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    Shailendra Kumar Singh

ISBN: 9789390119462
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by: Shailendra Kumar Singh


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    “This book examines fear, its meaning and causes covering the fear of failure in particular and fears of other things in general. It unfolds the management of fear and the art of coping with fear. The book has covered the fear of corona (COVID-19) as well. Fear is a cognitive, instinctive and innate emotion. Trauma, concern, worry and feeling of insecurity are the different shades of fear. But they indeed tip off us the possible danger. The book tells us that fear is not always irrational. It may be a blessing in disguise. But beyond a limit, fear is like a foe. The book sensitises that nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. To fight it it is necessary to understand it- its origin, kinds, psychology and other related facts. Without understanding it we can’t deal with it. This book shares the ins and outs of the same.

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ISBN: 9789390119462
SKU: 4014
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 123

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The author has hitherto written 13 books. This is the 14th one. He is an experienced and innovative teacher with over 22 years of teaching experience, 3 national and 12 international papers/ reviews (15), 4 national and 5 international paper presentations (9), 20 conferences/seminars/workshops. He is a polyglot with the knowledge of 03 European languages. Writing books on different kinds of themes and learning languages are his leading hobbies. He wishes to write until he breathes his last.

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