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    An excellent “introduction” for those who have the desire to understand the meaning of brutal heart breaks and are willing to stand up again through the deepest ocean of the poetry. Authors are attempting to shine a light on to the darkest side of life and the unshared thoughts which are prisoners of our mind. Poems contributed in this book reflect writer’s sentiments and inclinations towards art. This book is an execution of all the desolation and grief in the most beautiful manner. Words are of course the most powerful drug used by the mankind. They can create and at the same time, they can destroy. They are not just mere words on the paper rather, a refuge to your midnight blues, the symphony of suffocated voices and remedy to your desiccated eyes. Grab your copy today! A must read!

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ISBN: 978-93-87038-66-0
SKU: 1416
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 148

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