Blue Rose brakes record
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We have received coverage for the press release issued regarding “BlueRose
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audicus Posted October 1, 2018 at3:49 am   Reply

Some people like to discuss the provenance of sunroofs I prefer to discuss the utility of drum brakes. I had been open to converting my 356B to disc brakes when I did a restoration about 15 years ago. I was talked out of it. The basic reasoning as I understand it is that for a small, light car, drum brakes of the size fitted on the 356 do the job quite well. If they didn”t, the reasoning goes, Porsche would not have continued to use them. Drum brakes get a bad rap when the cars get much heavier they need to be much larger than their disk counterparts to provide decent stopping power and for heat dissipation. At a certain size and weight think full sized US sedans of the period the drum brakes would have to be unrealistically huge. If you compare the drum brakes on a 356 with a family sedan of the time the drums on the 356 are larger and the car weighs half the amount. I post this so as to perhaps learn how much of the above reasoning is true.

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