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    Manoj Puthran

ISBN: 978-9386126870

Brother’s Revenge

by: Manoj Puthran


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    Tushar and Sameer lived with their mother Narmada in a small town of Maharashtra. Tushar was born with the gift of scientists’ and engineers’. His dire conditions inspired him to engineer a water tank inside a flowing river, underneath a mountain, to provide drinking water for the entire village. But his love for a Brahmin girl and his search for success lead him to the crossroads of life and death. Tushar’s elder brother Sameer showcases to the world the true talent of Tushar. Big engineers from all across the world came to the small village to buyout Tushar’s project from Sameer. Sameer with the support of public becomes a national hero and decides to fight for the cause of language uniformity in the country. Sameer fights against the age-old systems and politicians to bring about a revolution. After seeing Sameer’s popularity some youth approach him with the biggest problem in this country – Reservation. Reservation was meant to be a boon for the lower castes but now it has turned into a curse for the truly talented Indian. Because at every step, right from school to jobs the lower castes have been granted the privileges while the deserving candidates are shortchanged. Sameer decides to tackle the wild and old beast of Reservation by its horn and jumps into the socio-political arena. Will Sameer march with 50 lakh Indians into the parliament to get what he always wanted? Will Sameer become the revolutionary that his brother always dreamed about? To find the answers, read Brother’s Revenge. Manoj Puthran is an Indian writer. This is his second book after ‘1983 Love Story’ which was published last year.

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ISBN: 978-9386126870
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 150

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“Brother’s Revenge”

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