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    Parents are the ultimate role models for their children. Parents show their children how to dream, to desire and they raise them to be strong enough to fight with evil and accomplish everything they once hoped for. Every child reaches out to their parents whenever they face anything painful and terrifying in their lives. But what if those role models abandon you at the moment when they were needed the most? Savitri, a fourteen-year-old girl, got abandoned by her parents, lonely in the village. No food to fill her stomach, no clothes to cover her body and no roof to shelter her at night. Her father gave her dreams, dreams of studying and becoming a successful woman but one day that father deserted her fancy world and left her alone. Will she be able to pursue her dreams or will she sink in the filth of this society?

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    “Never stop learning and believing because life never stops teaching and offering challenges.” How about a daily dose of motivation, walking along with you like a true friend? This compilation of massive motivations, along with hand drawn illustrations, promises to be the perfect companion for you. This book has a great vision with immaculate passages. Whenever you wish, you can take it along get inspired by the author’s visionary words coupled with drawings that define for you a new mantra for life.

    It is a fresh approach to everyday happenings and solutions for your daily dilemmas. The success and happiness mantra of this entire life is your belief system and faith in yourself. All you need to be sane in this world are a set of Wisdom Words well put by those who have seen and experienced it all. The power of each shall unfold as and when you decide to unlock the potential in each of these passages with great Quotations everyday, wrapped in which are pieces of advice, motivation, inspirations, life lessons and learning that you would love to share with those around you.

    Finally this impressive book is one which you will wish to savor forever!

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    “Once Upon a Time; Modern Time Moral Stories” is a work of fiction and a collection of wonderful stories of a different genre, horror, suspense, drama, faith, and emotions conveying moral messages to readers of the age group 8 to 12 years. Grab the book today!

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    The Princess of Paradisia and the Magic Basket" is the story of Susan. She lives with her grandparents,
    who are farmers and weave baskets. In the story Susan meets with Princess Charlotte of Kensington and
    they both become friends. They also meet a palm sized fairy, Ina Merzia who alights on earth from
    paradise. Ina bestows Susan with four magic pearls and after sowing them in the soil, the land gets
    swarmed with an unearthly grass field. Using the grass, Susan's granny weaves baskets. When Ina pours
    the magic in the basket, it comes to its fruition stage and it becomes a Magic Basket. Also, the place
    where the four unearthly pearls were scattered, later transform into Paradisia. Ina gives remarkable
    lessons of 'Sacrifice and Kindness' to Princess Charlotte. In the end, out of the blue by magic they get
    back their precious lost belongings in the baskets. At last princess Charlotte gets her crown back and
    Susan becomes the Princess of Paradisia.

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    * A middle class man’s life is periled by three women. Does it end even after his death?

    * Saila, the most unlikely young woman is set to become the Prime Minister.

    * Major Rathi fails to outsmart his wife in his ploy to have a cosy beer.

    * Pankaj, a businessman, plans a delicate way to avenge his insult.

    * The outlandish manner in which Biproda’s manuscript received a proposal for publication.

    * Pragmatic Franco Morris gets shaken by his emotions at last.

    * Baramdeo comes across a real opportunity to brag and prove himself.

    * An occasion where God tends to bow down to women. And there are many others with whom one can relate in this easy-to-read collection of nineteen mini-stories. A bit of him/herself in all walks of life can be found at some or the other corner.

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    Milind was a handsome young man whose esteem was jolted when the girl he loved rejected him. Life moved on. He then fell in love with Parul, a rape victim. Will Parul be able to reciprocate his love? Will the victim’s hurt keep her from trusting a man again? And will karma make the rapist pay for his heinous crime?

    ‘Parul gave him a very suspicious and accusing look. Milind quickly added, “Please don’t take me wrong. I find you to be a nice person. I think it will be nice to meet you, spend time together and get to know each other. Maybe we’ll end up becoming real good friends.”’

    Men and women together make this world a beautiful place. Couples are coming to accept a lot of things about each other. Also, they are accepting the changing needs of their ageing parents who flock to ‘Abode’, to find a new way of life without responsibilities.

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    The story in this book is imaginary. It’s purpose is to entertain and motivate only. I hope readers will like and love it. Vibhu lived in an underdeveloped, poor village of a high mountain with his father Ramanand. His mother had passed away a few days ago. After his mother’s death, his father brought his only son, Vibhu to the field to assist him in his work.As the village was far from the valley and there were no schools and the villagers were unaware of the outside world. For them, life only meant working on farms and taking care of their animals. Despite being poor, Ramanand taught his son the importance of truth and honesty in life. Because of his quality of always speaking the truth, Professor Sinha and his wife rewarded him.

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    ‘Stories From The Heart’ is a compilation of 22 short stories based on the feeling of love, affection and togetherness. All stories speak about the enduring power of love. They brim with life lessons and are sure to melt your heart and restore your faith in love.

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    Abhi, an eight-year-old boy, lives with his family. A happy-go-lucky child, his life takes a turn when he meets FAIRY GODMOTHER, a T.V. serial witch, becomes his companion. As the story unfolds, Abhi faces day to day situations only to learn more about life and the truth it carries with it. Gradually, with the support of his parents and the Fairy Godmother, Abhi learns important human values such as obedience, truth, kindness, hard work and so on in his journey to become a better person. The book is suitable for children aged 4 years and above. Abhi is a child most of the kids will find associated with. It will certainly help children to learn HUMAN VALUES faster and better than most other books!

    Abhi by: Stuti Kapoor 299.00
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    Collection of Short stories. You will find stories having rural as well as urban background. There has been attempt to make all stories entertaining and meaningful. In most of the stories some social problem is touched. This collection consist of social as well as love stories and comedy also. I am confident that all stories will be liked by the readers.

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    The hero of this work is born and brought up in an underdeveloped village in southern Tamil Nadu. The story reveals itself through the eyes of the hero. The entire novel is about a series of incidents that have happened in his life. The story is set in late 1960’s when a great shift was happening in the politics of the state. The story is underpinned by the superstitious beliefs with which the villagers approach their everyday lives, for example when the hero’s friend Elamathiyan is accused of being impotent by his wife at a village panchayat, an insane decision to let the accused display his virility to a prostitute is suggested by the villagers. The other part of the story revolves around the life of the narrator’s mother and grand mother. The novel opens with a prologue that deals with a dream that is disturbing the narrator and influences his life. The rest of the story is the narrator’s description of why he gets that weird dream.

    The Red Moon by: S.K.Vignesh 130.00
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    “Many characters and incidents are fictitious and any resemblance to the real world is perchance. Again, my vision is for a socialist revolution, as outlined by HSRA and its founder members, Bhagat Singh and Chandra Shekhar Azad and others, but I have not ‘used’ it to propagate them here. The shade of my ideology is but natural and you will have to bear it! As a helicopter pilot and as a support pilot for the Army and Navy, my story will have a military bearing and that should not bore my readers.
    Middle class characters and their restlessness will be visible. Jurisprudence and its failure, along with the other ‘pillars’ of our failed democracy, too, will show its presence in my story! If you still feel so, do not worry, I have not, at least, injected any superstition in you!” – The author of this book.

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    There was a day when he was shattered by the mysterious death of his mother. But he never gave up to solve that mystery & today he is a Warrior of Death, along with his mother and his love Shivi.
    From anxiety attacks to a successful businessman; from bomb-blast to war; from meditator to celestial being; from a friend to lover; from yema to Warrior;
    I unfold to you the breath-taking story of Satya & Shivi in & as :
    Shivi & Satty: & The Warriors of Death.

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    History enthusiast Eric finds himself fascinated with the legend of a grave—a grave that has been kept hidden from the world, known only to a few privileged members of The Society of Archaeology. In the quest to unlock its mystery and find the hidden meaning of the symbols, he and his best friend Shabir embark on a life-changing journey. Starting at a place called Paradoma in Paris, their quest takes them around the world; from the exotic city of Venice, to smack-dab in the middle of old Texas. With the help of Professor Abraham a symbologist, Maria an Astrophysicist, and George a sharp college-dropout. Eric and Shabir find themselves face to face with ancient communities that have long been at war with each other due to the difference in ideology. But the search for a better world is not easy; it always comes at a cost. Will they finally succeed in doing what they set out to do? Or will they lose everything they hold?

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    This poetry book is intended to reveal my daring metaphysical thoughts to the readers when a mind encompasses the transcendental realm of spirit. This would be of pleasure if this
    poetry makes sense to the readers.

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    Amidst the twists and turns in life, we encounter certain tales which leave a spectrum of memories behind. This is one such tale which is engulfed by the memories of Sameer and Sehar, but as we inch ahead in this journey, we will surely realize that it’s the story of everyone who tries to put themselves in the shoes of Sameer or Sehar. From the crazy campus days, Sameer lands to corporate as an IT professional where he meets Sehar in his first job and they fall in love. What trespassed their journey such that it pierced each block of their canvas of love? What dismantled the township of ‘Sameer-ki-Sehar’? Sehar was his first love, but was she his last love as well?

    A heartbreaking, romantic and emotional tale based on a true love story which will force you to reciprocate the deep feelings coated on its every bite.

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    When life crashes, it’s easy to feel depressed. Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. Sometimes, this beautiful feeling is indescribable, and that’s what I am struggling with. I couldn’t propose the girl, whom I loved from the last five years. Does trouble seem to follow you and even know your address? Like everyone else, I too had friends who stood beside me in every twist and turn. Our life was running on the track until we got involved in the ragging. Then the chaos started to happen. The pillar of our friendship couldn’t bear the heat of politics and fell down. On the eve of New Year, Ranveer made a plan of reunion. After that, I experienced many shitstorms and my life got screwed. This is not just a story of love and friendship. It is about teenage feelings, revenge, politics and drug addiction. Being a teenager, I have made a lot of mistakes and if you have also made the same, this is the story for you.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    The adventures of Teenage by: Jitender 235.00
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    Collection of stories.

    Metro Ke bhoot by: J.C Sharma 79.00
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    This is an imaginative story of the Universe. Aman journey begins after he highjacked by Juno’s people. These people make a clone and send it to many planets. In this journey, Aman fought with organisms like radon. Aman meets with sharks who help him. He has a pen which works mysteriously. Aman makes a mysterious mat with this pen and this mat used as a fly vehicle. During the journey, Aman meets with Silly.after sometime both Become life partner. Both are facing polio soldier. In the universe, they meet with shoes like animals. In the path Juno’s captain corky control over Aman. To know more about what happened next, read the book!

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    Love is not about making the right or wrong decisions.

    It’s more about maintaining relationships with honesty, loyalty, and precision. This is a love story that revolves around the transitions a relationship takes with the most thrilling aspect of life- secrets. It’s a mixture of bold phases and subtle ones at the same time. This story unravels for the readers the biggest life lessons skilfully provided through the life-changing incidents of three people, who are unknowingly destined to be together. Love can make or break almost any relationship. If you know how to fight your battles on your own and how to conquer the heart you love, it will prove to be a blessing for your soul.

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    She was kind, courageous, brave and patient. Her faith in herself didn’t let her down from her goal. She fought, for everyone she ever loved, and for everyone who ever suffered. She proved that a person can achieve anything until the person believes in itself. She brought justice, love, and peace into the lives of many, not in a blink, but by being wrecked by pain, misery, and hardship.

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    Iris, a girl living with her grandma loves to listen to bedtime stories since childhood. All stories of fairies and gods and Demons, all kind of fantasy, she used to enjoy all those. Even her grandmother enjoys telling her all those stories. Everything was as normal as it could be till that one day. It was the arrival of the Demon King to destroy heavens by killing all Gods. Iris unknown about all this get to know about her fate to save the universe from the wrath of the Demon Lord. The God of Gods, the AL father Matae makes her understand about the origin of the universe and the about the two attributes Light and Dark. He tells her all about her origin, his aim of creating her and his actual intentions. This story is the journey of a regular girl Iris to a demi-god named NETRA and how she will protect the cosmos from destruction.

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    I have been residing in Kolkata since September 1987. I studied in a Bengali medium Higher Secondary school in a remote village of Bankura district. Thereafter, I completed my graduation from Bankura Christian College under Burdwan University in the year, 1971. My father is a retired Primary School Teacher and alive.
    While in service, I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from Kolkata. Most part of my life I served in different Central Public Sector Undertakings located in U.P., Bihar and West Bengal. I am well acquainted with Bengali, Hindi, and English.
    Earlier, I wrote some articles on different social problems and historical events which were published in Kolkata’s daily “EKDIN”.
    This is the first book written by me in my life. I have got inspiration from my daughters and son to write this book.
    The author himself faced many hurdles since his childhood. He has faced not only starvation but faced humiliation also for his being poor and belonging to Vaishnab sect whose ancestors and prevailing generations too were used to maintain their livelihood by begging. He was born and brought up in a remote village of Bankura district of West Bengal. Although the author hails from the poorest family but belongs to general caste.
    In this book titled “SEBARAMER BANGSHATALIKA,” the author has highlighted the facts that took place with him, his ancestors as well as prevailing generations. Apart from that, the author has tried to highlight the real picture of other people belonging to Vaishnab sect in his own village and other adjoining villages.
    This story enshrined in the book is based on facts. But the names of characters and places are imaginary and do not resemble with actuals due to some ostensible personal reason.
    In this book, the author has also made an endeavor to share his experience with the respected social reformers and honorable human beings of the society in India and abroad. Further, he has tried to make it crystal clear that “diligence is the mother of invention/necessity is the mother of invention”.

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    Rahasyamay guru is a great story of three successful young men who love fire and desire. They achieve their goal by positiveness and self-confidence. This is a story of love, spirituality, science, comedy and suspense.

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    Did it happen again?

    Well, that again could be the feeling of love or something you’ve never wanted to happen.

    Is it a guy ditching you or the sacrifice of a dream you’ve always wanted to fulfil?

    Questions remain unanswered and so do emotions. Don’t we sometimes tend to jeopardize our very existence by getting subdued by the pressure we face from the society or people in our family? Don’t we tend to forget our relationship with our own self?

    Well, this one is an ideal love story, but not at the cost of dreams. Chase your dreams first and leave everything else for it to chase you after you see yourself successful. But how?

    Everything in this world is worth a try, even choosing a life you want. Give yourself chances. Well, how many?

    You ought to live and love life. It’s a beautiful ride, worth taking a chance at every step.

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    Teenage—an age when one goes through weird experiences for the first times. The age of lessons, learnings, love and much more. The Silent Smiles brings you one such story of Raj and Rajvi.

    They met by destiny. They started loving each other. Then they finally got together. But society never wants a low-caste boy with a high-caste girl or vice versa. Parents obviously would get affected. Despite such conditions, they chose to stay.

    The situation took an extreme turn. Can vigorous situations break the power of love? Can Rajvi overcome the dilemma of choosing between her parents and Raj? Do they choose to stay ahead?

    A story of true love, separation, strength, and bonding; relatable to almost every teenager who feels love and society are two different aspects of the universe.

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