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    Have you ever fallen in Love in your Life? If yes, then you are welcome to the Life of R.J. (Rajat Johari) and Riya. Schoolboy R.J. In the era of social media platforms, when R.J. sees Riya for the first time, his heart, or should I say, his will, forces him to communicate with Riya. A social media platform helps him move towards his aspiration, but… Dimpled and Braided Hair Girl Riya Riya is aware of R.J.’s feelings, but as R.J. tries to communicate with her, because of his poor English, she sees him as a moron. Under a certain circumstance, R.J. finally decides to share his feelings. But does the result come out in their favour? With the passage of time, R.J. faces defeat in his love and loses his armour. He tries to regain his love, but things have changed and he doesn’t get any opportunity to communicate. This time, social media also fails to help him, but his friends help him realise his love. After facing the realities of life, R.J. finally moves towards the one wrong decision. Will R.J.’s love win in the battle versus pride? Rajat Johari is a boy from the small town of Pilibhit (U.P.). He has always liked to live his life in anonymity, but once, for some reason, he picked up his pen and began to write this book with the title, One Wrong Decision.

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    Chaitanya Upadhyay is from Dashrath a village in Vadodara, Gujarat. He has completed his schooling from Ankur Vidyalaya Dashrath and his Post graduation in Chemistry and from childhood itself he was fond of writing, he clearly remembers his first line which he wrote in the back of his Social Studies notebook in class 5 “mere ye pal ki zindagi” and now from the desk of his School, now he is a member of film Writers Association, completed more than 900 songs and has published his first thriller love story.

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    “It was never meant to be just a love story. Beacause destiny had other plans for both of them.”
    Bethany Carlson
    I was working, breathing, and living my life as it is.
    Where did you come from? And why?
    Do you even know how you shattered my so called Mirage?
    Because left in bits and pieces, I was a forgotten cry.
    You demanded the truth. But… I was a complete lie.
    gerald fletcher
    I wish I knew all the answers to the where, when, and how.
    How will I ever explain the pull I had when I first saw you wishing someone to whisk you away?
    From the Lies, Crowd, Pretense.
    Beacause I knew you were the trouble I was going to invite in my life.
    So, I couldn’t stop myself from barging into yours.
    The only thing is, you are stuck behind the walls.
    You don’t want to be solved and saved.
    And I can’t let you walk alone.
    Not now.
    Not ever…so screw me.

    Mirage by: Nilakshi Garg 299.00
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    The story is about a boy who after going through so many complicated relations found the girl he loved. It’s is about how every time he messed up every relation he was in. It’s about how he finally found his love in a marriage where she was indeed the bride-to-be. The story is about how he finally realized that she is the one and how the story turned up. It is about how any story left incomplete, is yet to be completed.

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    This book is the collection of my stories which have published on social sites and news papers. All the stories are fiction, non-fiction and imotional life of people’s of our society and some stories are based on the relationship between man and woman.

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    Sober, talented and young poet Dhiraj becomes industrialist smuggler Seth Dharmdas, when circumstances of life betrays him. The kidnap and rape of his beloved fiancee Anuradha and her suicide proves a character changing tsunami for Dhiraj.

    The mysterious murder of Vijay, imprisonment of Bharat, kidnap and rape of Sandhya turns humorous Sandhya into killer “Raani”. Raani saves Bharat. Raani is sieged by police, but is not captured.

    Does Raani succeed in taking revenge from Dharmdas ? What happens to Seth Dharmdas and Raani ? Why does enter Wing Commander Mr. Mathur in the story?

    Who is Secret Boss and what are Nishat and Secret Pink Palace?

    To know and to know much more, must read “ANURADHA”

    Anuradha by: M. Murtaza 201.00
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    Professor N. PALANI is a renowned Physiotherapist. He headed the Physiotherapy education at CMC Hospital, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India in 1996. During the 1950’s, he had assisted Dr. Paul Brand in a number of researches on treatment of Leprosy patients. He retired as the Director of Physiotherapy in the leading Vinayaka Mission College of Physiotherapy in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India in 2018. He was also a trainer in Physiotherapy. He has received a number of awards including the Bharat Jothi Award in the year 2001. He was also awarded the Best Citizen of India Award by the International Publishing House in 2002 along with the Hon’ble Ex Prime Ministers of India Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Shri. Manmohan Singh in New Delhi, 2002. He had seen Mahatma Gandhi during the year 1946. The Indian Association of Physiotherapists has honoured him with a prestigious Fellowship Award in 1990 in Mumbai. He was also awarded with “The Lifetime Achievement Award” in the year 2015. The Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd., Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, India, honoured him with the ‘Best Book of the Year Award’ for his Tamil book, Thadai Kallae Padikkal, for his valuable contribution to the society in the field of literature and recognised the same in the Neyveli Book Fair 2016 held in Neyveli from 01.07.2016 to 10.07.2016. The Tamil Nadu government had ordered to issue these books for all Government libraries in Tamil Nadu. He had presented a number of research papers at National and International conferences. He had published a few articles in leading medical journals. He was also a member of board of studies in M.G.R Medical University, Chennai and also at Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai and vinayaga missions, Medical college, Salem. This book describes not only how to overcome the obstacles in life but also how to progress and to lead a successful life. This book also describes the management of pain.

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    It was a fatal mistake looking for love, when it was right there all the time.” Mend, she writes in her diary. It was closure for her.

    It was a beginning for me….

    Sevoren Appter is the usual sarcastic teenager who loves criticising love stories and avoiding conversations. And… she is doing pretty well maintaining a low profile and avoiding the long separated trios, the school rebels. That is, until everything turns the other way…

    What will she do when she keeps bumping into people and things she never wished for, When her best friend lets her down terribly, and especially, when she is stuck with a guy she thinks she hates the most?

    She never thought her life would turn out this way…

    Mellow Heart by: Khushi Gupta 299.00
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    Silent Cry of Men highlights the need for gender neutral laws, and is an attempt
    to raise a voice above the cacophony of one-sided laws by sharing real incidents through short
    stories to touch the chords of humanity and justice. Each story is distinct, and the authors attempt to
    include stories from all strata of society. The book echoes the current cries of injustice, and assesses
    the pulse of the problem. The storyline breaks into the wheel of law, and the book even offers
    solutions to counter-defend your case. In a nutshell, it instils faith and empowers you to fight the
    legal battles valiantly to emerge victorious.

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    On the pretext of the stories, the author has tried to engrave many human concerns, spread across different layers of society that is why; the author has also named this story-compilation Kahaani Ke Bahaane. Fifteen best and favourite stories of the author have found their place in this compilation. In these stories, some characters have given different interpretations of life, presented different views, and raised different questions as well. Some stories have a very rural background, while some have a very urban, but all the characters are highly awake at the level of consciousness.

    The author has used pure native words to make the stories appear as it is happening in the stories, which makes certain stories feel a sense of belonging, directly to the readers in the ground. This book is necessarily readable due to its distinct narrative style and language fluency.

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    A versatile 14-year-old, Bhoomi is a 9th standard student studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. A librocubicularist by nature, she started writing at the age of ten. She has many victories to her credit. She has won the KVS National Children Science Congress, 2019. As a debater and orator, she has won KVS Regional English Debate competition in Open Category and represented Gurugram Region at National Lit. Fest, 2018, organised under Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat. As a sports person, she has been a two time Gold Medalist at KVS Regional level in Taekwondo ( U-14) in the year 2018 and 2019. She was also awarded Merit Certificate in the 13th All India KV Child Art Exhibition, 2017. She belongs to Sonipat, Haryana.

    A star Girl Dies by: Bhoomi 135.00
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    A stone, which has been waiting to originate from last three eras has now became the god of the world Kalrathi.

    To prevent him, all the gods together create a human.

    So, could Viramishi stop the stone Kalrathi, who had a part of both the god and the demon?

    A war has started between them, which has now become an Epic – Viramishi (Manav ya Avatar)

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    Story telling is a brilliant art and that requires patience, understanding and enormous control over emotions. GOLDEN ORCHARD is a collection of eleven human life stories that would make you smile, laugh and cry. It would also comfort you and carry you through different moods. It is the result of the author’s childhood dreams and his nature of sulking in the shadow of dust and memories. A story cannot enthuse the reader unless it is shaped in the cuisine of reality. No story is completely fictional, as nobody can pen a story without personal attributes slipping in. These are beautiful stories of life.

    Golden Orchard by: Rex Thomas 800.00
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    Ketki started farming in her family farmland after leaving graduation mid-way. Nonetheless, she was able to get a steady growth and stability as a farmer with regards and help of her family. But soon she falls in love with an immortal man who lurks in her farm at midnight. Threatened by a supernatural presence in her life, she tries to row against him with outrage yet ends up getting married to him.

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    This is the story of a girl who loses her hope of good things happening in her life after facing so many ups and downs but still decides to fight despite her grave situation so that she could become an example for others and help them overcome their dreadful past and present situations of their lives. At some point of time, you might lose your hope, your happiness, and your strength, but all of a sudden, one miracle comes into your life and changes everything, helping you see the actual essence of your life.

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    They say that love has the power to move mountains, but does it have the power to unite two warring nations?
    In 1947, the British put a knife through India’s heart when they created two nations, India and Pakistan; two nations that now have a history of war, mistrust and hatred. Can love put a balm on the bleeding hearts of the two nations and unite them forever?
    Karan is an Indian boy in love with a Pakistani girl, and the only way he can marry her is if India and Pakistan unite. So, he decides to take up the impossible task of uniting them during the 100th year of partition.
    Will people accept his crazy idea? What about the political parties? Will he succeed?
    In a world where war is exciting, conflict is cool and intolerance is trending, how do you sell your idea of love and peace? Will there be any takers?
    A novel that is conceived in mind, written straight from the heart and dreams of the impossible, a novel that will take the reader through a plethora of emotions and compel the reader to look at relations between India and Pakistan with a different perspective!
    An apolitical book that has politics, drama, love, crime, excitement, suspense and at the end, leaves the reader with a nagging question in the mind — is it possible?

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    A sky-blue paper bird glued to a mirror. A handmade book on music to be gifted. A pair of mud-brown tea cups without handles. A shelf to hoard dying memories. A little home tucked away in a remote village. A haunting voice after boarding an empty bus… The images on the cover belong to people whose stories are packed in this book: A man who meets his lost friend in a new world. A seeker who resists everyone to reach an unwanted place. Lovers that separate, only to find some hope. A failed artist who finds another voice. A new entrant in a home who creates turmoil. A cheated girl who makes a desperate call. A shattered man who pegs on a sudden dreamy trip. With eleven stories of unrequited love, hope, acceptance, heart breaks or just needs, ‘Afsaane’ will tug at your heartstrings and open windows to people that experience unusual situations in far too usual lives.

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    I am not individually famous, nor ever will be; but as a collective group we have captured the imagination of the world – a class of software engineers working out of shiny offices in Bangalore – the mainstay of middle class, urban India. IIT and IIM graduates; Regional engineering college students; Chotu Ram college science graduates from Sangle to Delhi – all of us form part of an industry poised to become the largest contributor to the GDP of the country. This story traces the journey of Hari Prasad, how “Hari” becomes “Harry”; It’s a story about me, my friends, my neighbors, my maternal uncle’s son, my paternal aunt’s daughter – someone, somewhere called us techno-coolies for the Western world. The story starts with Hari’s final year of college as an electrical engineer, and moves from his job interview on campus to joining an IT company in India, getting an ‘onsite’ assignment within a year, landing in the U.S., working with a client, arranged marriage meetings in India etc. – the whole five-meter sari. This is a story of the software industry seen through the eyes of the guy on the frontline – the engineering recruit. It is a thesis on the industry – in comedy fiction, of course!

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    When Shagun pursued her career in India’s biggest company, JAVA, she was unaware of her journey. A journey where she had her own dreams to fulfill with a darkness in her path. A path where she met Aryan, an exceptional talented boy from Kolkata. Aryan who came in JAVA with a promise that he had kept in his heart and a series of events which eventually made him a human machine. Strangers, is a story of the journey where you will witness love, pain, friendship, incompleteness, dreams, and destiny. So welcome you to the journey of two incomplete persons who complete each other but still remained Strangers.

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    Youth allows aspirations, time makes us wise. This novella dives into the journey of a girl who transforms into a lady as she discovers love, loses it and rediscovers it. Join her pursuit of self-discovery and emancipation.

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    It’s about a journey to find an unknown address. It’s about a journey to change someone’s life. It’s about a journey to bring her back home…

    Shifa, a newly employed girl in Delhi, is on the path to find a girl whom she has never met but comes to know about through letters which got delivered to the wrong address. Would she be able to bring her back to the place where she belongs? Let’s see.

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    Adams’ house, located in the suburbs far away from the city, proves itself uncomfortable for the family of six living in it! Hence, the family decides to shift to California. All of a sudden, just the day before the shifting, Richard Adams goes missing. Has he been kidnapped or was he a victim of murder? With no clue, his disappearance stays a mystery even after a lot of investigations! Meanwhile, a sudden change occurs in the story with the murder of a young lady, which the police department relates to the disappearance of Richard Adams. Read the thriller murder mystery to find out what happens next…

    The Girl At Bar by: Niraj Dasa 150.00
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    This novel of mine highlights the feelings of disabled persons, social attitudes towards them, their mental need and their struggle.
    I am physically challenged by birthday from cerebral palsy.

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    “….been hidden in the curtain that differs fantasy from reality.” Blaise Reynor who owned a perfect life,
    being a billionaire. But sometimes the actuality differs than what seems. Despite of owning the
    treacherous, that was flames. It was life that turned out to be a misery. Until someone stepped into his
    life, dragging him out of his decease. “The world’s reality is a lot more different….it’s anything but a
    wonderland.” Giselle Oslen, never in her existence wondered her surrounding will be turning into Fire.

    And the thing was, she owned the medium to mend it.

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    An Outcome is the end result of a particular activity. It is better to get outcome in proper direction. Often, improved outcome is expected after thinking and acting in certain way. The author believe in self motivated way of living and learning something new everyday. Hence, the book title is created. The book highlights some of the crucial aspects of life where we expect improved outcomes. Reprogramming plays a vital role in helping you improving your productivity and outcomes as well.

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    उद्गार is a collection of poems composed in Hindi by Abhishekanand Tripathi. The poems have always been the best medium to express vivid emotions and raise social issues. The collection of poems trigger the heart and mind of the readers as their emotions unfold subtly to make them more humane.

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    The Secret Mountain is a story of three middle class people trying to adjust in the modern metropolitan cities. It is a story of friendship, love, and talks about the relationships people make throughout their life. The story of three characters- Saksham, Trilok and Saumya takes us to the beauty of mountains and reveals the secrets that the mountain took within itself, making the characters feel unburdened and safe. One incident and a dark secret turns around the life of these characters. How they manage to come out of all those daily problems that every youth of this generation faces today is highlighted with just a decision that takes courage to implement. Walking through the hilly roads and looking at the silent mountains, they finally learn to live their life happily.

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    ‘Destination Wedding’ revolves around a couple deeply in love with each other but get entwined in circumstances not under their control. However, they emerge winners at the end as their devotion to each other eggs then on to extricate themselves from impossible situations. Both love their country and are willing to go to any length to serve it. Read on, as it is an engaging and touching love story.

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    Zainab, the lion hearted Lady of Karbala was the daughter of Fatima and Ali. She was the Grand daughter of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Hasan and Hussain’s sister. She played a seminal role in safeguarding Islam and in keeping the memory of the martyrdom of the Prophet’s beloved Grandson Hussain at Karbala fresh in the minds of generations to come.

    She stood tall and unafraid against the Caliph Yazid who was the epitome of temporal tyranny, despotism and debauchery. The eloquent power of her sermons brought him to his knees. Hussain’s supreme sacrifice at Karbala would have long been forgotten had it not been for the courageous denouement by Zainab of the oppressive Muslim regime which had sought to efface the holy lineage of Prophet Muhammad and distort Islam at will. Zainab is an inspiration for all women and a grand example of feminism displayed way back in 721 AD.

    Standing defenceless, having lost all male relatives in the unholy war waged against the House of Mohammad, she rose amidst the ashes of ruin and fearlessly lashed out at the Caliph. Her eloquence in the imperial court packed with jeering, derisive, mocking crowds was unprecedented and won for Islam a seminal victory. The sublime martyrdoms at Karbala and Zainab’s fearless searing sermons saved Islam for all posterity. This book traces the history of Islam through Zainab’s eyes and explores how she is known as the Lion Hearted Lady of Islam.

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    Tannie was a girl lost in the past. She had stopped living, but only surviving. Will she overcome her
    past? Will she start living again? Will she keep living in the past? Aditya was a living soul, a dreamer and
    a businessman. Will their lives collide and with each? If their lives collide with each other, will they be
    going to hold each other? Will the two strangers going to fall for each other? Let’s find out the answers
    to all these questions?

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