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    Career Mastery: Proven Strategies for Achieving Success in Your Profession” is a comprehensive guide to mastering your career written by Shubham Shukla, a leading expert in career development. This book provides practical tips, exercises, and strategies for self-assessment, goal-setting, navigating the workplace, professional development, and career advancement. This book is perfect for young professionals, mid-career professionals, and anyone looking to take control of their career and achieve success in the modern workplace. The book is filled with real-world examples, case studies, and expert advice to help readers overcome the challenges and obstacles they’ll encounter on their path to career mastery. With this book, you’ll learn how to identify your strengths and weaknesses, set personal and professional goals, build a professional development plan, understand organizational culture, and build strong relationships in the workplace. Get your copy now and take the first step towards mastering your career!

    Rated 4.83 out of 5
    Career Mastery: Proven Strategies for Achieving Success in Your Profession (Networking and Building Professional Relationships) by: Shubham Shukla 249.00

    Career Mastery: Proven Strategies for Achieving Success in Your Profession” is a comprehensive guide to mastering your career written by Shubham Shukla, a leading expert in career development. This book provides practical tips, exercises, and strategies for self-assessment, goal-setting, navigating the workplace, professional development, and career advancement. This book is perfect for young professionals, mid-career professionals, and anyone looking to take control of their career and achieve success in the modern workplace. The book is filled with real-world examples, case studies, and expert advice to help readers overcome the challenges and obstacles they’ll encounter on their path to career mastery. With this book, you’ll learn how to identify your strengths and weaknesses, set personal and professional goals, build a professional development plan, understand organizational culture, and build strong relationships in the workplace. Get your copy now and take the first step towards mastering your career!

  • Super Shy to Super Confident by: Reuben Singh 249.00

    To lose control of your life is like a slow death. Not to be all you could be is one of the greatest regrets a person can experience. All of this comes about because we will not take charge of our own lives. With the aid of this book, I wish to help every individual develop the right attitude to do the right thing and at the right time. Let’s not be afraid anymore to do what must be done. Let’s live to the fullest!

  • Think Deep Before You Think BIG by: SUBRATA HALDER 287.00

    Knowledge is supreme and not the qualifications. The application of knowledge is more important than only knowledge itself. Otherwise, knowledge is like a lost treasure that has no value. The application can be multidimensional to achieve physical or intrinsic goals.

    We all use to hear Think-Big. Thinking big is important but thinking big can not bring success unless someone has very good knowledge and will-force to make it successful. Without these two qualities, only big thinking can put a person into bigger trouble than a bigger success. Needless to mention that vision is required to think big and knowledge is required to think deep. Though one of the articles in this book carries the same name as the book title but almost all articles are related to this thought which provokes and develop the deep thinking capability of a person.
    In this book, I have discussed many aspects of the qualities and knowledge one should have to perform well be he/she is in a job or an entrepreneur in the Sales and Marketing arena. Sales and Marketing is a hardcore area which directly earns money for the organisation as such the most favored positions in any organisation as well as the most challenging work for the organisation.

  • Unveil Life’s Secret by: Tanvi Agarwal 219.00

    For the readers, it brings joy with each passing chapter. The concepts and short stories about life and its lessons will enlighten readers to feel proud of their past decisions, which they regretted. Also, take them down memory lane from childhood to their adulthood. It is a self-help book in which the author picturizes different life situations. It is more about changing perspective toward things, people, and places.

    Though as people grow up, they carry the weight of their mistakes and failures, it will reflect the virtue of those moments. Readers will be able to relate their stories to this book. There are different thoughts, and people reflect on them differently. Learning is endless, and mistakes are the best teachers, but most people do not take it as a virtue. But in this book, readers will understand how mistakes can break them or make them.

  • Let’s Quit ( Secret of Stop Smoking within 15 Days) by: SUMAN SAHA 249.00

    “Kill the cigarettes before it kill you”

    This is not a self-help book, Actually, self-help book may motivate you but the Main purpose of this book is to help you out from your comfort zone, basically goal for this book is to inspire you to become aware of the facts of smoking and appreciate the fullness of who you are. It will not be a luxury but it will be the cheerful journey.

  • How to Self – Control & Discipline by: Prem Aggarwal 207.00

    It is written with the purpose to instruct its reader on solving personal problems and bringing a better change in the lives of themselves and the people around them. The writer’s core motive is to increase self-awareness, and performance and create satisfaction in one’s life. In this book, I am presenting all my experiences and learning that help me to grow and bring a positive change in me for the upliftment of my own and for people around me. It includes a short message to follow in every day’s life and be the best version of yourself. Many times in life, we are seemingly hell-bent on finding excuses as to why we cannot step into our own personal greatness. Well, I am here to tell you that anything that you dream possible is possible. In this book, I am inviting you to accompany me on my journey of leanings. I have been planning to write this book for years, but for some reason, I kept starting and stopping. But after being encouraged by myself, I eventually found the courage to share it with the world. The experience is both internally challenging and rewarding.

  • Mind Yousva Power to Empower by: Jayasri Tangirala 989.00

    Mind You sva(self) is a compilation of blogs about You sva (self) and your mind on a wide spectrum comprising
    thoughts, behaviour actions, beliefs, attitudes, personalities and their impact on interpersonal relations in specific and life in general. Counselling advice has been depicted in a narrative way in order to cater to all genres of people.

  • Uncommon Wisdom for Common Time by: Narayan Prasad Paudel 270.00

    The author wants to explain to the readers the process of self-transformation through the conscious attempt of self, in each and every stage of their life, for the furtherance of the process of self-refinement. He is very much confident that every concentrated effort and attempt with the highest level of care and confidence in the subject matter could result in a higher level of achievement on the intended purpose of self. Life of every human being is very short if we do not care about the time and which can be wonderful and outstanding with the very specific and purposeful living and that is very possible for every conscious person for those having mindfulness living in each and every moment. This book attempts to answer a few of the following quarries. Few of these include the following questions. How can our changing thought patterns change our behavior? How can we realize wonderful mind power? Do our thought patterns determine our focus? How is the avoidance of fear essential for our peace of mind? How can we expand our real selves? Are we really living our Life? Is there any real-life integrity in the education system? How can we benefit from our insights? What is the ultimate reality of our life? the author is very much curious to explore the answer to the following additional questions through this book. Is there any way to unleash our potential and explore the higher self? Are there any ways to rewire our brains and restructure our mindset? Is it really hard to change our behavior? Are there ways to influence the people? How can we be free from all the hindrances to self-mastery? The present book further seeks to answer the following additional inquiries of each of us. The author is very confident, through his long-term self-practice, exploring the answer to the question that what will happen when one is freed from self-bondage? Does the quality of our lives depend upon our state of mindfulness? Does mindfulness ensure a better outcome and a better life?

  • The Ash Star by: Bhaskar 160.00

    This book is a partly fictionalized way of sharing Bhaskar’s various learnings throughout his journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur and a corporate lawyer.

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    Life and Success: The Ultimate Blueprint by: SP Garg, Neha Sharma, 300.00 230.00

    This book is an amalgamation of various motivating success stories of some of the most inspiring names from various sects of life as well as thoughts and musings of the authors to understand life and success well. Life is a journey, and everyone has a unique path toward their respective goals. No two lives can be similar. Your goals and your aspirations define your path. The analogue of success varies for person to person. For some, a good and secure career, wealth, and power might be the epitome of success, while for others, strong relationships with family and friends might be a priority. Overall, it’s to do with the attainment of a satisfactory life. With some efforts, one can achieve a good life decorated with success and happiness. This book showcases all the important aspects of life and success, embellished with a few success mantras to follow. This book has been woven into a perfect blueprint to help you attain success in life, in the most distinguished manner.

  • 999 Motivational Quotes by: Shivam Sahu 250.00

    In this book Shivam Sahu, wrote 999 different motivational quotes in both Hindi and English languages. Motivational quotes of both Hindi and English languages did not match with each other, they all are different from each other but if some quotes are matching with each other then we are not responsible for that.

    You can do anything but if you do not have motivation, you cannot do anything in your life because motivation is a very important factor towards one’s success.

    But the problem is that in today’s world people do not have a strong desire, a strong motivation to do any work. To overcome this problem, Shivam Sahu wrote this book so that if you are feeling demotivated you can read these quotes, you can feel these quotes from your heart and then you can do anything in this world.

  • Conquer Invisible Anxiety and Depression by: Dudala Pandu Ranga Reddy Vineeth 549.00

    This book “CONQUER INVISIBLE ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION” SERIOUSLY focuses on the permanent solution to Anxiety and Depression problems most people are facing in their lives. It is common for almost everyone to believe that problems are common in our lives. This appears to be the obvious truth but it is ABSOLUTELY a false idea. If we make the idea of what we REALLY WANT in our life a dominating idea in our mind, then we will not have any problems in our life. This book focuses on getting awareness of the Anxiety and Depression problems and
    guides you to make the idea of what you REALLY WANT into a dominating idea in your mind. A big problem for person 1 may be a small problem for person 2 and may not be a problem for person 3. This is because person 3 has his own ideas (things he REALLY WANT) stronger than these limiting problems. This book guides EVERYONE to become this person 3. It is a simple training program for EVERYONE to strengthen their dreams in their minds. The stronger your dreams, the stronger the results will become.

  • How to Crack any Government Exam by: Mr. A 447.00

    The book Success Blueprint for Competitive Exam (Banking/ SSC/ Railway/ Defence) is based on the success story of more than 100 SSC/ Railway/ Banking/ Defence toppers whom the author has interviewed in the last 15 years.

    • The book busts the biggest myth that success is about studying HARD. Hard work should bring achievement but only when coupled with efficient and appropriate study techniques and proper strategy. This book is all about that.

    • The books cover a wide range of topics like Planning, Goal setting, how to develop interest/concentration, bring focus and avoid distraction, how to sharpen problem-solving, develop your shortcuts, Exam taking strategy, and many more tips and techniques which can boost your preparation in a short period.

    • The book also helps you to know the pulse of your examination by providing relevant information on various government jobs.

    • The book recapitulates and reinforces the basic strategies adopted by toppers and provides hundreds of tips and techniques to learn more in less time & with less stress.

  • Hope for the Family by: Moses Plangkat 1,212.00

    Hope for the Family’ is a book that talks about issues in our society today as well as about the children,
    their growth and development; taking note of children with disabilities, and the challenges that
    parents go through in bringing up children with disabilities. It also looks at adolescence and peer
    pressure which is a difficult stage in parenting. The book is good for parents and people who
    engage in training children as it brings out challenges and possible solutions to some challenges
    faced in child training.

  • Parents Argument Affect their Children Mentally Growth by: Swati Sharma 200.00

    Children need to feel secure, loved, and comfortable to express themselves fully. Domestic disputes can
    affect a child’s personality and future social behaviour and hamper their present.Witnessing regular
    fights between parents can trigger early mental health issues , dipression and anxiety.
    School time teacher’s also play most important role in the children’s mental growth. One child fully confident to perform all the activities in the class but few students suffer from anxiety disorder such as, If they do get called on, sometimes students get so anxious and nervous.
    It’s also important to avoid blaming and judging a loved one when they are feeling anxious and depressed. If we know someone who is struggling with anxiety, reach out to them and provide support by just listening to what they have to say. Let them know they can come to you when they feel anxious and that you would like to be there for them.


    This book is the result of my attempts at exploring, realizing, and unleashing the potential of the mind that is enigmatic to science. Changes or transformations that the mind can bring about on physical and mental plane and personal, professional, and social life is elaborated in the light of knowledge from personal experience. Extended further it unveils a spiritual path.
    This transforming power is bestowed upon us by meditation. Meditation is not controlling the mind and not concentrating on the mind either, but exactly the opposite to that. It is a process of unlearning what is learned and stored in the subconscious mind for eons. So long we reel under the influence of the subconscious mind life feels as though it is fate that decides what life can be. Meditation releases us from the clutches of the subconscious mind. It is a process that brings the subconscious mind in gradations to the conscious level, giving reigns of life to our hands completely, bailing us out from the notion of fate or predestination

  • Path Towards Healthy Lifestyle by: AJAY KUMAR 250.00

    This book “Path towards healthy lifestyle” is a must read for anyone who is serious about his health. We suffer many health problems due to unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle. This book shows how we can stay healthy with good dietary practices and some lifestyle changes.

  • Mann ka Beauty Parlor by: Sadguru Shri RiteshwarJi 220.00

    Mann ka beautyparlor is a collection of talks of Sadguru Shri Riteshwar ji given on the Sundarkand. a must read for finding the true meaning of life.

  • Game Of Life by: Iti Agrahari 222.00

    The complexities of life are infinite, and since ages to this very day, man has struggled to unlock the mysteries of life, yet to no avail. Stimulating the mind to focus on the search for truth, purpose, and meaning in life, and more importantly, discovering why/what/who we are beyond this human existence is the ultimate quest of mankind. To reach all the above answers and solve the puzzle called ‘GAME OF LIFE’ we must first understand the Universal Laws Of Life. Then, only we can truly understand our core purpose of existence hence, can resolve the mysterious puzzle called ’GAME OF LIFE’.

  • Shrimad Bhagavad Gita – Saral Hindi Kavita Mein by: ARVIND KUMAR 249.00

    Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is one of the holiest texts of Hindus. The knowledge and science inherent in it are timeless. The importance of this classic text can be known from the fact that despite being only a part of the epic Mahabharata, it has been given the status of an Upanishad.

    This holy book is a treasure trove of spiritual knowledge. How to live a blissful life? How to get out of any kind of dilemma in life? The full explanation can be found in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita through Jnanayoga and Nishkaam Karmayoga. By reading it, understanding it, and applying it in our lives, life can be made more meaningful.

    Originally written in Sanskrit, this holy book has seven hundred verses. Nowadays, people have difficulty understanding the Sanskrit language, so through this book, Arvind Kumar has tried to present it in simple Hindi in the form of poetry.

  • Mastering Myself – A Secret To Subdue Hell Bent Powers by: Hemanth Kumar Makkena 200.00

    Books of the mortals and of the immortals, good and bad, peaceful and violent, loving and envying, all have certain amount of anger disciplining and punishing, harmless and harming, human and beastly, divine and demonic. The grip over anger is not as easy as control over clutch, accelerator and brake under the feet.
    It doesn’t come under anyone’s authority before writing volumes of dishonoring, disrespecting,
    demeaning and destroying estates, empires, relations and breaking hundreds of hearts. But it can be avoided if one learns to respect the anger and doesn’t bring it forward for every petty, unnecessary and unwanted issue but speaks wise, deals cleverly, solves tactfully and settles diligently.
    The list here begins, but appears to be endless. May or may not, you need everything, but as you begin to scroll down you will feel the importance to undergo this moulding man series, Mastering Myself – A Secret To Subdue Hell Bent Powers. The major expressions of inner feelings and outer provoking which are dealt here are: Anger, ego, depression, moods, powers, pressures, pride, frustration, hatred, defeat, insult, sadness, hurt, jealousy, violence, irritating, sulking, bad, dirty, ugly, ill/filthy feelings, intolerance, abuse, lies, cheat, deception, betrayal, rejection, negligence, unwanted, uncared, unloved, unfaithfulness, loss of finance, job, dear ones, wealth, health, joy, peace, happiness etc. Apart from these, the check list proceeds to see whether one possesses and expresses any of these feelings, emotions and expressions, human, beastly, demonic or divine.

  • Pyre of a Phoenix by: Subhagata Goswami 205.00

    The Phoenix is a mythical creature known to be a sign of rebirth and strength. The book, ‘Pyre of a Phoenix’ – is a collection of writings of the author’s own lived experiences on her attempt to rise from the ‘ashes’ of her gloom. Each writing poetically describes how common emotions – like grief, sorrow and pain are encountered by the author and how she tries to tackle them each day. This book has been written with the hope to find and help people who often feel the same but lack the opportunity or company to express themselves. As one proceeds, the book speaks about many such random yet critical issues which burden us every day but remain brushed under the carpet.

  • प्रेरणा by: Jaanu Sahu 150.00

    यह किताब प्रेरणादायक विचार से परिपूर्ण है जो आगे बढ़ने के लिए प्रेरित करती है तथा सही मार्ग चुनने में सहायता करती है |

  • My Memoirs: A learning Guide to Performance for the Young Professional by: DUVVURU VENKA REDDY 333.00

    MY MEMOIRS: A Learning Guide to Perform for the Young Professional This is My Story. This is my life story- How I grew, establish and serve my profession.
    “A memoir of a first-generation learner of humble beginnings. A down-to-earth village lad shared his memories. A practising man’s experiences in work culture & career advancement in science outreach and in motivational learnings.”
    I shared my beliefs, traits, the concepts I value, …….
    ‘The story of how I grew’ contained my village life, pass time activities of kids in rural areas (admitted candidly), …..; schooling, mother as the first teacher…… ‘My professional studies’ delineated the UG and PG studies of veterinary science, literature
    collection during ‘non-internet days,’ most memorable events of student life at veterinary
    college, Tirupati; doctorate studies at IVRI, Izatnagar…..
    ‘How I chose my job – self-analysis…. my teaching & research career in Andhra Pradesh
    and my learnings; my teaching & research experience in veterinary college, Puducherry….

  • Setback to Comeback – A Guide to Live your Life by: Jai 221.00

    This book is a compilation of lessons taught by life. It’s an attempt to share the wisdom to enlighten the path to one’s dreams. This book is dedicated to all those people who want to lead a happy fulfilling life, to those who despite setbacks know to come back stronger, sharper and wiser. Every possible situation which holds people back from accomplishing higher standards of personal and professional achievements are tried to be covered which can help people to prosper in every stage of life.To live life happily without sacrificing any of goals be it family goals, society goals, professional goals or individual goals is the motive of every person born. This collection of poems is made crisp and short so that it could be a handy guide for living a happy, energetic and fulfilled life.

  • Devdoot by: Acharya Sangeeta Loveleen Kumar 333.00

    This book will take you on the journey of life-changing experiences of Angels. the book will help you to understand the concept of Angles. who they are, how to connect with them, and how to manifest anything from them. This book also helps you to connect with the Universe.

  • Dream Big (Pre – Order) by: Spoorthi Vishwas 599.00

    If you can imagine it in your mind, you can experience it in your reality.” is what an assiduous Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Influencer, and acclaimed South Indian Actress, the resolute and determined Spoorthi Vishwas believes. MBA graduate, certified life coach, celebrated presenter for more than 1000+ shows nationally and internationally, young achiever award winner from Whistle Woods- Mumbai , featured as ‘Alpha Female’ by Ritz magazine, recognised as Top 5 Actors turned successful entrepreneurs by Femina, awarded as 30 Women
    Entrepreneurs to watch out in India – 2019 by CEO story and her recent milestone being recognised as Economics Times Edge ‘Emerging Leader of South’ by Femina, this eternal unswerving dreamer has a long trail of achievements and accomplishments.

    To add to these impressive and awe-inspiring achievements, Spoorthi is now a Founder & Director to not one but three distinguished companies.
    • Dream Big Vision Private Limited – A Training & Development Company

    • Dream Big Celebrations – Event Management Company (since 2011)

    • KWAA- Karnataka Women Achievers’ Awards and IWAA- Indian Women Achievers Awards – The Only Uncommercial Award Ceremony for Women Achievers in India. She proudly owns the trademark for these celebrated awards.

    • Spoorthi has trained over 10000 + Women on creating their own Identity through various Leadership and Entrepreneurship Mentoring Programs.

    • Spoorthi Vishwas is now being recognized as one of the leading Female Trainers of India making a unique and distinctive difference by not just recognizing women achievers but also creating women achievers!

  • Impossible to I’m Possible by: NAVEENPRASANTH 200.00

    Hello everyone… your expectation may look unachievable, but giving up without is cowardic. impossible to I’m possible has been written for all the students and parents, by NaveenPrasanth. This book gives full of motivation and inspiration to the readers. this book invites all the readers to begin their new life after the completion of reading this book. Parents may realize about their children. Children may realize the good thoughts by parents. I have personally enjoyed writing every kine in this book. After reading this, you will have a chance. I believe that change will tell something in your life.

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