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    Swati Das

ISBN: 9789353471255
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by: Swati Das
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    “Sometimes reality is not what we see with our eyes open; sometimes reality is what we see with our eyes closed!” Experiencing feelings in boundless moments through innumerable touches right through one’s soul, is that love? Some say that love is real when it is rooted in the real world, that physical proximity validates love and gives it its true meaning. But is it always necessary to have the one you love right beside you, sitting next to you, having coffee for the rest of your life? Do we need to touch the person we love to feel her presence? Can love not transcend the limits of flesh and blood and reach the astral level of the soul? Can love not be without the ‘intimacy’ we crave for? If you ask me, love is not always about the intimacy we crave, sometimes love is about letting go and waiting! By the way, I am Kaya. I am in love with Hima without the terms and conditions of meeting-dating-and-mating! The day I laid my eyes on hers, my soul was shaken. And it was only her picture by the way! What name should I give to this extraordinary phenomenon? Of course it is love that I fell in with her! And it hasn’t changed even after years of her absence. Yes, she left with an unfinished rendezvous. It’s been years, and I am still waiting for her to finally start what seems like an endless rendezvous!”

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ISBN: 9789353471255
SKU: 1811
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 252

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