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  •  BUDDHA ON HAPPINESS by: Dr. K.P Wasnik 255.00
    Buddha on Happiness This book outlines the life and teachings of the Buddha in a very simple and lucid manner. It skillfully introduces important Buddha’s teachings like Four Noble Truths, Five Precepts, Eight -Fold Path, Ten Paramitas, Concept of Emptiness, Impermanence, Cause and Effect, Middle Path, Pratityasamutpada, Meditation Technique and Nibbana that will ensure calm of disturbed mind. This book offers an insight to transform suffering into peace and happiness. It shows how to develop kindness towards yourself and cultivate compassionate attitude towards your own pains and that of others. This book guides us to lead a happy life. If you are unhappy, disturbed and wish to find peace and happiness in your life, this is the right book to read.
  • Reimagining Education in New India Values,Ethics and Integrity in Education A handbook for Students, Teachers and Administrators by: Ajeet Madhukar 250.00
    A multi-storey building can’t be built on a shallow foundation. Likewise, a developed, progressive, and prosperous new India would need a strong, inclusive, holistic, and deep-rooted foundation of education. The 21st century`s education would require a fusion of ideals and pragmatism that needs to give equal emphasis on knowledge building and character building. This book is all about the personality development and character building of students and bringing ethics and integrity in education. It will provide the practical knowledge and theoretical understanding of Values, Ethics, and Integrity to develop ethical and moral character among students, teachers, and administrators. Practical learning tools and techniques, five case studies with model answers have been provided to learn and teach values and ethical principles. Moreover, one chapter has been exclusively added to reduce and manage the ever-increasing stress and pressure among students. This handbook has been written in accordance with the guidelines of the National Education Policy-2020 and the recommendations of various educational reform committees. It is a practical guide book to learn, practice, and teach values and moral principles. This is a self-help book and equally beneficial for students, teachers, parents, and school/college administrators.
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    The author, through this book appeals to the people to become gentle, polite humanist and of loving nature, social worker and sincere. Apart from above quality be patriot and have high ambitions for the development of the nation helping nature, social worker, honest and sincere.
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    The following issues have been discussed in the book ‘Subtle and physical aspects of human beings’. Attributes of prana that keeps the human body alive. Integration of human subtle and physical existence. The power, weaknesses and trainability of the ‘mind’. Importance of mental laws in human life How thoughts influence individual’s life. Breathing phenomenon in totality. State of mind and its effect on breathing. What ‘pranayama’ really is and what are its benefits Significance of emotions in human life. Addressing of ‘mind’ stressed out of an emotional attack.
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    I Love those days is a set in Delhi (2013-15). This story revolves around three friends, their friendship, and relationship. Maneet, a small-town young boy, joins a multinational company in Delhi and meets two colleagues, Nimrit and Saksham. Being an introvert person, he never imagined, he would make new friends in his life. But destiny brought all of them together, and they became best friends for life. Nimrit was a bubbly girl and full of a drama queen, and the opposite of her, Saksham, was shy and funny. Maneet was an introvert person and would hardly involve with colleagues even after a big motivational lecture of Nimrit. And one fine day, Nimrit got married and engaged in her new journey. Thousands of plans to meet after her marriage could not bring the three of them together. An awful day some terrible thing happened, which devastated them. Days passed, years passed, but still, they cannot forget that black day. What happened that day? Why they call it black day in their life?
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    This book ‘insideout’ showcases various problems and difficulties faced by youth minds and also provides the solution with great ease
  • Guide to Minimalism by: Danish Mohammad 178.00

    Having this book is a helpful material on how to make our life simpler. As a good result, it forces improvements in almost all aspects of your life. Minimalism is finding freedom in your life to enjoy it. The objects you keep in your life are brought into it or held in your life with much more thought. Your things all have a purpose or reason. There are no strict rules to minimalism, it is what you make it, and it goes how far you want it to go. The point is to have fewer physical things weighing you down so you can make better decisions for your life overall. The concept that fewer items in your house will alter your mind and allow you to think clearer and remember better is hard to get across unless you’ve felt it personally. Minimalism focuses on simplifying your life to grant you the freedom to live it to the fullest, allowing you to focus on the things you want to do versus the things you have to do. Take on an additional project at work to make more money, take that cooking class you have always thought about, or maybe, just be able to relax in the comfort of your home and read a book.

  • Human Rights in 21st Century: Issues & Emerging Trends by: Dr. Monica Narang 725.00

    The concept and principles of human rights are the hallmarks of modern civilised as well as democratic societies. In the present times, these have assumed greater significance at the individual, group, national and international levels. Human Rights generally refer to the universal rights of the human beings regardless of the jurisdiction or factors, such as ethnicity, nationality, religion or sex. Human Rights have evolved through ages but, human rights relating to women and disadvantaged groups keep evolving till date .The book has covered wider areas and other topics relating to environment, climate changes, accessibility of clean drinking water as a human right, antimicrobial resistance, digital surveillance, social media and internet are also included . The purpose of this book stands to make assessments of what has been achieved in the human rights arena and to reflect on the contemporary challenges, prospects and tasks that lie ahead for us.

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    The book, “The NEW YOU- a journey of transformation”, is a self help book that takes you through various steps with activities to discover your inner self, to decode your negative thoughts and convert them into positive ones, to realise your inner potential and to achieve your goals and lead a happy, successful peaceful and satisfactory life.The stories of common people with uncommon achievements are narrated in a simple way. The activities provided at the end of each chapter really make you think about your own self and to unleash your inner potential. The later chapters through the stories give wonderful easy ways to make our life better, happier, healthier, wealthier, peaceful, successful and satisfactory. Thus the book helps you to find a ‘NEW YOU’. Wishing the reader a very happy journey of transformation.
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    This book can be used in varied ways  -as a great resource for trainers to build their training modules, by companies as a resource to help customize their needs and conduct training sessions, by management or finishing school students to brush up their skills , individuals as a reading resource for self-development, and finally as a great gift to someone who might need soft skills development as a whole.
    Soft Skills by: Punam Agarwal 1,850.00
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    This book is a depiction of the experiences of a brilliant and progressive man. The author has described the events of the ups and downs in a gradual and comprehensible manner. He was born in a poor familyin a village. Right from his childhood, he boldly faced the adverse circumstances to do something new in the environment of orthodox traditions, poverty and casteism.  At the age of 13-14, he made efforts to prevent his child marriage, but his father’s stubbornness and mother’s emotions forced him to marry. But he did not give up and chose the path of struggle to achieve his goal. He decided to become self-reliant at a young age and did all kinds of hard work and labour. He developed self-control and self-confidence by taking a unique vow about his marital life. With hard work and dedication, he moved towards success and fixed new aim at every step. He worked with courage, passion and tenacity to achieve the goal. Not being distracted by adverse conditions and what people talk, he continued his struggle for success.
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    You Will Sail Through by: Abhishek Bhargava 280.00 150.00

    You Will Sail Through” is a story about Anubha, the protagonist, a young millennial in her mid-twenties, who got dumped by her boyfriend, Ashish.

    Anubha decides to end her life by committing suicide amidst the beaches of Pondicherry.

    She ends up meeting Abhishek, the author of this book, who narrates her the “millennials’ things”.

    The millennials’ things revolve around the rationale of “Why we go through, what we go through, and what has to be done to overcome whatever we go through,” answering the millennials’ generation’s questions.

    Be it Mithali, Debanjana, Maddy, or as many as other twenty-six millennials about which the author narrates, they all found it difficult to sail through in their lives in one area or the other they all sailed through in the end.

    What were those twenty-six millennials going through in their lives?

    How those twenty-six millennials who found it almost impossible in the beginning sailed through in the end?

    What did the author narrate to Anubha, which not only sailed her through those throbbing sea waves at the beaches of Pondicherry but also sailed her through the emotional turmoil she was going through and led her finding the lost purpose in her life.

    This October,

    Come, Read an exciting, thrilling, and a humorous book inspired by the real-life events of millennials and learn the Art of Sailing Through

    Remember, “You Will Sail Through”

    “Sail Through,” What??


    “Whatever you are going through!”

  • Golden Advice for Career by: Shalu Jain 220.00

    This book is a way to success in choosing the right career and
    it contains golden habits and health tips.

  • Teaching and Learning of Physical Science by: Dr. Paul Albert. A 260.00

    The book focuses on the aims and objectives of teaching physical science, planning for instruction, practicing the teaching skills in physical science, several methods of teaching physical science and resources for teaching physical science. In addition, the book describes about basic Physics and basic Chemistry. It is also helpful for the first year pre-service teachers who are studying physical science as a pedagogic subject in B.Ed colleges.

  • जीवन ! कैसे जियें? (Jeevan ! kaise jiyein? by: Shailesh kumar gupta 450.00

    jeevan ! Kaise jiyein? mystically deliver the true knowledge about the truth of life in a realistic manner which can be experienced in real time while reading this book with concentration. This book is specially for the spiritual knowledge integrated with the real world secrets of life. This Book can transform a person’s problematic and confusing life into calm, Stressfree and enlighten life. This book provides self help capability to the reader in true sense

  • Ranjesh’s Practical Effective English Communication And Soft Skills For Undergraduate Courses by: Er. BK. Ranjesh Roy 614.00

    Ranjesh’s Practical Effective English Communication and Soft Skills for Everyone is specifically designed to be strong in English Communication Skills for Intermediate and also Undergraduate Students of all disciplines who want to improve their language skills.

    This book serves not only as a high School and College exams but also helps you to develop Soft Skills that will be useful everywhere in your professional life now a days. This book is a must for everyone.

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    This book is based on a daughters love for her mother and the grief she felt after her mother passed away. A journey with ups and downs, happiness and sadness. Grief is a long passage that one has to go through. Something you can’t get over but instead learn to live with. But surely in another time, in a happier place, you’ll meet again.

  • Awakening Transcendental Intelligence by: Indu Indira Lala 188.00

    Oftentimes, in the process of Awakening, Spiritual Seekers encounter stuck-points like: I get it, then it’s lost. I feel its fleeting nature. I know I am the Soul. But it’s PRACTICE-based feeling, not SELF-EFFERVESCENT. When I am asked to realise IT within, my scientific temperament overpowers my philosophical bent of mind because the world is outside me, after all; I can see it. Do you know why Spirituality seeks us? Is Spirituality your eternal habit of being? If one reads this book with Grace on one’s side, one can move beyond one’s stuck-points to taste the nectar of spiritual advancement. You get to access your tangible Soul through deepened silence. You learn to let your mind allow you to discover what you are, all by yourself, without interfering. Where is your breath? Inside of you, within; outside of you, without; or, is it you? Where do you exist when the world ceases to exist? What is Truth in Spirituality? You get insights on how, ‘When you arise as sight, the world arises as vision’; and, ‘When you return to yourself, the world returns to its roots.’ This book is a handy reference guide for spiritual seekers stuck at various stages of their spiritual journey.

  • Bandishein Aur Kamyaabi by: Riya Pathak 84.00

    ‘Bandishein Aur Kamyaabi’ is an inspirational story of womanhood that seeks to uplift women from all walks of society and encourage them to follow their dreams. It is an endeavor to give recognition to the women who, with their unyielding courage and determination, fight against the norm.

  • GO CORONA GO by: 101.00

    This book is about adapting to changing situations with the help of minimal resources .It provides only relevant and useful information in a simple manner. It highlights the things which we all can do during the present scenario in order to survive and thrive .It gives importance to the qualities which make us adaptable , strong and prepared in case of any such disaster in future .It helps to identify those powers within ourselves and recognizing self worth and our role in the fight against the pandemic.

  • My Experiment With Failures – A Psychological Journey of Every Person by: Reetesh Riku 184.00

    Aayan is a person with some inborn qualities and personality traits. With time he learnt several behaviour, knowledge and experiences. He tries to use all of them together to get a kick in his life but every time he failed.

    He also met several persons in his life and all of them have taught some different experiences. With all different types of personal and professional situations he became all together a person with different qualities and personality traits.

    This book is not only a psychological journey of Aayan but actually each one of us. Aayan did different experiments in his life at different stages. He failed several times at personal and professional levels but after every failure he takes the next step with an optimistic approach without thinking much about the results but he starts failing one after another with every new experiments.

    Will Aayan’s learning experiences from his failures makes him successful or his one after another essence of failures in life takes him to depression, anxiety, or can develop suicidal tendencies to skip from all his problems. Or, with his optimistic approach he considers all his failures as incidents of his life and shall use all his experience with failures to become successful one day.

    All questions will be answered in the story which everyone can correlate with own’s life.

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    Success can be found in any number of realms – finance , spiritual , physical , mental , emotional , familial , well-being . I hope you will find much of value in these pages and will commit to applying what you learn to whatever you do , if not to your finance , then to your social sector , and if not there , then at least to your own life .

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    “Can I give you some genuine advice? Nobody is perfect. Embrace your flaws. Every second that you spend on doubting your worth, every moment that you use to criticize yourself, is a second of your life wasted. Wounds don’t heal the way you want them to. It takes time for them to fade into scars. Give yourself the closure you deserve. You will heal soon.

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    Since the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, a number of attempts have been made by experts, researchers and the political elite to explain away its origin, transmission, intent and impact. There is also the explosion of conspiracy theories of which states, researchers, international and corporate entities, the UN, the World Bank, philanthropists and even the Papacy have not been spared. The viral outbreak is even perceived as an attempt by the powerful not only to reduce global population but to expand their control of the world. The book has been written to expand the understanding of the reader on these critical issues about SARS-CoV-2 which have become very concerning.

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    The question is not “what is the secret of human nature?” but “where is the secret?” While we constantly chase our dreams, we look for that one right decision, one right person or the opportunity that brings us closer to our aspirations. We pray to the universe to put things in place for us. We try to seek the opportunities and resources everywhere around us but the secret of life lies within us and not in the outside environment. We ourselves have the clues for our ultimate destination and also the ability to decode them. We are fundamentally created with capacity to flourish. This book will make you dive within and discover your hidden abilities. We all are blessed with immense power to set our life on right track and there are ways to tap into this innate power. Let the natural human instinct function as lighthouse and guide us all to reach our fullest potential so as to have gratified life. Being born as human is indeed a blessing!

    Humanology by: MS SAI S. JOSHI 199.00
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    With the help of Kabir’s character in this book, the book intends to reach out to those who have experienced either, or all of these i.e. dysfunctional family, molestation, bullying, beaten up by parents & teachers, child sexual abuse and its different facets, etc. These kinds of incidents in one’s life create a detrimental impact in all the areas of life in their adulthood. The readers shall be able to understand the impact these made on the protagonist, the other possible impacts that someone else in similar situations might experience and how Kabir was able to identify his blind spots and found a way to overcome the barriers in his life. Even if a reader doesn’t find his story, he will be able to relate to some of the incidents from his life that are holding him back. This unique guide shall educate the readers on the importance of a quality upbringing and lead them to how they can set themselves free from any dark memories to live a happy life.

    Break Free to Break Through by: Inspiring Jatin. 399.00 299.00

    With the help of Kabir’s character in this book, the book intends to reach out to those who have experienced either, or all of these i.e. dysfunctional family, molestation, bullying, beaten up by parents & teachers, child sexual abuse and its different facets, etc. These kinds of incidents in one’s life create a detrimental impact in all the areas of life in their adulthood. The readers shall be able to understand the impact these made on the protagonist, the other possible impacts that someone else in similar situations might experience and how Kabir was able to identify his blind spots and found a way to overcome the barriers in his life. Even if a reader doesn’t find his story, he will be able to relate to some of the incidents from his life that are holding him back. This unique guide shall educate the readers on the importance of a quality upbringing and lead them to how they can set themselves free from any dark memories to live a happy life.

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    Many of us like to make plans. We make plans for the future and set goals we want to achieve at certain times of our life, such as getting a degree, getting that first pay cheque or getting married. Some of us may have our year planned out by January every year. Only after making bookings, schedules and timetables do we feel comfortable that everything is organized in our lives. Plans are important because they help us define what we need to accomplish. They become the mental to-do list of our life. And when everything goes smoothly, according to plan, we feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. Numerous books on business and strategy emphasize the importance of an ‘action plan — steps we need to take to reach that all important goal. Numerous motivational talks also highlight the need for a plan as a key ingredient to success. But things don’t always go according to plan

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