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    There are books that entertain, books that inform, and books that speak to the brain, the mind, the intellect and the emotions. And then there are books that seem to speak directly to the soul. There are life-changing books that make you question your core beliefs, staying with you long after you’ve finished reading.

    So, this book is all about getting inspired in some or the other way. All the girls who penned their inspirational thoughts are the future inspiration for all of us today with their words.

    This compilation is a pleasure to read, a treasure to ponder, and ultimately changes something deep inside of you.

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    Drag, it can, from the splendours of dawn to the gloomy even-fall; sooner or later, but, it touches us all – LOVE.. indeed. “Love and Other Enchantments” is a collection of fifteen heart-rending love stories wherein each will reveal a new facet of love and will arouse a new set of emotions and even newer perceptions of relationship, sacrifice, devotion, depression, hurt, lust and madness. Lose yourself in a whirlwind of emotions, only to be rescued by that thing called love. The Fictitious Five is a group of five writers, Maliny Mohan Ishan Dafaria Tanima Kedar Anuj Kumar Akash Deep Gupta All united by their unabating passion for writing. They believe in the power of words and aspire to keep weaving them to create delightful stories that touch the hearts of the readers. Contact them at

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    “Wisdom of the Wise we get from their writings and sayings, in so far as they are available to us.” It is a fact that this saying sharpens our intellect much more than our stereotyped university curriculum. Since my early year, and till date, I have been collecting and reading them with much interest and pleasure as of my natural leaning. This booklet contains only a few of those quotes picked up from my vast compilation.

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    “Gul-Gasht” embraces 3432 pleasurable Urdu couplets, carefully picked up from the vast creation of great poets and persons of wide fame. Connoisseurs will surely enjoy their intrinsic value with satiety.

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    'Shireen: The Anthology' is a collection of poetry that speaks a narrative. More than 1000 entries were sent for the book through Shireen Poetry's Instagram page. The book has contributions by over 70 authors; that were handpicked and compiled into this wonderful narrative by the co-authors Roshni & Vedant. The reader goes through an emancipating experience as they read through the sections 'Solo','Torn', 'Scattered', 'Broken' & finally 'Reborn'. The illustrations in the book have been done by Cuadrado from Columbia. Shireen Poetry was started with a vision to share the love & connect the world with the power of poetry. Initially started out on Instagram to help poets & authors share their work, the poetry society has branched into various other ventures and now plan to organise 'Slam Poetry' events throughout the country. 'This book is the collective effort of an entire community of authors. A journey we took together, A journey we want countless others to experience with us, And we hope you love it As much as we did. Today, we feel proud to have had a hand In building this community, Let's connect the world with the power of poetry' – Roshni Ahuja Vedant Kaushik Co-founders (Shireen Poetry) You can follow Shireen Poetry on Facebook & Instagram. The book is compiled with the contributions of over 70 authors that were handpicked and edited by the co-founders from a list of over 1000 submissions. Roshni Ahuja and Vedant Kaushik are childhood friends that share a common passion for poetry.

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    Welcome to an amalgam of pages where every word is weaved with a magical story.

    Every write-up has depicted the writer’s emotions and experience which will touch your soul and heart.

    With an idea of delineating the beautiful relation between a pen and writer, FOI presents its Hindi anthology, ‘Roshan Siyahi’.

    It is rightly said, a writer’s pen knows everything and hence, you would find yourself living a different life with every write-up where the talented co-authors have penned down their hearts.

    This beautiful anthology has been conceptualized by Shreya Kanodia, pioneer of Flavours of Instagram, an entrepreneur, and a wondrous writer.

    The write-ups are redacted by Zishan Nazish, editor of FOI and collated by Ankur Shukla, Managerial Head. The team of Roshan Siyahi is managed by Bushra Rizwan

    This year, gift yourself the beauty of Hindi literature and words that would stay with you forever

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