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    Pratik ‘Bharat’ Palor

ISBN: 9789353479978
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Being Dissatisfied

by: Pratik ‘Bharat’ Palor
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    If you feel that this book will somehow give you a solution to any of your problems, I am extremely sorry but that’s neither the intent nor the content. In fact, I will be very frank and advise you to stay away from such superficial words like “solution”. If at all there was any solution to anything in life, what’s the whole struggle all about! Only a handful of people could ever attempt to seek ultimate solutions and they had to give up everything else. When you have nothing, you have no issues or problems or challenges or dissatisfaction. If that sounds like your idea of solution, or anybody’s idea of solution for you, its implementation would result in irrelevance of your existence.

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ISBN: 9789353479978
SKU: 3163
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 148

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Pratik has never been satisfied with his celebrated academic degrees of Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. Quite possibly that keeps him attempting for a Doctorate, if at all some university would offer him an honorary one, for writing books on weird subjects like this. Pratik must be the first one in human history, to reveal the un-celebrated secrets of dissatisfaction with so much intensity, sincerity and glory.

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