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    The human mind is truly astonishing. It’s the center of the nervous system – the headquarters of our body – and it’s responsible for pretty much everything. It’s important to know how your lifestyle impacts your brain, and what positive changes you can make to promote a healthier future. These books will help you to understand the way your mind works, how to gain control of your thoughts and actions, and how to combat diseases and disorders that affect your brain. This revolutionary guide uses the most up-to-date research in brain science to reveal how our thoughts affect our career performance. Neuropsychologist leadership expert Dr. Jagdish Pareek present easy-to-follow tips for sharpening focus, increasing retention, improving decision-making, and ultimately, thriving as a leader in the workplace. This book is ideal for anyone who feels stagnant in their career and wants to make simple changes that will provide extraordinary, life-changing results.
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    The question is not “what is the secret of human nature?” but “where is the secret?” While we constantly chase our dreams, we look for that one right decision, one right person or the opportunity that brings us closer to our aspirations. We pray to the universe to put things in place for us. We try to seek the opportunities and resources everywhere around us but the secret of life lies within us and not in the outside environment. We ourselves have the clues for our ultimate destination and also the ability to decode them. We are fundamentally created with capacity to flourish. This book will make you dive within and discover your hidden abilities. We all are blessed with immense power to set our life on right track and there are ways to tap into this innate power. Let the natural human instinct function as lighthouse and guide us all to reach our fullest potential so as to have gratified life. Being born as human is indeed a blessing!

    Humanology by: MS SAI S. JOSHI 199.00
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    “This book examines fear, its meaning and causes covering the fear of failure in particular and fears of other things in general. It unfolds the management of fear and the art of coping with fear. The book has covered the fear of corona (COVID-19) as well. Fear is a cognitive, instinctive and innate emotion. Trauma, concern, worry and feeling of insecurity are the different shades of fear. But they indeed tip off us the possible danger. The book tells us that fear is not always irrational. It may be a blessing in disguise. But beyond a limit, fear is like a foe. The book sensitises that nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. To fight it it is necessary to understand it- its origin, kinds, psychology and other related facts. Without understanding it we can’t deal with it. This book shares the ins and outs of the same.

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    The role of practicals in the field of physiotherapy is very important. The base of physiotherapy is Anatomy and Physiology, and progressively students also need a good knowledge of Exercise Therapy, Electrotherapy, and Biomechanics. So we have planned this book “An Illustrative Practical Book for Physiotherapy Students”. This book is very fruitful for physiotherapy students in regular practice. In this book, we provide the space for diagrams and pictures for the best explanations by the students. In this book including Anatomy, Physiology, Exercise Therapy, Electrotherapy, Biomechanics and standard patient assessment chart for final year students, which is divided separately in Orthopedics, Neurology, Cardio-respiratory, and Sports conditions. This is very useful for taking an assessment of patients and makes the case study and provisional diagnosis in the field of physiotherapy. A special attraction of this book is that all the relevant material is in one book. The content of this book is very useful for any university or physiotherapy college student.

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    You may not have proper opportunity to get you may not be have followed the right path to success.This will not happen after reading the most powerful book. This all can be a true way to reach the high destination with your own ability, and power. This book is a result of all high effort and dedication, knowledge combined together to make you feel the power. Grab this highly motivated book today! Hurry Up!125

    CAN I by: Ankit kumar Verma. 125.00
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