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  • ALLEGED by: Mayra 290.00

    What do you do when your best friend dies mysteriously? You don’t go on an adventure to find her killer. Niki and her new friends go on finding Irene’s killer, when Niki’s sister ends up on the front porch of death, what will they do now? Escape Jess or find the killer? Or both? Finding the killer might not be as shocking as they anticipated and the repercussions might be worse. Will Niki end up in the same place as her sister or be tortured in the web of lies and reality spun together by their closed ones.

    Everyone might not be as simple as they seem, they all have secrets, ones that could destroy friendships, relationships, and families.

  • Food History 101: Fragments of Culinary History (Hardbound) by: The Holy Chef 358.00

    Do you ever wonder where the most popular foods came from? Did you know that pasta wasn’t actually from Italy? Did you know that ice cream was invented in China? If you want to know the answers to these questions, please do consider reading the book. Over the course of the book, we slowly unravel the mystery of the origins of various food items. Some inventions were accidental while some were intentional. In this book, we will discuss 10 of the most popular foods and their origin. We discuss the people that pioneered the inventions and also the people that popularised them. So join me on this journey as we crack the code of our culinary history.

  • Lee Maracle’s writings: A Spider Continuum by: Dr. Anju Bala 310.00

    This book is an outcome of my deep observations of Lee Maracle’s first-hand experience with racism, cultural discrimination, traditional spiritual beliefs besides infringement of social and political sovereignty of the Aboriginal. I venture to explain in this book, how Lee has sincerely represented the ‘Native’ world, once misinformed and misrepresented; how Lee struggled with honor for native womanhood/sisterhood, and her hope for the unity of humanity beyond the colonizer and the colonized, us and them, binaries.

  • Tales of A legal Alien Stories of Black Student in Mumbai by: Dut Alsherif 250.00

    Tales of a Legal Alien explores and pinpoints the anecdotes from the life of a student – a foreign student in India, Mumbai in particular. It brings to light the support the author received from his new friends and college staff. It reveals some of the most good-hearted and most generous Indians the author met and whose special treatment of him gives him a different and better way of looking at India. The book also points to a few moments where the author has been truly treated as an alien on the streets of the city of Mumbai.

  • Answers to family conflicts after marriage by: Vasdev Loond 250.00

    Founder of Marriage guidance- New Concept, Vasdev Loond is one of the exceptions having traversed in life from Mechanic from Academic studies up to MA, MBA, from low- government official to industrialist, from poverty to the modest richness, social leader to the mankind service provider.

  • The Matters of love by: Avinash Kumar 130.00

    The book “the matters of Love” is Romantic Novel, written by a simple author Avinash Kumar (M.A in English)

    In the novel, the author contains the realistic creativities of all the couples world, whether they are love and arranged marriages, but mainly described in the book about the love relationship of the youngsters’ temperament. The emphasis has been laid on presenting basis of the real facts with the help of simple, sensuous, meaningful, and relevant illustrations.
    Indeed, the author tries to elaborate on the love relationship between men and women of the modern world beyond this book.

  • Anubhuti (Hindi) by: Yogendra Lamba 135.00

    Unity in diversity. It is the specialty of our Indian society life. Despite having many languages, sects, sects, this Hindu society spread over the land of Asetu, Himalayas, vast India has been teaching the lesson of peace and fearlessness to the deranged and afflicted human beings of the world for centuries. What a great irony that today the same society is being trapped in paranoia in the name of religion by some vested interests.

  • The Future Samaritan by: Dr. Inderpal Singh Kohli 125.00

    The book highlights the existence and importance of various societal structures like family, society, and the federal system. It also discusses about the introduction of a new hypothetical democratic system that might bring more effective benefits to the society. The work also enlists some observations from the point of view of a common man (author’s perspective) in today’s socio-economic and cultural observations and further discusses about what’s next for the citizen to develop into The Future Samaritan. This work focusses and encourages individuals to make our society and system more egalitarian and socially secure. The Future Samaritan is the one who is literate and socially secure!

  • THE TRIPLE TALAQ by: Naziruddin Mohammed Mulla 200.00

    1. Near Allah, “Talaq” (Divorce) is a most detestable
    2. “Triple Talaq” is a lawful provision as made by
    Almighty God in Holy Quran
    Triple Talaq
    3. In silly matters the use of Triple “Talaq” is certainly
    4. “Triple Talaq”, is permissible insensitive and un-
    avoidable cases.
    5. “Triple Talaq” was verily in use during the lifetime of
    the prophet.
    6. Prophet of Islam was well aware of the use of Triple
    Talaq by his followers.
    7. In one case when a person issued Triple Talaq to his
    wife, the Prophet was exceedingly
    angery.However, dispite his anger he didn’t declareit to
    be un-lawful.
    8. All of the actions of the prophet were guided by the
    everlasting commandments of God. Hence,
    retaining the provision is as per the will of God.
    9. “Triple Talaq” was not made unlawful even by God.
    When Triple Talaq has not been made unlawful by
    God, meddling with His provisions, amounts to
    finding fault with God’s Law and considering it to be
    inferior. It also amounts to consciously and
    deliberately insulting God’s law, even if the motive
    behind is stated to be nobel. A “Messiah”
    exclusively in favour of Muslim women? and no
    “Angel” or “Devata” for others? Neither any
    intellectual nor any judiciary approve such deeds.

  • Mai Akhilesh ( Hindi ) by: Dr. Sheeba Khalid 500.00

    The purpose of this book is to throw light upon the fact that we need to bring a new thought, to build our identity which comes from our country and its development. The only way to move from the category of developing countries to that of developed countries is when we replace this politics of religion with politics of development. “Progressive thoughts lead to developed nation”.
    A young leader, who got only 5 years and worked hard day and night for the development of our state, if he gets more chance to serve the state ,it would lead to development and prosperity of both the state and its inhabitants to a larger extent. Almost everyone in our country can use a computer and smart phone, but only an expert can utilize them effectively, likewise, Akhilesh Ji being an educated person proved through his work and commitment that how effectively a state can be run.

  • Ek Alag Pehchan by: Hemlata Arun Tayade 520.00

    “A Different Identity” is my first book I have written myself and is publishing for the first time. In this book, I have stored some memories of my life, which is a small attempt to preserve through quote and poetry. The small moments in the life of a writer are very important, which draws him from his own thoughts, gives a new direction to his own feelings. In this book you will find both poem and Quotes. In this, I have used Marathi, Hindi and English in my writing. It is a mixture of three languages. A normal person thinks of himself in a normal way but the same normal thinking makes him meaningful through a poetic creative and makes it positive for others and tries to convey it to everyone. In this book, I have presented my own thoughts .. My writing started when I was in Navodaya Vidyalaya in 9th class .. So far, this journey of verbal musical life has been pleasant for me, this fun world, I really enjoyed the world of words, feelings and thoughts. I got a new identity in the world of words .. I felt a lot of changes in the worldliness of this word which was positive for me .. “Your quote” gave a new twist to my word structure and style. In this world of words, I have never been so colorful, but the world of words and writing is something different and unique, understanding one’s own words and feelings, opening one’s mind to oneself, forcing oneself to think, teaching oneself to answer one’s own problems and at the same time being positive. Teaching the path of enlighten

  • Conquering Mt. High School by: Jaikirat Singh Sethi 200.00

    The best time of student’s life are the high school, which they should be enjoying and cherishing. But our society (and our relatives specially) only acknowledge percentages that are above 99.9%. Students who fail to meet the astronomical expectations often face self doubt and suffer depression. While the parents apply pressure to prepare their children for the ‘wild competitive west’ out there, it is this enormous pressure which not only hinders our growth and learning but leads to increased stress and anxiety.

  • Gandhi and Indian Independence by: Dr. Padma Ramakrishnan 360.00

    Several years after his assassination, Mahatma Gandhi remains an elusive figure – discomfiting and difficult to comprehend. In this book, Dr Padma Ramakrishnan gives great weight to Gandhi’s role in Indian Independence and assesses his influence and triumphs. She has appraised the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the transfer of power from the point of view of a political scientist. The book is analytical and objective – presenting Gandhi as a political leader, not as a visionary. The author analyses the politics of negotiation in her chapters on the Shimla Conference, the Cabinet Mission Plan, and Interim Government. In the chapter “Gandhi and the Partition of India”, she concludes that it was not Gandhi who was responsible for the partition of India. This is a distinct contribution to the scholarly output of Gandhian studies.

  • Dolls of Clay by: Shivnarayan Acharya 300.00

    Dolls of Clay’ is a collection of short stories, articles, and poems touching the topsy-turvy everyday life.

  • The Divine Musician by: Vishakha Channa 141.00

    For the seeker of truth, central to the journey is the guidance of the Guru. Infused with divinity, the Guru guides the seeker to change his/ her perceptivity of the reality of life. A stepping stone to awakening an awareness within the seeker of the shortcomings of man and the need to overcome them. The seeker’s journey is full of highs and lows, often discouraging and disheartening. His/her solace lies in the faith rested in the Guru, who never fails the seeker. Complete surrender by the seeker ensures the path walked on is always lit by hope and blessings of the Guru.


    Utilitarian Biodiversity of Kalahandi and Nuapada District of Odisha reflecting the traditional medicine and its methodology used by local tribes.


    Constituent Assembly Debates, which made the Constitution of India, are the
    original source to understanding how the Constitution was made. The
    debates are bold and blunt, conducted using soft expressions and language.
    Rather than reading the Constitution as it is, what we discovered over the
    last fifty years of its adoption is that it is read differently, suiting the persons
    of the political parties speaking as they selectively suppress the spirit of the Letters.
    Terms such as socialist” and “secular were later inserted in the Preamble
    through the 42nd Amendment in 1976 and that opened up Pandora’s box.
    Unfortunate derivation continued to progress, opening up opportunities to
    influence the meaning of socialism, secularism, and religion. Politicians
    didn’t even glance at the spirited debates, on how those very words were used
    to rench the consensus collectively among them. Inequality continued to
    increase year after year, which should not have been there after the insertion
    of those words. Politicians and religious leaders at that time considered it
    more appropriate to convert those words as more relevant terms like
    religion, caste and creed. There onwards, the country started experiencing a
    different taste of socialism, secularism, and religion. In the author’s view, all
    such conceptions were solely serving self-interests. This is where we stand
    today. The author has made a humble effort in this book to highlight the
    misconceptions of these terms as envisioned in the Constitution.
    People tend to be generous when sharing their nonsense, fear, and
    ignorance. And while they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity,
    please remember that sometimes the diet we need to be an is a spiritual
    and emotional one. Be cautious with what you feed your mind and soul.
    Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive
    metion.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli.


    This book strives to find out how the rulers of our country missed the opportunities in hand to resolve the boundaries of India with Pakistan and China. The author has used the words “missed opportunities” because opportunities to settle the borders were offered to the rulers of that time. But what happened instead was the wanton self-denial of those opportunities. Those errors of judgment and political mistakes cost the country heavily, both in terms of loss of lives and increasing monetary burden.

    What is waiting to come is difficult to predict. The author considers that the historical and legal documents of the past 200 years provide irrefutable grounds for India to reclaim the large tracts of land at the borders. The book urges the reader to think and wonder: how long will India wait for this settlement? How can we silence the borders any longer, when the noise has been growing louder for decades?

  • Mysteries of Internet and Other Conspiracy Theories by: Yashas Ramesh 330.00

    Human being has a sort of curiosity to explore various corners of the Internet. But sometimes he might stumble upon websites or stories which feel really weird and out of the box. Weird websites, False claims of existence, Sudden disappearances are some of the stories which a person must have had listened to at least once in his lifetime. The dark web is sort of a whirlpool with the camouflage of a normal website or a web browser. The individual enthusiast towards the world of the internet or an individual who is working in the field must have certain knowledge about the basic elements of the dark web. If not then the consequences are really unimaginable. There is a common saying that “if Internet is the streets of a city then the dark web is like a gutter under those streets. Even though the upper streets get jammed, then the gutters will have an easy flow”. Same way even though the internet flow can be stopped by implicating certain protocols, then the dark web will have a steady flow. This book describes various incidents with proper pieces of evidence which are often considered urban myths. Stories such as a Mysterious telephone number, An Eccentric YouTube channel, A weird subreddit thread, and so on. The sources of information have taken by various testimonies of individuals who have gone through such incidents and also from different websites and blog posts that are trying to crack the absurd mystery.

  • The Unstoppable Creative by: Reema Nakra 200.00

    Creativity is magic. Workers need this magic to flourish in the future of work. Reema Nakra, the founder of TSMC and author of the “Future of Work: The Complete Blueprint,” provides the answer to the question, “Why is creativity the skill of the future?” in this book that traverses the new job landscape, explores the radical changes and offers the panacea for workplace problems caused by the avalanche of AI technologies.

    The best way to stop AI from becoming the overlords of workplaces is by harnessing creativity, argues Reema Nakra, whose HR background and years of corporate experience have made her acutely aware of the workplace disruption due to technologies. She sheds light on gig work, digital economy, the importance of collaboration and diversity, future leadership style, and explains why even salesmen, too, will have to tap into their creative skills. And, the book sends a loud and clear message to companies, “innovate or perish.”

    Weeks of painstaking research have enabled Reema Nakra to illuminate the critical role that creativity will play in the future of work and how it is the key to their success. The book will resonate with leaders, current job holders and job seekers, and potential job seekers.

  • Earth Sky by: Amogha 205.00

    Earth Sky is a collection of poetry that weaves together realities of the many worlds we inhabit. Countless glimpses offered by the multitude of windows, through which we perceive life. Timeless magic of words we mortals conjured up eons ago, to breathe immortality into our deepest dreams and designs. Each poem is a world in itself, showing you different sights through diverse windows. There is wonder, bliss, mystery, awe, love, longing, pain, dreams, fury and indeed, hope, that awaits.

  • Tandoor – A journey through time by: Anshuman Sharma 250.00

    This book is the epitome of knowledge on tandoor and cookery, a guide to
    both students and professionals in the food & catering industry
    around the globe. This book contains a vast chronicle of tandoor and
    innovative recipes – a product of years of meticulous research and
    rigorous field testing.

    It provides a comprehensive introduction to the tandoor, the
    fundaments of the tandoor, the history of tandoor, tandoor, and Indian
    food culture, safety procedures, do’s and don’ts, world-famous
    tandoor dishes and many more.


    YOU are invited to witness a miracle. Miracle of sadhnas, the best guarded ancient secret of Sanatan Dharma that holds the key to wish fulfillment.

    All of the 18 sadhanas in this book are a highly sought-after real gem and a medium to change your life, and direct it to its fullest potential. These enchanting prayogs are from the pure source of Sanatana Dharma, which not only has the power to turn durbhagya (bad luck) into saubhagya (good luck) but also holds the power to grant your wishes. Be it about monetary gains, or enhancing your luck, relationship issues, and other materialistic benefits. We have got you covered.

    And then you may try another, one after the other, as each prayog is one of its kind. Do it with utmost devotion, love, and vigor. That energy itself will act as a chisel through which your life and wishes shall be crafted, and the sculpture shall present itself.

  • Contemplating Everyday Texts: An Interdisciplinary Review by: Professor Satnam Kaur, Dr. Shivani Sharma and Mr. Rahul Verma 250.00

    It has a collection of twenty papers by scholarly authors who have discussed various issues
    and subject matters that explore multiple perspectives from different disciplines, sub-disciplines and areas of expertise. The book provides rich theoretical descriptions and hands-on approach that is conceptual and practical and reflects advances in the literature on research, learning, and assessment. Multiple perceptions produce deeper understanding or illumination, viable solution or a product that creatively and innovatively accommodates different perspectives.
    As a maturing academic field, interdisciplinary studies needs to define itself to make the case that interdisciplinarity is, in fact, contributing something distinctive and valuable to
    the academy and to society. The movement is from the most general to the more specific, from breadth to depth.
    An Interdisciplinary insight is an expert’s view on a particular problem that is based on research. This approach is produced when the interdisciplinary research process is used to create an integrated and purposeful result. In this book, disciplinary experts, scholars and students have produce insights.
    The edited book highlights the valuable ideas, views, outlook, observations and thoughts in the form of chapters by authors from reputed institutions across India. It is a complete package, consisting of an interdisciplinary review of diverse ideas and considerations highlighted by the authors belonging to different disciplines. Modern technological developments and globalization add to the complexity of problems and in response, an integrated approach is very much required. Each author’s focus is on another innovative factor at different level of analysis, using different theoretical frameworks, and different methodologies.
    These various aspects discussed and displayed through the interdisciplinary examination, in fact stimulate and invigorate the aspiring research scholars, academicians, researchers to look deeper into some of the issues for further exploration. It will be, indeed, a very good reading the miscellaneous discussion about integrative research papers which is a sort of innovation—that is, change—in the means of knowledge production. Here the researchers thoroughly studied the subject and integrate the information to produce new understandings and meanings.

  • Maize – Golden Grain of Himachal Pradesh (Hardcover) by: Dr. R.K Rajoo 380.00

    This book is meant for Agriculture Scientists , field workers, researchers, planners etc for the over all development of Maize in Himachal Pradesh. It is based on up to date scientific information collected for all possible sources.

  • Shiva in India-India in Shiva by: Bhabani Charan Das 135.00

    Thousands of books have been written on Shiva showing him as the Religious God of Hinduism but this is an exception showing not on religious aspect but on Indian civilization wholly tainted with secularity from the point of view of history and the latest scientific analysis of the relevant features. Here lie the novelty and originality of the book.

  • I Am Akhilesh (Hardcover) by: Dr. Sheeba Khalid 500.00

    The purpose of this book is to throw light upon the fact that we need to bring a new thought, to build our identity which comes from our country and its development. The only way to move from the category of developing countries to that of developed countries is when we replace this politics of religion with politics of development. “Progressive thoughts lead to developed nation”.
    A young leader, who got only 5 years and worked hard day and night for the development of our state, if he gets more chance to serve the state ,it would lead to development and prosperity of both the state and its inhabitants to a larger extent. Almost everyone in our country can use a computer and smart phone, but only an expert can utilize them effectively, likewise, Akhilesh Ji being an educated person proved through his work and commitment that how effectively a state can be run.

  • Ishwariya Guna (HINDI) by: Vinod Kumar Sharma 549.00

    Why to read ‘Ishwariya Guna ? Ishwariya Guna’ is a compilation of God’s Recitation (Shimad Bhagwad Geeta) and God’s Art of deeds (Shri Ram Charit manas) to comprehend God’s Concept thoroughly. It will unblock all your misconceptions.

  • Full Knowledge of Architecture and Astrology (Hindi) by: Anil Kumar 351.00

    This book is all about household techniques for a better life through various worships, astrology tips, and tricks such as worshiping peepal trees, the process of making rose water through household tricks, etc.

  • Phodho per Aadharit Swastha Aahar ki Pustika by: Anil Kumar 151.00

    Health-related topics, DIP Diet, Plant-Based Diet Book, All types of fever medicine book i.e. Corona, influenza, Pneumonia, Viral fever, Normal fever, Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Typhoid, Body weight loss/gain details book, Cancer, Diabetes, Sugar, Arthritis, Colitis, Pregnant Case, Heart/Vein Blockage details book.

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