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    Anitha Arundhathi

ISBN: 9789353470999

Winter Speaks

by: Anitha Arundhathi
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    Winter, it may come again or not…I don’t know. But it is winter which told me the uncertainties of loneliness, the cry of leaves, freezing veins, a period of hibernation, quest of spirituality, and metamorphosis. No wonder while I was walking alone on the seashore, in between the lips of my mind and sea, there the waves communicated—the waves of my mind and sea. Soon the winter breaks the silence into pieces of thoughts, slowly evolving me unto my total involvement into the depth of expressions. On the seashore, from the lips of two waves, the ultimate silence of winter breaks and the winter speaks.
    A language of Survival
    Silence and Meditation
    Without tears and wetness
    An intense desire
    To born again….

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ISBN: 9789353470999
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 96

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