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Shireen – The Anthology

by: Shireen Poetry Society


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    'Shireen: The Anthology' is a collection of poetry that speaks a narrative. More than 1000 entries were sent for the book through Shireen Poetry's Instagram page. The book has contributions by over 70 authors; that were handpicked and compiled into this wonderful narrative by the co-authors Roshni & Vedant. The reader goes through an emancipating experience as they read through the sections 'Solo','Torn', 'Scattered', 'Broken' & finally 'Reborn'. The illustrations in the book have been done by Cuadrado from Columbia. Shireen Poetry was started with a vision to share the love & connect the world with the power of poetry. Initially started out on Instagram to help poets & authors share their work, the poetry society has branched into various other ventures and now plan to organise 'Slam Poetry' events throughout the country. 'This book is the collective effort of an entire community of authors. A journey we took together, A journey we want countless others to experience with us, And we hope you love it As much as we did. Today, we feel proud to have had a hand In building this community, Let's connect the world with the power of poetry' – Roshni Ahuja Vedant Kaushik Co-founders (Shireen Poetry) You can follow Shireen Poetry on Facebook & Instagram. The book is compiled with the contributions of over 70 authors that were handpicked and edited by the co-founders from a list of over 1000 submissions. Roshni Ahuja and Vedant Kaushik are childhood friends that share a common passion for poetry.

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SKU: 1002
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 140

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“Shireen – The Anthology”

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