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    S Hemamalini

ISBN: "978-93-88427-76-0"

Nefarious Debacle

by: S Hemamalini
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    Nefarious Debacle, the title of the book means the defeat of evil. This book is majorly based on fantasy. It also has elements of friendship and love.

    A girl child is born, unlike the rest. Her right hand isn’t human, it’s monstrous. Doctors don’t know the reason for it. Everyone pretended to love her due to fear. Fear of her monster hand. What will happen when she learns the truth? When she gets to know her destiny, which path will she choose? Will she upraise her evil or downfall the evil or is she the evil herself? Or what if before she gets to know about her destiny, the evil takes the upper hand and destroys the human race?

    What will happen to the entire human race? Will it be saved on time or is it the end?

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ISBN: "978-93-88427-76-0"
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 159

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