR" (1985) at the young age of 36 years and later wrote theological books like "Gosha E Noor" (Urdu 2002), "Raoshni kaa Minaar" (Hindi 2003), "Tasawwuf" (Urdu 2010), and historical one - "Baagh ki khooshbu" (Urdu, 2019) and whose number of articles have been published in national newspapers, comes Hindi novel -- Anuradha - enamouring, and again on the horns of dilemma of life. The Author has been awarded for his literari works at several occasions.

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