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The I

by: Nainah


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    ‘The I’ is a collection of poetry and musing by Nainah. The book is about discovering oneself through the cause of pain, love and strength. the book is also about reflecting on the notions created by society. The author also expresses her sudden realizations about life.

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Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Nainah is the product of her beloved producers Khairunnisa and Abdussamad, produced on 14 THJuly, 2002. She was born and raised in Saudi Arabia until she had to come back to India for Higher Secondary Studies. She started writing her pieces during her High School days and has been writing for almost 3 years. Her love for literature and art is what made her write. She lives in Calicut, Kerala with her bright family. And as I travel yet to find who you know me as and who I know me as, I was struck with definite epiphany, ‘ The I’.‘The I’ is a collection of poetry and musings that satisfying stained the hands of the writer with ink of blue, red and black. It is stuffed with the answers to question that one always go through at certain stage of life, Who am I? Even though, the answers to this question is subjective, the writer offer a piece of thought-provoking guidance.“I offer you live your life with a pinch of humanity."- Nainah

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“The I”

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