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    Tejinder Singh

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by: Tejinder Singh


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    This book will transform your life………Empower Mind and Feelings – In this pertinent book Tejinder Sir is
    sharing his great knowledge with his readers in a very cute simple way — a journey from depression to
    better health and happy living. He says, “We may be suffering with any level of depression, it can be
    easily cured with CYM therapy. There is not that much need of antidepressant drugs as they having
    harmful side affects and should be taken in emergencies.”This book contains whatever you need to
    know about depression, anxiety or about yourself in this life. It is written in four parts, each chapter
    starts with a patient’s life story and concludes with their treatment plans and personal experience. Yoga
    is an ancient Indian culture and adopting this as a healing therapy has made this book exclusive and
    different from others. The chapter on depression in teenagers covers all facts, from awareness to
    treatment by practicing yoga in life. ‘Why suicide becomes so easy?’ —Is a thought-provoking chapter
    which will help save people attempting suicide. The chapter on meditation is a blessing of Sri Sri Ravi
    Shankar ji, founder of Art of Living Foundation, Bangalore.In case you are systematically reading this
    book—it will destress your mind and will empower your feelings, body, mind, and soul.

    Soon this
    will be in the list of top selling books!

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ISBN: 978-93-87538-56-6
SKU: 1390
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 163

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Tejinder Singh kainth, who people love calling Tejinder Sir, is the founder of Body Mind Healing Centre and for last 11 years. He is serving the society as a psychological guide and counselor. He is a certified counselling psychologist and is associated with Art of Living International Foundation, Bangalore for 16 years. He conducts yoga and meditation classes in groups and in individual. He is a member of senior teaching faculty and in-charge of Uttarakhand Art of Living chapter, Haridwar. He is often invited for seminars and talks by industries, institutions and welfare clubs. His talks are always motivating and vibrant. He has conducted nearly 600 talks, 250 workshops & taught Sudarshan Kriya to nearly 10000 people.

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