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  • Lockdown 2020! Ek trasad katha by: Dr. Vishwajit Kumar Navin 230.00

    First part of this story written in just 21 days! In the tragedy of the lock-down, there is the story of an Indian unemployed family who, amidst the struggle of their country mentality and cultural rebellion, integrated their lives into the teachings of Buddha. Elsewhere, only the tragedy looks tragic to the hero, but that hero also continues to cope with his tragedy with restraint and only to live. This has become the story of middle and low families all over the world today

  • Mere Jeewan Ke Anubhavh by: HARI DASS AGGARWAL 334.00

    In this book, I am going to show you how can we make life and business
    easier!… Exciting!….. more rewarding!

    I have shared my experience of life and business with you will get rewarded!

    But, it’s important that we’re always moving forward. This is a lesson that I
    learned early in life.

    All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the life better.

    I enjoy life when things are happening. I don’t care if it’s good things or bad
    things. That means you’re alive.

    Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.

    Starting a business is tough. And not just practically, or financially
    — emotionally, too. Which is why these top inspirational business tips are
    so valuable.

    So, let’s jump into it!
    – Haridass Aggrawal

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    A memorable travel through the lenses of a public servant traversing along the path of wisdom, truth, philanthropy, humor and wit.

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    कई महिनों से एक विषाणू नें सारी दुनिया में त्राही त्राही मचा रखी है.हमारे भारत में भी,40-50 सालों से,हमारे ही लोगों नें निर्मित किए ,एक वाॅयरस नें ,देश को डावाडोल करके रखा है.किसी को उसकी कोई जानकारी नही.क्या काले धन को ,स्वयं सफेद करके देने में रूची लेनेवाली सरकार ,देश को काले धन से मुक्ती दिला सकती है? खुदकूशीयो पर नियंत्रण ला सकती है?

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    As beings that are always evolving, why are we afraid of change? Is happiness unachievable? Daily entanglements of life have caught us all in a web of discontentment, fear and worry. Many of us have lost the ability to identify the good things in life and are always looking for something bigger and better. What if I told you that the secret ingredient for eternal happiness is right within you? Mind Mysteries is a book that will demand your action and attention towards self betterment by showing you the answers that lie in front of you. Commence on a journey of healing, self-confidence, success and encouragement by taking the wheel of your life. Through real-life case studies and analysis, Mind Mysteries shows us the beautiful and important lessons life has to offer and how we can make the most of them. Are you ready for the

  • The Four Unpredictable Years by: Shivam Bansal 112.00

    The story starts with the author being confused about his career option and chosing a desired college for further studies and how he manages to live outside his hometown for the first time. How a reserved not so good looking guy and shy person got changed into one of the most popular personalities of his college.

    The author then meets the crush of his life in an exam hall and how he manages to talk to her and did he confess his love to her or not?

    He then remembers some moments with his friends and why he felt being cheated by his best friend.

    He also narrate about various trips he had during college and discussed his experience and how a mere trip changed his life.

    The author then talks about his final year of college and how he desperately wanted to work in an organisation and was he able to clear his interview or not?

    He then comes to the final phase of his student life and how a call turned his entire life.

  • The School by: AD Krishnapal 456.00

    This book is titled as ‘The School’ because it contains the experiences of a guest teacher in the precinct school. It shows the various qualities of teachers in government school including the attitude, methodology adopted, level of knowledge, interest in teaching, behaviour towards the students and fellow beings, the faction based on various grounds etc. The book enshrined the facts of educational level of students in government schools and the how the government schools became a mid-day meal centre for the children who come from lower socio-economic sections of the society. The schools do not remain the centre for shaping personality of students, but become the centre of dirty politics. The character and the behaviour of the teachers are explained comprehensively. The book contains the eleven chapters in chronological order from the first day of appointment to end of session. The book contain the various policies of government towards the school and educational process. The first chapter include the description of school and introduction of teachers. The subsequent seven chapter explain the events happening in the school. The tenth chapter explain the status of advocate and how they got success, but not happy. The court helped the guest teachers for continuation of job. The book explain at various place how the exploitation of guest teachers continue. I think, This is the first book of its kind.

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    The Ten Commandments by: Vijay Kumar Dewan 600.00 560.00

    Author says change is the essence of ife. lIndian civil service has to mount a public-sector wide initiative in a drive for organisational excellence. Its purpose has to position the public service for superior capability and delivery in the next one century. Let us take up this activity of achieving excellence in the form of a mission called “IndiaNext”.

    This book is about achieving the mission called “IndiaNext”. It discusses the objectives, the focus areas, goals, strategic imperatives, failures, pursuit for excellence, how the change implies change and its implementation strategy. IndiaNext mission is to build India as the most developed nation in the world and with a vision to fulfill all the expectations of the people of India.

  • Express and Espresso Heavenly Combo Series 2 by: ARHAA 124.00

    Series of heartfelt feelings expressed as thoughts covering subjects that matter to all of us. Author has tried her best to put forth a fresh perspective to our dearest debated topics

  • SECULARISM by: Sanjiv Mukherjee 190.00

    Was the term ‘Secularism’ inducted in the Preamble of our Indian Constitution in the year 1976 was for true equality of all faiths or for some other sinister reason.

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    This book “the tiger of India” which greatly affects the author, he hopes to impress all the readers as well,
    its idea is different from other books. This book dedicates to father of author Mr. Qazi Ahmed Ali, and late
    grandfather Qazi abdul ali and the beloved teachers Shakib Ahmed and Shahnawaz Siddiqui , the writer is
    a laborer for all kinds of errors.

  • Bharat Me Jal Sansadhan -Vikas avam Niyojan by: Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha 300.00

    Dr.Anil Kumar Sinha is an Associate Professor of Geography with 30 years of academic experience and is currently serving as Programme Coordinator of NSS in Sant Gahira Guru University, Surguja, Ambikapur[C.G.] on Deputation.

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    The book reflects how one can attend the spirituality through Karma (action) Yoga.

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    Her book Vishesh Code To Win is an inspirational journey of India’s Youngest Basketball Men’s Captain, Vishesh Bhriguvanshi where she talks about his mindset and skill set.

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    The book is completely based on friendship. It depicts the story of the author which includes the moment
    that she had spent with her friends. Along with the story the book even includes some points through
    which one can deal with emotional problems related with any relationship or any kind of problem that an
    individual is facing in their life. The content of the book encourages an individual to remain positive no
    matter how harsh the situation in their life is.

  • KALI YUGA Inscriptional Evidence by: Dr.M.L.Raja 550.00

    It is believed that there are only a very few inscriptions that were dated in Kali yuga years. However this scenario is totally changed as the book, “KALI YUGA Inscriptional Evidence” details 436 Kali yuga Inscriptions including a decisive foreign evidence. These inscriptions are from various parts of India and in almost all the languages of India and are widely used without interruption at least for more than 1300 years. Hence, this book is definitely a source book to rewrite Indian history.

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    This book is the compilation of the Morning Messages sent by Pongal Punitha to around 8000 people every day through Whatsapp and more through other social media, be it rain or wind or storm. It is loaded with positive vibes and energy to start the day. Many of her recipients used to wait for her messages to start their day. This can be taken as an integral part of your morning habits. Read a message for the day and inculcate to experience those words in your life every day. This will enable you to look at life with all optimism, ‘in spite of all odds’ with due acknowledgment of your present. This can also be used by educational institutions and organizations as a feeder for their positive notes or food for thought every day. Every word has come out of the author’s experiences in life and hence authentic and genuine to the core.

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    Books and Mechanical engineering& Industrial oil hydraulics. About the Author for on line portals: Engineering professional with 5 decades of industry experience in India and abroad.

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    This book is a compilation on drug-addiction / substance abuse / alcohol addiction and its management /treatment is dedicated to the memory of those“unfortunate victims” who lost their precious lives at the altar of this terrible disease — this menace continues to be an enigmatic social and medical challenge.

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    Objective of the study is to understand the implication of impact and change of Shatkriya. It creates a transformation effect among peoples. A person having knowledge of shatkriya philosophy can efficiently manage its action and their effect . Yogic cleansing processes (Shat Kriyas) Shat Kriyas or Yogic cleansing processes are an integral part of yoga as they help eliminate accumulated toxins from the system. The body functions like a machine and like a machine it has to be continuously cleaned and maintained. It is this cleansing of toxins like mucus, gas, acid, sweat, urine and stool that improves its functioning. Kriyas also help prepare the body and condition it for the proper practice of yogasana and pranayama. Cleanse the inner tracts – respiratory tract and digestive tract. Develop an inner awareness. Desensitize the possible hypersensitive reactions in the pathways (as in nasal allergy). Build the stamina and the forbearance capacity. The six cleansing processes are Neti, Kapal Bhati, Dhauti, Basti (Enema), Nauli and Trataka. These kriyas clean the eyes, respiratory system, food pipe and tone up abdominal viscera and the intestines. They also build up resistance to diseases, sharpen the mind and wash the colon. Apart from cleansing the system, as a whole, the kriyas also provide a massaging effect on the areas applied.

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    Most Indian parents want their children to study abroad. However, the constantly changing regulatory policies of foreign governments, the diversity of courses offered by foreign universities, and high cost of education make this a ‘not-so-easy’ process. Circumstances that existed a few years ago are no longer relevant today. The gap between ‘wanting to’ and ‘being able to’ is unfortunately widening with each passing year. In order to secure their child’s future in a foreign country, Indian parents spend obscene amounts of money or take loans that often take a lifetime to pay. Untruthful and unsound advice by agents and consultants and the wrong choice of courses/programs often lead to shattered dreams and wasted years. There are innumerable horror stories created by parents and students themselves because of their desperation to go abroad. Parents can choose from a number of options, whereby their children can study abroad and obtain residency. These options are explained in detail in this book, making it a ready resource for reference for both parents and students. The book provides educated advisory and guidance on the education systems of different countries, the advantages of studying in these countries from an immigration point of view, and the employment and business opportunities that open up later for students.

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    Rahas Bihari Lal Saheb was a legend. His simplicity in living and high thinking in execution was incredible. His magnetic personal touch attracted N number of families and associated them in Satsang forever. RBL Sir wholeheartedly devoted himself for Ramashram Satsang, Jaipur. The seeds of Pooja roped by him are flowering now and a wide network of satsangee families are making his dreams come true. The life of a spiritual saint is very sacrificing and difficult. Their fakirana lifestyle requires no resources at all. On the contrary, they keep on giving all of their possessions to the have nots and to their successors. RBL Sir was a strong believer of this philosophy and kept on giving generously till his las breath. This book is all about RBL Srivastava Sir. The detail about his deeds and actions have been given to the most accurate extent possible. It is by the grace of RBL Sir, and his master Param Sant Samarth Sadguru Rana Saheb that this book was conceived and concluded.

    RAHAS by: JAGENDRA RANA. 245.00
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    This book tells stories of some very chilling violent incidents that took place in insurgency torn state of Manipur during the 1990s, described as seen on the ground by the Author. Stories of innocent public suffering as victims of security force excesses, and inhuman tactics used during communal and ethnic clashes, which conveys how the common men got trapped in conflict situations, unable to predict what awaits them, when, where and how. The book also points out shortcomings in the system, both at institutional and ground level, and force incompetency in tackling insurgency and guerilla tactics especially in crowded urban settings.

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    “Trickle-Down Economics: The Indian Perspective” is an analytical narrative of post-globalization economic phenomena in developing countries with special reference to India. The growth of unprecedented private investment with liberal economic policies in India and other newly industrialized countries has expanded the dualism in economic development leading to a concentration of assets only in a few hands. Allied sector producers, farmers, landless low wage laborers, and likes are still waiting to get some pulp of corporate development. How to manage the trade-off between corporate development and the flow of its benefits to lower sections of society is the biggest challenge of today’s economic dialogues. This book is a modest attempt to create awareness about the growing inequalities in society due to the unfair distribution of resources and provides certain amicable solutions to academics and policymakers together.

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    The book titled “Musings-Diary of a Teacher” is an anthology of the best selected stories and incidents from the author’s diary. It includes events and incidents that have shaped him as a teacher and human being through the numerable poignant encounters with the innumerable students he had come across. It includes snippets of some astute observations as a pedagogue, the extraordinary tales of students battling and conquering adversities and blossoming into accomplished individuals. It describes vividly a rich tapestry of the colourful ever enthused world of children through the eyes of a teacher. It annals the poignant emotions of parents and students conquering hardships through hope. It tries to capture the heart-melting gratitude and love of the students have for their teachers. It is an attempt to bring integration of the emotions and attitude of students,teachers and parents. Moreover it is a guidebook to the quintessential aspiring teacher. It is written in a simple language that can be understood and enjoyed by all age groups and be left with a warmth in the heart and a smile at the end of each story.

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    This Book is about knowing our own great leaders right from the medieval period of Indian History who were really visionary and had a purpose in life. Their commitment and passion for ensuring an ideal society inspires not only Indians but the humanity across the globe. They were in fact the pillars of India and their contribution towards development and growth story shall remain a guiding factor for generations to come.These great leaders included the Kings of various dynasties, the great social reformists, the mathematicians, the scientists, the saints and the poets who are regarded the best worldwide. They were really very bold and down to earth and had a common mantra “In life, we are going to encounter hard times at some point. This means we must be prepared to endure pain and find solutions at any moment. We must develop the mental toughness of a leader that will enable us to face and overcome any challenge or adversity life throws at us. WeReport this ad are the heroes of our life and those we care about. Therefore, we have to develop a warrior mindset and learn to grow from pain, setbacks, failures, obstacles, challenges, losses, and all the hard times in our life.”

    The Legendary Indians by: Vijay Kumar Dewan. 500.00 460.00
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    This book is a kind of journey which explores the love tradition across ages. Starting from the Petrarchan society where lover and the beloved were treated differently. It was a kind of master slave relationship. Beloved was treated like a star and the lover used to follow the star. Vidyapati was a kind of poet who was far ahead of his contemporaries and in his poems we can find different elements of love. This book presents a comparison of love tradition of Vidyapati and few British Poets. Love has always been a serious concern for poets. John Donne is a metaphysical poet who thinks that divinity and purity associated with love can be expressed only through the body whereas Shakespeare acknowledges that his mistress is not so beautiful like rose yet he loves her. His degree of love varies as if he has some metres to measure the intensity of love. This is one of the reasons that he is scared to reveal his relationship with his friend in public. Vidyapati understand such concerns and he has defined purely the tradition of love which will never ever end. He is a poet of fourteenth century but still today he is celebrated in different parts of India and abroad. This book opens the spirituality associated with love…

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    How energy source of Sun by natural and modern artificial ways improve our environment elaborated.”

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    In my book , I Discuss the experiences and memories regarding everyone’s School Life . Because the school is a place where we learn the real meaning of friendship and life .

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    “This book is all about freebies ( free product or free sample strategies) that one needs to know. Whether you are a startup or big company, freebies play a pivotal role in boosting a company’s bottom line and top line growth. It’s a great brand building tool that big companies are using to make competition squirm. To know the why-how, read the book!!

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