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    The book describes story of two kids Rajesh and Ritish. To know more grab the book today!

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    The blind warrior could see once more! But only in her dreams; rather nightmares. Only a few years after Anna returns from her search for the mystical sapphire, she finds herself entrapped in a web of recurring nightmares. While the kingdom desperately tries to sculpt her back into the warrior she once was, Anna continues to fight the conflicts that stir within her. From afar, her life seems to be close to perfect. A forthcoming engagement and a promising training gear could only suggest so. If only one looked deeper, they would see that, her life barely scratches the surface of normalcy, let alone perfection. This story witnesses the war between identity and personality; between grief and acceptance; between an unfortunate past, and an inspired future. Will Anna, the warrior princess of Megovia, emerge triumphant? Perhaps. After all, Anna is not one to turn a blind eye to a discovery. Especially not one as precious as the Diamond Discovery. “

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    There are eight stories in the collection of this Madhusha story, in which nine are satirical. These stories are completely hypothetical, based on experience and ideology. There is also a satire of serious stories given in these stories which will make the reader happy

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    Lokesh a young boy in his early teenage is forced to leave his hometown when his father has got transfer orders. He is facing difficulty in adjusting and being an introvert the things are just not easy for him. On the verge of depression and insanity he finds a way to solve everything but the outcome is not for which he bargained for. He will open the gates for his inner Devil to come out.

    Not every devil has a tail, red skin, horns, and wears a cape. No one is a devil by looks but by deeds. It is very righteously said never judge a book by its cover because who knows what may lie inside of it.

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    This story is about a man called Ramesh and his greed for money. Ramesh lives in a remote village. His father is a farmer who earns little. Since his childhood, Ramesh hated being poor. However, things take a turn when his father dies. He owes his father’s death to their extreme poverty. His father’s death forces him to leave everything behind in search for money. Soon he is a well-known businessman. But the increasing wealth makes him more and more greedy. He becomes a cruel and atrocious man. But as he grows older he realizes nothing lasts forever. He tries to change but it was too late for him.
    Through the story, the author has emphasized on how to remain happy in most adverse situations, how to fight with our biggest enemy that is us and how to attain the much longing state of “nirvana”.

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    Pagli Ladki Ek Prem Kahaani is an unconventional love story with an imperfect climax. It is based on a true story with a strong message that loving somebody isn’t just a strong feeling. It’s a decision, a judgement, and a promise to be eternally for each other.

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    Book relates about the usual situation of a middle class family even all the middle class family find a glace look like they live together the life which go through hard times and struggles.

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    मैं भारतीय सेना में कार्यरत एक सैनिक हूँ, बचपन से डायरी लिखता था तो लिखने की एक आदत सी हो गयी, ऐसी आदत कि एक दिन भी अगर न लिखूं तो कुछ अधूरा सा लगता है। साधारण सी कहानियां लिखते-लिखते दिल में आया कि कुछ अलग करूं, कुछ जो सामान्य न हो, अतः बरमुडा त्रिकोण के मुद्दे को चुना, बरमुडा ट्राइएंगल…. इस दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी अनसुलझी गुत्थी, इस किताब में इस गुत्थी को सुलझा दिया गया है। यह बरमुडा त्रिकोण के बारे में फैले झूठ के जंजालों को आपके दिमाग से कचरे की तरह निकाल फेकेंगी, अगर आप मुझ पर विश्वास करते हैं तो, अगर आप एक सैनिक पर भरोसा करते हैं तो.. आइए इस सफर पर चलते हैं जहां आज तक कोई नही गया।

    Trikon by: Ankit S. Kumar 200.00
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    What to do when someone, whom you have hated for half of your life, falls head over heels in love with you?
    Ashlesha Nayak had to live far from her family and friends due to her job. Life was not easy at first but when she started making friends, everything began to become normal until Vishal Bagchi, a tall and handsome guy got transferred to her office and back in her life. Vishal started to fall in love with her unaware that Ashlesha had some other plans for her.

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    A teenage girl. A throbbing heart. A tired soul. Anxiety issues. And, a really tiny mystery. “The universe felt potent and void at the same time.” Sixteen-years-old Sarah’s life was never really simple. Just as she was about to give up hopes, she found a letter. From that day began a mystery. A mystery she never thought would change her life.

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    Blaming My Hormones is fiction about the life of four girls who are suffering from a lifestyle syndrome that is also known as hormonal imbalance. The story revolves around their struggles and the consequences.
    When everything seems fine, a new challenge occurs with bigger difficulties and chaos. In search of permanent relief, they stuck themselves into adverse circumstances.

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    The book talks about a doctor, who despite growing up in America, is more fond of her Indian culture.

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    “As I sat down, my eyes rested on the envelope lying on the doormat, For Natasha, the writing on it said. I panicked, this cant is him again! I hurriedly opened it and his words made me cry out loud.”

    The Anonymous is the story of Natasha, a victim of sexual violence, assault, harassment, and rape, who was a happy, cheerful girl, but she is now cold, heartbroken and weak! During her recovery, she was dragged into a vicious cycle of nightmares by the letters, that just wouldn’t let her move on.

    “Dreams are woven and seamed when the bloodsheds”

    But the path we move on is always not easy; Hurdles, difficulties, issues, problems bring you down, but the inspiration and spirit to go ahead keep you focused and determined. It is not easy, sometimes we get lost and trapped.
    Is she has trapped it? Or is she forced into a cycle of self-harm and depression? Is it a fight to survive? Is there really no escaping the past?

    “Hello. Don’t put the book down just yet, pick it. You are welcome to my world.”

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    “Astonished! Completely blown away. Such a breathtaking moment it was. I felt like I was in the world of dreams. All of a sudden, I fell from my bicycle. My mind stopped working for a while. My eyes stopped blinking. My expression got changed from smiley to shocking”. This was the moment when my life started opening its doors.

    “Suddenly, the pain in my body increased exponentially. My head was spinning in pain. I was losing all my senses. I realised that I was going to die in a few seconds. My mom was tightening her hug with a lot of love. My dad held my legs not letting me go from this world. The doctor inside the ambulance was praying to god in helplessness. I imagined three important emotions in my life, the care and affection of the world’s best mother; the emotion of the world’s best father; and the love of the world’s best soul, Ria. The pain reached the breaking point, and the breathing stopped completely.” This was the moment when my life started closing its doors.

    In between the journey of life, you will go through every emotion of life. You will feel, smile, get connected, and become emotional. This is the celebration of life, living and love. The story of Jai-Ria is as beautiful as your loved ones. You will see your thoughts becoming beautiful after reading this book. Its worth purchasing this book. Don’t miss an opportunity to read it.

    Jai-Ria by: Shahane Udaykumar 249.00 199.00
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    उपन्यास “विवेक“ एक कल्पित कहानी है जो विभिन्न पात्रों व घटनाओं से युक्त है। इसके मुख्य पात्र “विवेक“ एक राजकुमार होने के बावजूद साधारण जीवन जीना चाहते हैं परन्तु साथ में जीवन को सम्पूर्ण रूप में भी जीना चाहते है। विवेक शिक्षा के महत्त्व को समझते हैं तथा उच्च शिक्षा के माध्यम से बुद्धि का विकास करके विवेकशील बनना चाहते हैं ताकि स्वतन्त्र चिन्तन के द्वारा जीवन के सभी कठिन प्रश्नों का हल खोज सके। जीवन से सम्बंधित सभी प्रकार के प्रश्नों का उत्तर पाठकगण “विवेक“ के माध्यम से जान सकते हैं।

    Vivek by: Hukam Singh Dahiya 350.00
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    Its a story of Jay Jani from Vadodara , who firmly believes in power of imagination. During his graduation in m s university of Vadodara he fall in love with beautiful preeti chauhan.Things becomes interesting & surprising when Maruti, the God arrived in his dream , Jay asked maruti that he wants to become very famous & successful person, maruti said yes but I will take something in return from you & maruti disappeared. Jay started his MBA study in rajkot , where he met gorgeous Deepika . Suddenly zoom tv announced a story telling competition, where winner will get an opportunity to work as an assistant director with the living legend shyam benegal sir . Jay participates in it. To find what actually happened with Jay Jani please read the entire story … and get the answers of following questions .. What happened between Jay & preeti in Vadodara? How maruti came in his dream ? What was their conversation? What maruti will take from Jay for his success? Can Jay win that storytelling competition? Was Deepika really gorgeous ?

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    The book talks about the love story of 3 students and how the emotion ruined their lives.

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    “Feeling everything perfect and then suddenly things changed.”

    Imperfect Marriages is a story of an elderly couple and it revolves around their family and friends. This novel highlights the challenges and problems that a woman faces in Indian society. The lady Mrs. Prabhakar is a sensitive woman and tries to help and resolve people’s troubles and problems but indirectly gets involved in them. While solving others problems, she realizes that her children are also facing trouble in their paradise. What will Mrs. Prabhakar do to help her children? Will she be able to save their troubled paradise, or will they be left in a state of bewilderment?

    Read to know what happened…

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    Princess Kaushiki, is an inspirational fiction novel series for children. The first volume of this series (The divine birth) is about the mysterious birth of a princess in the woods. The story is based in the mesmerizing Coonoor region of South India (Ooty, Tamil Nadu). The king and queen of Coonoor have strong and charismatic personalities that are highly admired by their entire kingdom. This tale takes you through a fascinating and adventurous journey of a mystical pine forest, explored by the royal couple as their leisure trip. The mysteries and the challenges they face in that forest and how they overcome them with their valor, wisdom, and devotion are the key elements that bind the whole plot. It is a wonderful fusion of entertainment, suspense, and morals. The story aims to inspire children to be strong, yet wise; courageous, yet kind and successful, yet generous; instilling in them the values of compassion and care towards all living beings. It encourages them to face hardships with courage, devotion, faith, and self-confidence. Full of interesting dialogues, the first volume ends with a divine twist. The birth of princess of Coonoor among such mystical elements is the heart of this book.

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    This story is an illustration of the Lethiferous revenge of a couple. It delineates how man is deterred by moral scruples. The compunction or remorse of sins or transgression of rules entangles human. The story is absorbed with fantastic glimpses of love, the colloquy between two identical twin sisters Saundarya and Sambhavna representing modern and traditional mentality respectively. It portrays scenes of superstitions and beliefs in society that exist even today. Story targets foeticide as malignant and brings out the feeling of a ‘baby’ in an emotional aspect. It also has chapters which are prone to mesmerize readers. “How lust can add adversity to our life?” The potency of positive attitude and awareness gives a philosophical aspect. The horror scenes are depicted with an admixture of peculiarities. All mystifications reveal themselves gradually maintaining the rhetorical skills. The words applied are argumentative, impressive, lucrative, suggestive, and up to the mark.

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    Blue is not just a color but a feeling. It is a feeling that is wavering throughout the life of Aarush. Also, blue is the color of ‘her’ intoxicating eyes. Aarush is a happy-go-lucky boy who is tagged as a flirt because of his ability to charm girls until he meets Tisha and falls in love with her, head over heels. Life was beautiful until Tisha started drifting away. Aarush’s life starts crumbling in front of him but time never stops neither does life. What happens to Aarush after that? Why he has to meet a psychologist? Who is Kanika? Will she be able to bring back the AARUSH in Aarush or the feeling will still be blue? Feeling Blue! is not the love story of Tisha, it is the love journey of Aarush.

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    सपनों और हकीकत की कश्ती में सवार एक किशोर लड़का अपने जीवन के महासागर को पार करने की चाहत में दर-दर भटकता है। कभी अपने आप को किसी महफूज़ जगह पाता है तो कभी अपने आप को डूबता हुआ महसूस करता है। उसी क्रम में उस लड़के को एक माही नाम की लड़की से एकतरफा प्यार हो जाता है। वह प्यार के महासागर में इस कदर डूब जाता है कि वह खुद को ही भूल जाता है। अंततः वह लड़की भी उससे प्यार करने लगती है और कुछ ही महीनों बाद उससे प्रेम-विवाह कर लेती है।
    इससे पहले कि वह लड़का अपने वैवाहिक जीवन को समझ पाता वह लड़की इस कदर उसपर कहर बरपाती है कि वह लड़का काँच की तरह टूट-टूट कर बिखर जाता है।

    Madhulok by: Alok kumar 176.00
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    आमतौर पर लोगों को लगता है कि महिला-प्रमुख किताब केवल महिलाओं के लिए होती है लेकिन ये वो किताब है जो हर आयु का व्यक्ति, चाहे वो महिला हो या पुरुष कोई भी पढ़ सकता है इसलिए मेरा ये मानना है कि ये किताब हर व्यक्ति को ज़रूर पढ़नी चाहिए खासतौर पर…..पुरूषों को क्योंकि अगर पुरुष समाज कि सोच महिलाओं के हित में बदल गई तो फिर महिलाओं को आगे बढ़ने से कोई नहीं रोक सकता।
    इस किताब में ये बताया गया है कि कैसे एक स्त्री के जीवन का हर एक पड़ाव चक्रव्यूह के पड़ाव की तरह एक जाल होता है जो उसे पूरी तरह तोड़ देता है और उसी तड़प को, उन आँसुओं को अपने कलम की सियाही बनाकर मैंने उसे इस किताब में उतारा है।
    इस किताब की खास बात ये है कि इस किताब से हर महिला अपने-आप को जोड़ पाएगी और समाज अपनी करतूतें देख पाएगा। इसके हर एक पाठ के पीछे उस औरत का जवाब है जिसकी आवाज़ हमारे कानों में नहीं जाती। आम भाषा में कहा जाए तो ये किताब एक औरत की ज़ुबानी है।
    इसलिए मैं ये आग्रह करती हूँ कि एक बार ही सही इस किताब को ज़रूर पढ़ें और पूरा पढ़ें क्योंकि कई बार कुछ चीज़ें हमें ऐसा ज्ञान दे जाती हैं जो हमारी सोच और जीवन को ही बदल देती हैं।

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    For some people, love is to set it free to get it back. For some, love is breathing and cannot let it go off.
    When two people with different thoughts about love meet, the sparkles arise. But, how long does this
    sparkle stay in one’s life?
    Vikram cannot let go off his love, while Swetha sets it free and leaves the destiny to take over. This book
    shows how the love sparkled for Vikram and Shwetha even beyond the sparkles and how they travelled
    through their journey of love.

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    अपनी बेस्ट फ्रेंड सिमरन निसार का अचानक हुआ कत्ल डिंपल मल्होत्रा के लिए एक गहरा सदमा साबित हुआ और उसकी गैर-मौजूदगी में वो खुद को बिल्कुल अलग-थलग और तन्हा महसूस करने लगी। इससे पहले कि वो बिखर जाती, रुक्सार के रूप में उसे एक अच्छी सहेली और राहुल के रूप एक सच्चा हमदर्द मिला, जो सिमरन के कत्ल की तफ्तीश कर रहा था। केस की जटिलता और उसमें डूबे राहुल की बेबसी डिंपल से देखी नहीं गयी और उसने गुप्त रूप से, एक पहली में तब्दील हुए उस केस को सुलझाना शुरू कर दिया। उसने सोचा ही नहीं था कि उसकी तलाश एक खून से भरी फनल तक जाकर खत्म होगी, जो संगमरमर की एक अद्भुत कृति के अन्दर बनी हुई थी। जिन्दा, जमीन में दफन कर दी गयी एक बदनसीब लड़की की कब्र पर बनी वो संगमरमर की कृति अपने आप में कई रहस्य समेटे हुए थी। ऐसी अफवाहें थी कि प्यास से तड़पते हुए बेजान हुई उस मासूम लड़की की आत्मा, विसरासर नाम के उस गाँव में भटकती हुई नजर आती थी जो हर उस इंसान का कत्ल कर देती जो भी उस फनल के करीब बने कुंए का पानी पीने की गुस्ताखी करता! पर क्या सच में उस आत्मा ने सिमरन का कत्ल किया था, या फिर उससे भी कहीं ज्यादा बेरहम जिन्दगी उसे निगल गयी थी??

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    जिंदगी कभी किसी का इंतजार नही करती, यदि दिल में कोई बात छुपी है तो उसे बाहर ला देने में ही भलाई है। इस उपन्यास का मुख्य मकसद प्यार के मायने को समझना है। इसे पूर्ण रूप से अपने आस-पास के वातावरण से अनुभव लेकर लिखा गया है। प्यार का सही मतलब समझाने की एक छोटी सी कोशिश है यह उपन्यास।

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    इन कहानियों में कहीं श्वेत हिम-खण्डों से निकली गंगा जैसा पावन-प्रेम है, तो कहीं रास लीला की प्रत्यक्षदर्शी, उसका हिस्सा होते हुए भी निर्लिप्त यमुना की चंचल धाराएं हैं, तो कहीं ऊपर से सूखी-सपाट दिखती धरा के तले भूमिगत उपस्थिति दर्ज कराती सरस्वती सी अदृश्य धाराएं। कहीं किनारों में बंधकर खामोशी से बहती नदी से शान्त पात्र हैं, तो कहीं सभी तटबन्धों को तोड़कर स्वच्छंदता से बहती चंचल धारा से अजादी पसन्द पात्र हैं, कहीं कच्चे सूत के धागों से स्वाभिमान की डोर को बुनते हुए, कहीं उपेक्षित मन मन्दिर, तो कहीं अहंकार के ज्वार से फुफकारता दिल-समन्दर, तो कहीं मानव मन की वो अनदेखी कन्दराएं हैं जिन पर यदा-कदा ही सूर्यकिरणें पड़ती हैं, बस इन्हीं सब प्रतिबिम्बों की छवि को अपने दृष्टिकोण से प्रस्तुत करने का एक प्रयास है, जिसके प्रति आप सभी के स्नेह की साध है, उम्मीद है, आस है !!!!

    Sahar by: Santosh Tripta 110.00
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    Black Genesis is a novella that revolves around two individual’s conversation about the secret organization Fotia an Enlightenment-era secret society founded to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power. “The order of the day,” they wrote in their general statutes, which is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them. The story opens the eyes of the readers about current systems which are under their ascendancy and how they have been manipulating humankind. Their true identity is revealed in this story with the use of magical realism.

    Black Genesis by: Francis P.M 85.00
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