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    Lity Munshi

ISBN: 978-93-87538-08-5
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by: Lity Munshi


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    Time is a great teacher. There is a crossroad in everyone’s life when she or he has to find out which way is best to follow. I was standing at crossroad during my crucial time of life. I saw behind there are deep dark curtain of miseries and front is foggy unknown. Spirituality helps me this time. I surrender to the time and accept what it offered me. I am from common background. My parents were working. My mother is still is an inspiration. My Father was my place of freedom to world knowledge. I have beautiful childhood memories. Foundation of life given by parents –were my strength to have faith on spirituality. During this crossroad period- I start to take class of psychic healing. Reiki helped me to heal people who were going through pain.

    I was going through emotional pain also. My wrong marriage was cause of my miseries. Perhaps so, I was quick to understand people’s suffering. My intuition power to understand women and their emotional pain- was help for me.

    My psychological knowledge and practical experiences were my main method to heal. I saw that I am not the only one, many like me are unknowingly suffering from unnecessary circumstances. I start one with one of my personal ‘talk therapy’ process. During this process I came to know people deeply. My writing takes shape then. I had to advise them, in a natural way. I started to get feedback .Some ask me to write that it might help others also. In this book I have portrait those thoughts –which are everyday we talk-we absorb apart from philosophical or medical knowledge. My book happened to me. One dream which I forgot in times backstage during my academic period, just happening practically by same time’s blessing. People helped me to think and inspire to write down. My life force, my soul is delighted to note all what I have seen similar within pain and a beautiful soul-who wants love happiness and smile in life.

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ISBN: 978-93-87538-08-5
SKU: 1346
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 408

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