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    Kaali fell in love with a bandit who abducted her while a bandit attack on her village, living as his prisoner, she finds it mysterious and challenging to set with him on his farm on a secluded spot, in surrounding cohabitation of others.

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    “What is Love? Not even 10% people of this planet will give the same answer. Probably it has more
    meanings than any other English word.
    It took fifteen years for Digvijay to understand it’s true meaning and a cup of coffee for sidhesh Banerjee
    to know it’s worth!
    Who is sidhesh, and why is he so interested in Digvijay’s story? Is it out of his-own-interest or because of
    their mutual relation with a specific woman?
    Buckle up and endeavor a fifteen-year-old tale of love, life, hatred, family, emotions, friendship, success
    and failure!
    Based on true Incidents of every common’s life.”

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    “On one fine evening, Paras asks his grandmother,

    “”Are we Untouchables?””

    Suddenly, it makes the old lady’s mind stunned for a while. She does not want to be
    quiet and leave her grandson unanswered. She then says, “”We are the rose. And the
    rose can’t be touchable until someone does keep in their mind that it could be
    touched. We are not untouchables, my dear. We are like a rose. And one should
    always hold in their mind that it could be touched with love and care, not with fear

    and hatred.””

    Sometimes young children’s questions convey significant meaning, and to answer
    them becomes very difficult. Even though, the adults find it hard to respond to them.
    Sometimes it may take quite a time to consider that what and how to explain them.
    And sometimes adults choose to be quiet or ignore them or bow down to the children

    in embarrassment.

    The novel narrates the story in two parts. The first one is through the eyes of a nine-
    year-old, Paras, who doesn’t know his surroundings thoroughly, and the second one
    is from the perspective of his mother, Jyotsna Kumar, who did not talk to her

    unconventional neighbour for years.

    Of how they face the social favouritism, caste discrimination, gender inequality,
    domestic violence, prejudice and religious obstruction. And how these all have been
    establishing like a black curtain over women. Some hideous truth that everyone

    knows but no one wants to discuss it or to put an end to it.

    But it all changes when Paras meets his neighbour.”

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    “Ravi & Vandana have everything going right for themselves – they are both in careers of their choice, both are alphas in their role and profession, both love each other deeply. And while they seem to be steadily headed towards marriage, Ravi is conflicted by his desires.

    Encouraged by his friends he downloads an app and meets someone! Now what are the odds of another someone getting to know about his activities on the app?

    How will Vandana react if and when she gets to know about this? Who is blackmailing Ravi? What about demons from Vandana’s past?”

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    Aadhi, Ram and Nidhi were playing at the beach. Nidhi spotted a Mermaid. All three of them went into the ocean to meet her. What happened next? Will they come back?

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    “An angle of terror seems interesting. Andrew is facing some weird situations which he might not expect. He found a diary and the mysteries covered him all around. God and the devil both participate in the story. They both tell him about the cruel world all around.

    The book especially is for teenagers as they face continuous mental and intellectual change in their life, and it might help them understand the worldly crisis all around.”

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    The story is regarding the beggars who were living by the side of big and wide sewage drain which was by side of main road. On the other side of road were big bungalows of big business people. One of the girl among the beggars was dreaming to marry a young man living in a bungalow. What happened to her dream? Whether she will marry him or she gets married to her childhood friend who loves him

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    “A story by Dr. Nirjaa Upaadhye

    This story is about a couple who had been through the best and the worst in their life and how they managed to get over it by implementing Affirmations & Manifestation techniques. They were drifted back and forth in the cobwebs of ill fate frequently. The only thing which was constant in their life was their togetherness. Their kids had a lot to learn from them. They had seen their parents cutting through the adversities and heading towards their goals.

    This story is you and me, this story is vis-a-vis with our struggle to fit in the Best lot of society, about the will power that is at times overshadowed with the dark clouds of pessimistic thoughts and self-doubt. This story is about our dreams and desires, our needs and wants, our expectations and failures, our hopes and disappointments


    This story is about walking up and taking charge of your life, about being Yourself, about embracing all the good into your life. It’s about the magic that runs within you…Afterall, Thoughts are seeds!!

    There is also a dedicated section in the book for the readers to work upon their wishes and desires by following the given steps.”

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    “This story focuses on two things:
    1. No matter how much success a person can achieve in his life, but no one can move ahead by forgetting his origin.
    2. If a group of humans reaches the culmination of humanity, then they can make everything possible. “

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    Total political & social satire poems, addressing to present picture of our country. Where we are and where going on ? Author is a novelist and well known poet having the full sense of Nonsense politics & social unfairness in present our life.

    Geela pani by: Anupam Tripathi 216.00
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    “This book delves into the mystic world of the Tangkhul Naga

    where the line between the real and spirit worlds are blurred.

    Drawn from the deep oral storytelling tradition, the author

    successfully takes the readers to a place where the present

    and past exist together side by side – where supernatural is

    a part of everyday life. The book captures a very important

    essence of the Tangkhul Naga and their beliefs and is a

    welcomed addition to the growing depository of English

    writing from the North East India.

    Jim Wungramyao Kasom

    Author of Homecoming and Other Stories.”

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    “Terror network” is written to spread information about some of the terror agencies that are functioning around the world. It voices the strategy as well as the ideology of these terror organisation that how they work and why. Thus, it is important for the world, especially our country’s defence forces, to understand it.

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    Diya meets Fergal in a forest while hiking and finds him different. In an attempt to find answers, she discovers the truth about Fergal being a paranormal creature and his paranormal world. She had promised herself that she would take revenge for her father’s murder… But while seeking revenge she discovers that the truth about her was kept from her… Let’s see what the truth of Diya is? How she will manage her relationship with Fergal?

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    This book is all about refreshment, entertainment and to encourage your will power. At this phase of life that is your “teenage” you may suffer from mood swings and sometimes may feel depressed, take out some time and read this interesting book that may help you to make out the best out of your mood. It is encouraging and can make you and your will power strong. These lines in this book will teach you how to challenge your problems and to live this phase peacefully.

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    The ‘Song on the nowhere road’ is a novel about the heart-rending trauma of unrequited love. Set in Bangalore in the early nineties, it traces the life of the bachelor protagonist, Ananto Roy, a young corporate executive with a penchant for English literature and rock-music. Working in a government owned company, he comes into contact with a variety of friends and acquaintances whose foibles and romantic flings bring out various shades of interpersonal relationships in the diverse cultural milieu of modern-day urban India. Falling in love with the bewitchingly charming, but unattainable Sini Menon, Ananto finds his very world shaken to its roots which forces him to ask profoundly disturbing questions.

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    It is a dramatic story of a family with some chaos in it. In this story that family used to fight among themselves for the property of their father. Their war of property grew gradually and that leads to murder and some non-violence. Will they be able to get over it? To know this read this novel.

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    Aarav is a teenager who wants a happy life and wants to enjoy it to the fullest. But, the school is his enemy, and he hates studies. Although he scores good percentages in the exams. Kriti is his crush in the tenth standard. He fell in love with her. They become friends, and as days passed, it gradually grew, and they become best friends. Slowly they fell in love with each other. After traveling with him for a few months, Kriti leaves him alone and moves away. Aarav loves her truly, and he didn’t expect she would do this. He waits for her until she comes into his life. Will his love win? Will, she comes back to his life again? Will she answer his question? “Why did you meet me? Love”.

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    The lives of two university graduates are linked to each other but they are blissfully unaware about the same. Being in the same profession, spies for their father’s company, G.O.L.D — an international spy and crime agency, both are ace agents but the same can’t be said about their personal lives. The duo is destined to inherit the business jointly. Thus, the book unfolds the adventurous journey of the two young spies as they embark on a dangerous mission where lives can be lost. Guided by their intelligence, professionalism, passion and desire for revenge as well as the safety of their clients, the question here lies whether they would return alive and inherit the business? Can they get along enough to catch the gangs who are living comfortably on the money extorted from poor people? Track the journey of Kim Namjoon aka Agent RM and Choi Minji aka Agent Pearl struggling to solve a case which is a priority for their agency during the course of which they discover their affection and unconditional love for each other. Will they come together? Or will it turn out to be one-sided love? Will that hamper their work and turn their lives upside down.

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    This book is a survival note of the hero, described by the hero himself to his friend Mia, Once Who Loved him. This story is a very unique manner of being presented as novel, this story is started with its end, from the last, as a doubt. .. but end with a conviction that yes it’s not. .. book opened with a line, “I would never thought of my end” Mia, the narrator got that from his friend, whom once he loved, he is in jail. His beloved is dead, and he thinks that the society can make his love corrupt, so he decided to live in his own world.

    The Boy by: Prajesh Kumar Roy 207.00
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    Meri dairy is inspired by the real life-based experiences and in this book, all experiences shared in the form of poetry and small stories.

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    Lisa is living the best phase of her life with her granny and her childhood friend Carrie, who has returned to her life after eleven years. They mean the whole world to her: the best she could ever get from life until her friend goes missing. David, the investigating officer who is in charge of the missing girl’s case, realizes that the case is not as simple as it looked when he learns that Carrie is not an ordinary girl. His investigation reveals the darkest shadow that someone’s life can ever cast on them. This is a story of friendship, love, trust and betrayal. Let’s find out who Carrie is and how David with the help of Carrie’s friends, Rio and Ana and her psychiatrist, Dr. Katherine unveils the truth to resolve the case? Sit back tight to watch the mystery getting tangled and how David manages to cut the knots and reach the hidden truth.

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    She is a girl who knows how to hide her pain in a smile. “Love is not for you” she always used to tell herself, but deep down in her heart, she wanted to be loved. She wanted to have that special bond with someone. And one-day, love came in her life unannounced, changing her life into a beautiful dream she never wanted to wake up from. As beautifully as it came it went away leaving her alone, empty and broken.

    What happens when two years later, she comes face to face with the same person who made her body tingles, and her thoughts restless, the one who didn’t her sleep at night?

    Will she get her love back, or she will have to live only with those memories?

    Read and find out…”

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    “A family with zero coins in the pockets entered globally recognized city. It knew no road to take but begin to live every human seems to be known buy they behave unknown. To live, she, head of the family should invest. Invest money which the pocket doesn’t contain. Invest energy but who would believe to offer a job. She thought of the very valuable asset she has “the body, the nubile structure, sashay lips smiting looks”.

    Her death marked sadness. Splitting the family into, son stood again on the same path where his mother had begun. It was his turn to invest. He began questing himself what all he could do to earn. He began it. He began clapping in the public transportations and market places. Collecting the currency, he began to keep them in the finger gaps.”

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    A Remarkable book that truly shows us various Shadows of Truth. It points out the reality of social and economic equality. Read the stories that touch the heart through their unique simplicity.

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    “Desires play a very important role in our life to remain happy and satisfied.

    Our desires equal everything we secretly dream about, visualize or imagine. They’re not just far-off, impractical wishes or impossible hopes. We all must follow what our heart desires and we will definitely reach the real happiness.

    This book is all about what our heart desires and is expressed beautifully by the author in the form of poems making us enjoy our life, our surroundings in the best possible way.”

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    “Helena had grown up watching movies. She was not aware of how deeply her thoughts had been impacted by the big screen. She had dreamt of and decided to lead the most beautiful life. She grew up to be a very pretty looking dame. Many young men aspired to marry her, but she kept waiting for that special person whom she would fall in love with.

    A fateful turn in her life shattered all her dreams. She wanted to fly but her wings had been broken. She was not the kinds to give up so easily. She kept fighting and finding meaning in her life. That is when she met someone whom she could feel happy with. Someone with whom she could talk at length. She didn’t know that soon she would be hit with another blow of life.

    Will she ever find her lover?

    ‘First time in her life she had a sleepless night. Shock of the experience kept her wide awake. How could he even think on those lines about her? She was a woman of dignity. How could he speak with her like that?’”

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    THE GIFT is a collection of five stories woven into a beautiful piece of imagination. I hope it will be enjoyed by children as well as adults. Some of the stories carry some moral message that makes you reflect deeply.

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    About the story called “poisonous hands”. Imagining stories heard from grandmothers in childhood. The intention of this story is only to never mislead any face because it does not know which words make the person’s heart unhappy or break, which will force him to take dangerous steps and make people think and do harm. Start it. No one can be unfortunate because the person who created it has created it for any purpose, and there is no good sprinkling on it. If you cannot accept that Surat then do not misbehave it. This is just what I want.

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    Why this book for you? This book is the only book to teach the most used words in English 650 words of daily life with pictures to describe you in one place (animals, birds, flowers, trees, vegetables, body parts etc.) compilation of more than 3000 most commonly used words compilation of Very useful words of art, Science, business, and language word power – no more challenge!.

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    “Silver Lining – Shikha and Rohan get entwined, and how!!! Taking the first initiative was not easy for Shikha, and as they enter the new phase of their lives together, something terrible waits to be revealed. Will they be able to unravel the problem? Will they be able to bear the pain? Will they recover with time?

    A Lot Less Life – Trapped in a turbulent marriage, Tara clings on to the most beloved and most priceless feeling ever, but her dreams are drowned once again… and when humans break the rule of Nature, Nature has her own ways of giving it back. It may take time, but Nature always gives it back.”

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