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    Renuka Chhabra

ISBN: 9789390119622
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Pink is not Blue

by: Renuka Chhabra
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    The book is a story of every woman, and society’ s expectations of a gender. The role discriminators over years, have pulled apart both genders to their extremes. This book, is a piece of fiction that describes a story of every household yet are factual stories of individual experiences. It is written for every mentor and caretaker who would shy away and not discuss the gender related issues, atrocities, feelings, emotions or thoughts. To overcome the stigma of pink Woman today has accepted blue Not realising they are both colours And have their unique chemical make up Though they are both part of white and merging them in different quantities and percentages would create variety Such is life and Human life. This book is an endeavour to break those taboos, bring a third person in our talks, a character, who has a different location, a different name and yet represents my story, or hers or his or is them. May be with this discussion, we may come up with answers, or solutions or may be help purgation and cleanse and streamline our thoughts. And create awareness amongst our loved ones, dependents and societies. It is an effort to create a nameless me, so that the protagonist is not the only sufferer. The cases in many households are shoved under the carpet, or cried in whispers and low tones.

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ISBN: 9789390119622
SKU: 3876
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 67

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The author Renuka Barara Chhabra is an educationist.She has worked as a teacher , a trainer, Principal and a teacher training director ,Across the country .This book is her first attempt at formally presenting her views as a compilation.Gender issues in this country are still talked about in hushed tones .As a trainer She realised that case studies are nothing else but sharing personal experiences as a third person to analyse situationsThrough these short stories , she brings that third person in conversations so we can talk freely ,positively , critically .A thinking society is an evolving society.So dear readers , let’s evolve together Happy reading

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