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    Riddhi Agarwal

ISBN: 9789353473310
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Snapped Threads

by: Riddhi Agarwal


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    She turned the key of her car and it sputtered to life. She jammed the accelerator as the engine roared. With all her might, she pulled the gears and the world behind them blurred away. As they pushed past the house, she heard a deafening scream from a familiar voice. “Enigma!” The lady cried as the people in the market turned in hopes of gathering new gossip. Marinated in a world of competition, Snapped Threads is a portrayal of a struggle for justice. The story weaves together diverse lives against the backdrop of an art theft. Renewing the essence of love, friendship, betrayal, ambition and greed, the story is a reflection of an encounter made at the crossroads of deception and loyalty. The characters embark on new journeys-some with the desires to fulfill dreams, some to satisfy the hunger for wealth and power and some in search of acceptance in an altering world. A tryst with life and a celebration of love, the crime thriller is set at the dawn of a new beginning, bringing into its folds the commitments, responsibilities and perceptions that result from a serious theme attempted in a light environment. Flip through the pages to discover how the characters eventually let the threads roll out the paths of these new journeys.

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ISBN: 9789353473310
SKU: 2516
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 185

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Riddhi Agarwal is a 16 year-old residing in Kochi. She is a focused student, an ardent reader and an enthusiastic traveler. A girl with big dreams and wild imagination, she hopes to make a difference in her own little ways.

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“Snapped Threads”

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