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    Prakash Srivastava

ISBN: "978-93-87792-27-2"
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My Mature Teen Love

by: Prakash Srivastava
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    How far would you go for the person you love? What would it take to make you give up? Would you settle for comfort over love? This is not any ordinary love story. This is the story of a Hindu boy who fell in love with a Muslim girl, one year elder to him. He was a teenager when he fell in love, immature and unaware of the stereotypical world. He knew his feelings were true and he was not going to give up. He fought for his love, suffered pain and losses in the journey and became mature in the course, thus breaking the stereotypes. Welcome to My mature teen love, a story of Kunal and Zoya who vowed to stay strong against all odds.

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ISBN: "978-93-87792-27-2"
SKU: 1568
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 195

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